Kat Jat Ikan Bakar @ Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur

Ikan bakar is one of the favourite way for Malaysian to eating seafood. Although literally translated as grilled fish, most of it will come along with grilling a variety of, basically, anything that can be eaten this way – chicken, squid, cockles, just to name a few.

My favourite haunts have been Fend at Kelana Jaya (for its price) but it has since permanently closed. The next best thing are all the stalls at Jalan Bellamy, right behind the former Royal Palace. Having tried three of the stalls, Kat Jat emerged as the front runner for its crispy skin coated with savory chilies and spices.

Kat Jat has the freshest seafood which is evident from our many tryouts with pari (stingray) and squid. The plump squid is definitely worth ordering for the perfectly grilled non-rubbery textured.

One might also pamper themselves with coconut water, kuih and pisang goreng from the stalls opposite Kat Jat.

Kat Jat Ikan Bakar
Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur
3°07’50.2″N 101°41’41.7″E
3.130619, 101.694924
(opens for lunch only)

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