Day 3 : Krabi on Motorbike

I wasn’t very keen on blogging recently, no thanks to the recent changed in blogspot which complicated my photo uploading process. When uploading from an URL, I had to do it one by one and have to set it to “original size” later as it will always minimize my photos by default. Anyone who knows shortcuts, let me know ya!

Warning. This is a long post with 17 pictures! I wish to cut it short in case you Zzzzz but there’s really a lot not to be miss from Krabi trip. Believe me, I had already left out half of the pics to ended up with just 17. :p

Came to our 3rd day in Krabi, we rented a scooter as planned and our list of places included Gastropod Fossil (or Shell Cemetery), Tiger Cave Temple, Emerald Pool and Hot Spring which ……. we had no idea where there are……..

Krabi on motorbike

Don’t know how, but CS rented a really cute girlish scooter (200Bht per day).

So, we had to take out our map, and asked the hotel staff to point for us. We should really get a Blackberry, iPhone whatsoever that has GPS soon. Nonetheless, travelling on a scooter and clueless still excites me!

Gastropod Fossil was the nearest and easiest and we reached there within 15 minutes. No brainer, except… it requires a 200Bht per person per entrance. We’re not sure what’s to expect and whether it’s worth it to pay that price so we skipped it, not before we took some pictures.

Krabi Thailand

View from near the Gastropod Fossil entrance.

I’m not gonna pay 200Bht!

Then, just a little way from Gastropod Fossil place, we came across this.

and this. We later found out that it’s a aquarium center to breed aquatics fish. Entrance is free 😉

I saw these in cartoons before but clueless to what they’re called. I called them ‘dragons’ cause they really look like one.

Seahorses… First time seeing them ‘fresh’ and not dry (and dead) in Chinese medicinal shops.

Lion fish. Beautiful? Yes but deadly because of its venomous sharp spines.

‘Fresh’ corals.

I saw a lot of Nemos here, a real lot and just realized that they didn’t come in just white and orange. There’s brown and yellow, black and white and a lot more. Too bad that they’re too active and I had problem taking pictures of them.

Krabi on motorbike

Going around Krabi can be difficult – there’s not much signboards and if there’s one, its mostly confusing or only in Thai. We finally made our way to Tiger Cave Temple. (Note: find signboard for Wat Tham Sua instead) Turned out, there’s really just a handful of tourists here.

There’s really very little to see here unless one is interested to climb the many steps up the hill for the scenery. I for one, really hate climbing stairs. Beware of the monkeys! They’re crazy enough to snatch things from you, so better keep your stuffs safely in your bag.

We got hungry soon enough and departed for the supermarkets in town, hoping to find a food court there. When we got into Big C, we stopped at the entrance, with our mouths hanging, didn’t know what to think. It’s open, clearly. But there’s very little light and most of the shops were closed or at least looks like they’re out of business. A caucasian walked in, and we thought we could get answer from him. Surprised!! He mumbled to us in Thai and walked away. In the end, we found out there’s no electricity. Apparently, power trip is not unusual in Krabi.

Pickles, anyone?

The food court was still operating so we ordered for 2 bowls of soup noodles with pork stripe and pork balls. The pork balls tasted like they were made from a lot of flour than meat but the pork stripe earned some credits back for their tenderness and juiciness. The soup was very very strong, much to my likings.

The power supply finally came and we decided to visit Big C’s neighbour – Tesco Lotus to replenish our snacks supply. Like 7 Eleven is not enough to burst our stomachs! We were spoilt with choices.

We ride for more than one hour to get to Khong Thom before we can find the quiet small road leading to it. Anyway, back to the hot spring, an entrance fee of 90Bht per person and 5Bht of parking fees had to be paid before we got in.

The above picture looks like some scene from horror movie? We thought so when we we entered the area. I started to dread the worst until we dipped ourselves into the hot water. It was so so comfortable. Our whole day if tiredness seemed to vanish. We got a little dizzy if we dipped for too long, so we got up, waited a few minutes before dipping again. (Note: bring some cold beverages along)

Mineral content of the water.

By 5pm, we got up and quickly made our way to the town before it gets too dark. CS noticed that some stretch of the roads are without lights. We reached the Krabi Town with a whopping 1.5 hour traveling time just to find the infamous night market in town.

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  1. At the gastropod fossils, I was laughing when I was there as the fee which was written in thai is 10Baht for children and 20Baht for adult. But when I was there, there's nobody at the counter so it was free as others just walked in and out freely.

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