Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 Recap :

We return to the warehouse where the battle between Bong Soon and the gangster is going to start. Baek Tak seats himself on chair with the best view, clearly saving himself for the last resort. Fight ensues and Bong Soon easily sends the first batch of men flying sideways.

She pull over her pink hood and marches on to the second team, as she remembers Min Hyuk’s training – always look into your opponent’s eyes to predict their moves.

Min Hyuk arrives first at the warehouse and watches the fight silently, then he registers Bong Soon in her pink hoodie – SHE IS THE GIRL-IN-PINK HOODIE.

One by one, the men falls and Guk Doo arrives just in time to see the last four minions being sent crushing to the walls. Jaws makes a weak attempt to tackle BS only for her to splinter his fingers and gives him a few extra punches. With Jaws out of the way now, it is left with Bong Soon and Baek Tak face to face. Baek Tak hides his fear, unsuccessfully, for his hand shakes involuntarily as he refers her as “Do-yang”.

Right then, Gwang Bok pussyfoots from the side holding a Swiss knife, and both Min Hyuk and Guk Doo rushes forward to save Bong Soon. Min Hyuk clasps Bong Soon into his arm, shields her from the stab and crumbles onto the floor. Guk Doo takes on Gwang Bok and beats him senseless.

Bong Soon sobs uncontrollably as they rushes Min Hyuk to the hospital, where the doctor concludes the stab wound is not too deep, and he should be fine. Bong Soon stays by the comatose Min Hyuk, all the while praying that she will not disobey him again if he wakes up. As if hearing her prayer, Min Hyuk wakes up with his utmost important issue, “Thank goodness, I was stabbed, not you.” But later, changes his words into, “You must be thinking that way, right?”

He launches into his chide remarks, how he’s been hurt everywhere since meeting her, which seems like years. He keeps whimpering in pain and gaps when Bong Soon tells him he had 12 stiches. Apparently Min Hyuk has no recollection that he had beg the doctor to ‘stitch his wound thoroughly’. He continues on his endless complaints how his perfect body is now flawed, and exaggerates that the doctors had removed his kidney!

Secretary Gong arrives and starts sobbing upon seeing Min Hyuk but Min Hyuk tells him not to cry now, but later when he dies from tetanus or complications. He’s clearly enjoying stealing glances at Bong Soon’s guilty face. He orders her to get something to eat, which she refuses but he rebuts that he won’t heal even if she starves herself. He even feigns delirious and passed out.

Once Bong Soon is out of the room, Min Hyuk is back to ‘conscious’ immediately, assuring Secretary Gong that he’s fine and sends him away. Poor Secretary Gong is startled when Min Hyuk says, in a deadly serious tone, “Do not tell the employees that I was stabbed.” But later he chirps that’s how General Yi Shun Shin must have spoken. (*A little history : General Yi Shun Shin tells his son and nephew not to announce his death during a battle, so as not to discourage his soldiers.)

Guk Doo is now alone at the hospital and flashbacks to school days when he had came across various hints about Bong Soon’s strength (but failed to make the connections) – Bong Soon broke the water taps upon hearing Guk Doo likes small-sized girl, he overheard the school guard complaining to a janitor how a tiny female student had bent the monkey bar and Guk Doo noticed Bong Soon behaved sneakily during a tug-of-war contest (she’s the reason they won).

On the other hand, Min Hyuk is thinking about Bong Soon being the girl-in-pink-hoodie, just when Guk Doo walks in, asking if he has known about Bong Soon’s strength all along. Min Hyuk requests that Guk Doo pretends he doesn’t know, as Bong Soon has always wanted to keep this secret from him. Knowing the answer, Guk Doo asks why Min Hyuk took the stab for her but Min Hyuk turns the question back at him, “Why do you think I did that?”

