Kian Oon (Jien An) Pork Porridge, Batu Pahat

I still have a few Batu Pahat signature food that I had yet to introduce and here’s another oldest porridge outlet other than Kang Foo porridge (which I had blogged about before) – Kian Oon.

Batu Pahat pork porridge

When I was a kid, it used to be a small stall at a back lane, and we had to sit by the roadside to enjoy porridge. Later the business was taken over by the son and til today, they maintained a shop right beside the small lane. Since the shop was just a few steps away from Batu Pahat main market, it basically started its daily business as early as 6am.

The tricky part to tryout the porridge (or what we had tried and believe) is that the porridge taste the best during the earliest morning and tends to get blander as the sun rise high above. Strange right? So when we managed to get back to Batu Pahat one Saturday morning at 7am, this was the first place we rushed to.

Batu Pahat Pork Porridge

Pork porridge is the only food available here but we can choose whether to have eggs to it or not. Our normal fare of porridge with minced and sliced pork, liver and eggs were great with very pleasant meaty taste complement by the taste of ‘tung choi’ (a kind of preserved vegetables).

The porridge were soft but the grains were mostly still intact and recognisable, another point that differentiate it from Klang Valley’s porridges. Eggs were added into the bowl and hot porridge will be poured over it to cook it, so do not be surprised when you see half cooked eggs in the porridge.

Again, eating in Batu Pahat is seldom expensive and each porridge is around RM3 only depending on adding eggs or no eggs or any extra meat. Another plus point to have pork in Batu Pahat is that they don’t smell as awful other porks in Klang Valley.

Hmm… I guess I have to draw another batch of Batu Pahat map soon to point to this place soon.

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