Kuantan Trip part 1

Lo and behold, it’s finally the itinerary for our Kuantan trip. We have always wanted to take Mum for a trip and I voted for Phuket, my sister suggested Bali but in the end Mum didn’t want to fly. We had done Langkawi, Penang and Ipoh so naturally Kuantan came to mind, a place where CS and I had been to numerous time. It just has that charm.

A family trip will not be complete without the delay, waiting for a member to take a shower, have their big o’ breakfast, and missing a thing or two before finally leaving the house. By the time we reached Kuantan it was past noon and we were famished. Kuantan, especially out of its town area, is not famous for easily accessible tasty lunch, especially during this fasting month. The only place I could suggested for lunch was Hoi Yin curry mee, but we crossed our fingers that it’s still available at this hour.

Hoi Yin Curry Mee

Indeed, fasting month has an effect on this halal curry me shop. Everything were still available except for the cockles. We like the curry mee here because the yellow noodles don’t reek of lye water taste, the curry was creamy and comes with succulent chicken pieces.

Hoi Yin Curry Mee 2
Hoi Yin Curry Mee 4

Pretending that taking a walk was going to help burning the calories, we strolled along the short stretch of Teluk Chempedak, enjoying the breeze, topped up with Mcdonald sundaes and McCafe coffee. Diet, who?

We spent the rest of the day taking the relaxed pace, and I pondered which bikini to put on for the pool. Yup, I brought 3 sets of bikinis and swim suit to Kuantan. No photos sharing as it was forbidden by CS.

Dinner time came fast and I found Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant in the last minute, thanks to my quick fingers, Android and Google. 7 pm was a bad time to dine at Alor Akar. It was full to the brim and even with meticulously placing yourself near tables with almost-leaving customers tactic (this is Malaysian style’s Wait to Be Served) will not promise a table. There seemed to be a system going on where waiters had long booked the tables by time slot for call in customers.

In the midst of confusion and irritable mood, we still found a table. I blurted out the first 5 dishes I saw on the menu and the usual pot of Tie Kwan Ying, so confidently that Mum asked “You had been here before?” No Mum, that was my hungriness at work.

Alor Akar Collage final

I seldom make good decision when I am hungry but this time everything turned out good. The star of all the dishes were the Honey Spare Rib in Yam Basket. Unlike most ‘ribs’ in KL that are actually lean bonelss meat, Alor Akar serves real ribs that we can suck on the bone and forget our table manners. Runner-up was their Signature Tofu which the waiter proudly claimed to be their own made. Topped with salted fish that Kuantan is famous for, it lingers in memory long after the flavours have finished.

The next delight was the total bill summed up to only RM100 for the combination of meat, seafood, tofu, vegetable, drinks and rice for five happy stomachs. I was so ready to pay four RM50 bills for it.

Mum couldn’t apprehend why I took photos of food and would not stop taking the food away which explained why all the food looked barely survived. I tried my best to assemble them in the best way .

Brew and Butter 1

Sis decided to take us around Kuantan town in her new ride until I yearned for coffee again and made her stopped at the only coffee brewery in Balok beach. Brew and Coffee, that sounded about right. Smelled right too. However, it did not end well and I got a big slap on my coffee addiction because of the overly sweetened coffee.

Then again, I must thank them as when I gave up coffee for the night, I fall asleep like a baby, dreamt like a baby, and drooled like a baby.

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