Bong Ki saw Guk Doo looking glum at the corridor and when Guk Doo claims his knowledge to Bong Soon’s power, Bong Ki asks him to help cover up the case. Guk Doo is adamant that Gwangbok should be prosecuted, but Bong Ki argues that Min Hyuk is the only victim of the case and he wouldn’t want to complicate the matter too.

Mama, Papa Bong Soon and Gyeongshim are tearing frantically through the corridors, only to be told by Bong Ki, that it was Min Hyuk who was stabbed. Then they rushes (and got stuck at the door) into Min Hyuk’s ward, all fussing about his injury and Mama offers her gift of appreciation to Min Hyuk – he can have Bong Soon. HAHA.

Down at the police station, Guk Doo furrows when informed that their team are officially off the case.

At the killer’s lair, Bride No.1 has gathered her courage and implores the other brides to call out for help together, in hope for someone might hear them. Their hollers rang through the dungeon while the junkyard staff is hammering a car. Bad news is, killer is watching them all along from his monitors. With a sinister smile, he takes up a pipe and sets out to punish Bride No 1, beating her senseless.

One of the bride’s mother weeps to Guk Doo’s Team Lead, begging him to find her daughter but he laments that he has been removed from the case. In her sad plead, she unwittingly theorize that the killer must be from Dobong-dong. This caught Guk Doo’s attention and he recollects Bong Soon’s statement on asphalt smell, and the junkyard comes to his mind.

Papa is upset with Mama for offering Bong Soon to Min Hyuk, and thinks she had lost her mind. Mama shoots him down, that she will gladly gives Papa away as FOC item, but Min Hyuk might not find him useful anyway. (But Mama…. He’s Pa Oh, the great general..).

Gyeongshim is touched by Min Hyuk selflessness, and both she and Mama have some fangirling time, before Mama seethes about the gangsters who attacked her daughter.

Meanwhile, a nurse changes the dressing for Min Hyuk’s and amazed that he isn’t affected by the pain. As soon as Bong Soon walks in, Min Hyuk starts groaning in pain, citing his ‘very sensitive cellular tissues’, while the nurse eyes him in disbelief.

Snake Hee Jin drops by the hospital to find Bong Ki again and narrates how Guk Doo has someone on his heart all long, which is why she was always doubtful during their relationship. When Bong Ki is still skeptical about dating Hee Jin, she lays out the possibility that they might missed the timing and met someone new. Then, she requests to have five dates to find out if they will work. Bong Ki did not answer directly but cryptically agrees, “Shouldn’t this be said by a man instead?”

At another corner of the hospital, the wards are full with injured gangsters and Baek Tak arrives. He couldn’t hold his anger and storms into one of the wards, asking Jaws where is Gwang Bok (everyone is bandaged and hard to recognized at this point). Comically, Jaws’ palm is fully bandaged, saved for his crooked middle finger, so he inadvertently points to another minion instead. Baek Tak starts hitting him, furious at him for using a weapon on Bong Soon.

Jaws stops Baek Tak and points back to the real Gwang Bok, a mumified Gwang Bok. Right on time, Mama barges in and bellows, demanding to know the jerk who tried to stab Bong Soon.

A hilarious moment happens – Mama, upon knowing Baek Tak is the cause for the attack, starts berating him, even calls him Zhu Ba Jie (In Chinese folklore – Journey to the West, it’s a pig demon who is ugly, fat, lazy and glutton who later became part of a monk entourage to the West). HAHA. Baek Tak pleads to Mama, “You can hate the crime, but don’t hate the faces.”

Back to her main focus, Mama is still demanding for the knife-wielding-jerk and she mistakes the same minion as Gwang Bok. She throws punches at him, until Baek Tak corrects her, but Mama doesn’t think she can hurt Gwang Bok any more than he is now.

She then proposes to hit Baek Tak instead but before she can lift a finger, Papa Ahn darts in and beats the crap out of Baek Tak. Funny how Gwang Bok turns his face away from the violence.

