Kow Po Ice Cream, Bentong

Although it was written on the signboard of T.A.K ice cream parlour : open daily 11.00am , the door remained closed. According to Jac, this place was supposed to serve the best homemade ice cream in Bentong, but I guess it’s just not our lucky day. We went for our 2nd option – Kow Po Ice Cream which is more famous amongst the outsiders.

Kow Po Ice Cream
The staffs were just setting up the chairs and cleaning the floor when we got there. If we had reached there a few minutes earlier, we might have ended up waiting, again. Within minutes we were seated, a few youngsters and couples began to crowd the place.

Since I was having a flu, I got to have my own 2 scoops of sweeties (coconut and corn) without having to share them with CS. The coconut ice cream was very smooth and creamy which explained why it’s the best selling flavor at here. Corn flavour, on the other hand, had nothing to shout about.

CS  reached the same verdict as me on the coconut ice cream while the chocolate was not very enticing. Each scoop of the ice cream was priced at RM2.50, quite expensive for people like us who will usually pay only RM1.05 for a McD sundae.

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