Krabi Finale Days : Five Islands Tour

Krabi posts took me like forever to finish and finally I’ve come to my 4th and 5th day of the trip. Rather than mumbling again in details, I thought it might be a good idea for all to just enjoy the pictures, especially our Five Islands tour.


Started the day again with out limited breakfast buffet line, saw this book at the reading area – Twilight New Moon. Now that’s the cover I’ve never saw or heard of until I noticed it’s in …



..Thai languagge. Sigh.. put it back.



The tour agents are really ‘creative’ when comes to picking up tourists from the hotel who signed up for their tour programmes, practically takes whatever vehicles they have on hand. I can’t help but feel that the mat salleh (caucasians) in that vehicle looks like they’re being shang hai-ed away to work as slaves. Of course it’s just an imagination. Our vehicle from Green Planet (the one I’m sitting when I took this pic) was even ‘classic’, basically a lorry with hoods and a few long benches for us to sit. Why do I feel like foreign workers? I still prefer the air conditioned van used by Barracudas Tour.


While waiting for our Five Islands Tour to start at Green Planet

Tourists waiting by the dock for the departure of their tours. So were we.


Finally we’re on board of a long tail boat heading to the 4 islands. Our boat, somehow was overloaded and nobody is allowed to move or stand from the seats.


Five island tour includes the Chicken Island


Needless to introduce.. this is the chicken island.


Five islands tour we took in Krabi


White beach, blue sea… I could not ask for more.. Ok, not the guy in the pants.



Let’s walk over to the neighbouring islands.



Day 5 : Final day to say goodbye to Krabi. Every morning I had stand near this stall, contemplating whether to try their grill food or not and still could not reach the decision.


Main street in Aonang in the morning.

Just before we boarded the van that took us to Krabi airport, we had another rendezvous with 7-11’s pork burger.

Judging by the fact that I impatiently bite it, instead of cutting it with a knife to show its midsection for better picture, this pork burger is another impressive food to try while you’re in Thailand. Besides 7-11’s pork burger, you may want to try the Samurai Burger, another non-halal divine from Mcdonalds. Somehow I didn’t take its picture but you can refer to this website.’s-1594939/Samurai-Pork-Burger-49320

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  1. Loved reading your blogs and the pictures were really good. My son is now in Krabi for his honeymoon and I am sending him information for his trip. Thanks for the tips.
    Keng, Penangite.