The exhausted Papa Ahn is now in Min Hyuk’s ward and declares he will handle everything, to which Min Hyuk requests him not to blew up the matter, since he is not Gwang Bok’s target in the first place.

Papa Ahn riles up at his attitude and cites how he has taken Min Hyuk in, clothed and fed him. Min Hyuk lashes out that he is not a brother to his siblings, and just a beggar kid to his stepmum, so why didn’t Papa Ahn abondoned him just like how he abandoned his mother. The mention of his mother greatly affects Papa Ahn and Min Hyuk tells him to leave because he doesn’t need a father.

Bong Soon is outside the door and overhears the conflict, just as stepmum passes by while talking on the phone, unconcerned about Min Hyuk’s state. Ahn family members left and Bong Soon catches sight of Min Hyuk throwing things around in frustration, holding back his tears.

Guk Doo’s asphalt issue leads him to the junkyard again, and he finally meets the owner – the witness for the second case. Although shocked, Guk Doo plays along by asking the owner to check his ‘problematic’ car. While the killer is busy with his car, Guk Doo wanders off to inspect the surrounding. He almost makes it to the lair entrance, when the killer diverts his attention back to his car.

Guk Doo drives back to the station and informs his Team Lead that the witness, (Kim Jang Hyun) is also the owner of the suspicious junkyard. Light bulb flashes above Team Lead’s head and he suggests for a stakeout. Finally they are going after something.

Bong Soon waddles awkwardly in Min Hyuk’s ward, fishing for topic to break the silence. He tells her to go home, citing wanted to be left alone but Bong Soon will not have it. She brings up their pinky swear when he promised to not mope alone, then he asks if he’s hungry. That lightens Min Hyuk moods, and he longs for the food he had at Bong Soon’s home.

Next, we see Mama Bong Soon buzzes happily in her kitchen, preparing banchan for her Ahn-Son-In-Law.

Bong Soon wipes Min Hyuk’s hand and then proceed to his face before they stares at each other. Bong Soon: “Why did you take the stab for me?” He did not answer the question but amused that she has the same expression, as when they first met at the police station. He forbids her from looking at other man in the same way.

He brings up the bus incident and we have flashback to the said day, when Bong Soon witnessed the horror about to unfold. She stepped into action and grabbed the bus by the bumper. She was dragged for a few metres before the bus finally stopped, inches from crashing into the mother and her child.

Back to current day, Min Hyuk praises her as an angel sent by his mother because he ditches the night class to visit his mother’s grave on that day. Bong Soon catches on the word ‘night class’ and deduces he’s either same age or younger than her. She grudgingly nags about how he had spoke casually with her, acting like he’s older. Min Hyuk quickly evades the danger by pretending to be in pain. This works because Bong Soon did not pursue further and continues to wipe his hand.

At Dobong-dong, a teenage girl is walking on a lone street when she is grabbed by a man.

The school bullies gather at a PC café, couldn’t fight the temptation to broadcast their Noonim’s victorious fight with Baek Tak’s minion. They banters to and fro, on how to hide Bong Soon’s face in the video. At first, they crossed out her face, then place a poop graphic on her face before finally decide on a peach-like graphic.

Papa and Mama Bong Soon finally arrives at the hospital with full load of food. Min Hyuk drool-looks on, as they prepare their specialty Dobong-dong bibimbap. Before Min Hyuk can chomps down the first bite, Bong Ki barges in to stop them and claims that Min Hyuk has to fast for the day. Hilariously, Bong Ki bites on the spoonful meant for Min Hyuk, then digs into the food with his family as Min Hyuk watches on pitifully.

The bibimbap was cleaned up and Min Hyuk implores all of them to go home. Min Hyuk : “Bong Soon must be tired. She should go home and rest.” That’s when Mama chirps in that she will STAY there instead. Mama : “I am good at nursing, I hurt a lot of people too.” Bong Soon and Papa look petrified, barely managed to dissuade her.

Baek Tak and his swollen right eye visits Min Hyuk, after avoiding a run-in with Do family. Min Hyuk throws him a hostile look and threatens that he would be dead if Bong Soon has been the one stabbed. Baek Tak tries to leave a box of orange juice as apology but Min Hyuk refuses, citing they are not on any friendly term to accept it. Pushing his luck, Baek Tak asks again how Min Hyuk managed to recruit Bong Soon and Min Hyuk shouts at him to get lost, to which he hilariously replies, “So I should just go?” He moseys out the ward as Min Hyuk glares at him incredulously.

In the corridor, Baek Tak and Bong Soon crosses path and she too, declines his offer of orange juice, before he acknowledges his defeat. He makes his last attempt to recruit and Bong Soon hisses at him to just “lead a good life”.

Min Hyuk is surprised at Bong Soon’s reappearance, who claims to be keeping her promise to take care of him. He smiles when she isn’t looking, then asks Bong Soon to bath him. He accuses her of having dirty thoughts as he only meant a hair wash.

Back to the police station, Guk Doo’s team are discussing about the latest kidnapping of a teenager and wonders how did their suspect, Kim Jang Hyun manages to pull it off without leaving the junkyard.

In Min Hyuk’s ward, he happily receives the hair-drying service from Bong Soon, but when she’s about to pull away, he grabs her hand. A thousand kilo watts of gazing moment happens until Bong Soon closes her eyes, prepared for a supposed kiss from Min Hyuk.

He inches closer, hesitates and then tells her to go to sleep. (and my heart drops from a hundred storey building.)
Bong Soon recollects herself, settles onto the sofa and closes her eyes when Min Hyuk turns around to face her. He gazes at her and amazed at the fact that she is the girl-in-pink-hoodie. At that moment Bong Soon checks on him too and their eyes met, none are willing to look away now.

The published video of the school bullies, made it to Jaws and he is stunned and embarrassed, that everyone will know of their defeat by Do Bong Soon by now. Funny how Baek Tak wants to report to police about this!

Guk Doo’s team mate spy on Kim Jang Hyun while he too, is spying them from his monitors. He finally makes the move and drives out, but manages to throw them off his trail. He is now free to stalk his next victim who turns out to be Hee Jin. We have flashback when he had planted bugs into Hee Jin’s handbag at the hospital.

Refusing to dress like a ‘commoner’, Min Hyuk has Secretary Gong brings his designer pajamas and bath robe. Gong then asks about Bong Soon’s transfer, to which Min Hyuk postponed it until he is discharged from the hospital. Trying to input a new date into his schedule, Gong asks when will be his discharged day. Min Hyuk replies offendedly, “My discharge? Why?” (Haha he wants to live happily ever after with princess Bong Soon in the hospital?)

Bong Soon walks in. and upon spotting Min Hyuk with his new attire, grumbles that he’s dressed up like in a hotel room. Gong takes his leave and soon after, Guk Doo arrives. He requests for Bong Soon to go with him to the station, which she agrees. However, Min Hyuk is not happy about it but when Bong Soon insists to go, he ekes out “I don’t want you to get hurt. It’s fine if I am the one getting hurt, but I really hate you getting hurt.”

Bong Soon assures him that she will be back and walks out of the room, leaving the two men alone. Guk Doo yells at Min Hyuk that BONG SOON IS HIS TO PROTECT and stomps out. The angry Min Hyuk yells after him, calling Guk Doo a ‘punk’! LOL.

At the corridor, Bong Soon tries to clear the air with Guk Doo about her strength. Guk Doo admits nonchalantly and laments about how ‘timing is always off between them’ and basically implying he wishes he’s the one who had shielded her.

Guk Doo lets her listen to the witness/killer/Kim Jang Hyun’s statement recording and she positively identifies him as the killer. At that moment, a police tells them that the culprit was caught and it isn’t Kim Jang Hyun. Bong Soon is upset and tells the Team Lead she’s positive that Kim Jang Hyun is the real culprit.

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