Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 Recap :

This episode comically unfolds with Min Hyuk being Romeo, leading Juliet-Bong Soon into a dance. He angles her for a mesmerizing gaze, turns around, then wails out in pain, for Bong Soon has stepped on his toes. She is stoned at the mishap and he ekes out for her to remove her feet. Min Hyuk limp-runs away from the scene with Bong Soon crying after his flight.

DREAM owner, Do Bong Soon jerks herself awake with a loud “Nooooooo!!” Whoever is trying at her door is surprised by the voice and backs off. She looks for drinking water to calm herself but finds her cup empty and ambles into the kitchen. Just when she closed the fridge door, a black-clad man attacks her with a pan. In her panic, she throws a punch and dented the pan.

In Min Hyuk’s room, another man is holding a knife at his throat but gets distracted by the commotion from kitchen. MH takes the chance, knocks off the knife and barely pins the man with his leg. But the man gains upper hands and is about to deliver a blow, before Bong Soon appears and hits him with the pan. The man crushes unconscious onto Min Hyuk and Bong Soon calls him to get up, nonchalantly.

At the same time, Baek-Jaws couple are in a car and Baek Tak is sleep-talking (something about Bong Soon) and snags out of it. He mutters that they need to settle both Min Hyuk and Bong Soon’s cases ASAP and wonders how they (the attackers) are doing. Jaws tells him not to worry, as these men are Aces, having learnt Muay Tai from Ong Bak’s master in Thailand. Scofff!

Both knocked-out attackers, are tied up in the game dungeon and Min Hyuk recognizes one of them as Police Choi’s assailant. Bong Soon fusses that they will get numb face for laying on the cold floor, and places them on a blanket (the one that Mama gave her), even props their heads with soccer balls. Min Hyuk must be thinking about the drunk night when Bong Soon left him on the cold floor, and looks at her incredulously.

What Bong Soon didn’t know was, Mama has hidden an amulet under the lining, meant to ‘flare up’ Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s love. While the attackers are comatosed, Mama’s shaman is chanting a spell and the amulet flares up to life, buzzing magic onto the men. An unseen love-fire engulfs the men. Omo..

Bong Soon and Min Hyuk are laying in living room, exhausted from the night encounter. Bong Soon weakly suggests to report police, to which Min Hyuk refuses before both of them drift to sleep.

Next morning, Bong Soon’s phone rings first. Guk Doo is on the line, asking if anything happened last night. Still half-asleep, Bong Soon spontaneously gives a no, taking no heart to Guk Doo’s expression of being worried about her.

Min Hyuk had confiscated the attackers’ phone last night and now they are ringing non stop. He takes up one of them and Baek Tak is on the other end. He chirps happily, thinking the men had accomplished their mission to catch Bong Soon. Min Hyuk punctures his mood, informing Baek Tak of the failed mission and he now holds his men hostage. He offers a pact – Baek Tak to give him the master mind’s identity or face the police himself.

At Do Residence (Bong Soon’s house), Mama, Papa, Bong Ki and Grandma are having breakfast. Grandma laments about the twins – Bong Ki is too weak and Bong Soon lacking in intelligence dept. Papa worries about Bong Soon’s sleepover but Mama is on the opposite, hoping something ‘did’ happened last night. Grandma asks Mama to call Bong Soon back, as she wishes to see her granddaughter.

Back at Min Hyuk mansion, Bong Soon tries to rouse the men from sleep with a game remote. What happens next is hilarious. Once the men locked eyes with each other, then rub at each other’s forehead, seemingly going for kisses. Bong Soon watches the unbelievable scene unfolds before her in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Min Hyuk prepares himself into a 3-piece-suit, looking smokin’ hot. Capital letters – SMOKIN’ HOT. He leaves for the scheduled Osung Group board meeting.

It was chaotic at the board meeting as the shareholders are offended at Min Hyuk’s absence, being the nominee for the Chairman position. Right on time, Min Hyuk strides in, gives a firm apology and explains his lateness caused by ‘unwanted guests’ at his home. He makes a video call to Bong Soon, who shows them the attackers. He then recounts how he had been blackmailed for the past six months, to thwart him from taking the Chairman seat.

“I am not interested to become Osung Group’s chairman. But I cannot allow Osung Group to fall into the hands of someone who makes such immature threats.”

Min Hyuk asks for a rescheduling of the board meeting until he catches the culprit, whom he believes, is in the room right now. The stockholders silently agree. Before ending the meeting, Min Hyuk blithely proclaim that he is a “healthy man that likes women”, officially refuting his gay rumours.

Soon, Baek Tak receives a call and gets blasted by the said mastermind for being incompetent and is no more than a mere thug. He hangs up, furious for being unrespected and chastised. Another bad news arrives for him – three of his minions were beaten by a grandma last night.

At the now-empty board room, Papa Ahn asks if Min Hyuk knows the identity of the blackmailer. Min Hyuk only knows Baek Tak is involved and the culprit must be one of his brothers, to which furious Papa wants to call in Baek Tak for questioning. Min Hyuk stops him as he do not want his father to get ridiculed for not raising his children well. (Now, I know why Papa Ahn dotes on him.)

Baek Tak is back at his office, fuming and putting off the fire by drinking cold water while his minions watches.

Bong Soon feeds the bounded men well and they enjoy her food very much until she stops giving them, for fear they will need to go for toilet. Then both men express their urge to pee and she rolls her eyes thoughtfully.

Who will she ask for advice/permission but her CEO? Min Hyuk is on the phone with her and gagged at why she is even feeding the criminal fugitive. Their conversation in interupted by the arrival of Baek Tak, trying too hard to look cool. He has given in to Min Hyuk’s pact, hands him a thumbdrive which contains the identity of the mastermind. Baek Tak apologizes for meddling with him and implores Min Hyuk to take care of his own family issue from now on. He adds on that he only get involved out of loyalty, and the plan was to merely scare Min Hyuk and not to hurt him.

Min Hyuk is alarmed when Baek Tak inquires after Bong Soon – for she has been humiliating his organisation recently. Baek Tak turns to leave, the waltzes back again to ask where the heck did Min Hyuk recruited her, is she expensive? Sensing Min Hyuk’s cold stares, he leaves.

Now alone with his thumbdrive, Min Hyuk reviews an audio file – a recording of the master mind’s voice which he recognizes. It is revealed to be his most trusted – second brother. He puts a pause to the audio, fails to hold back his tears and breaks down.

Bong Soon arrives at Ainsoft chirping, having letting go of the attackers. She finds Min Hyuk in a meeting room and sensing the sombre mood, asks if he’s okay. Min Hyuk answers no. She asks about the culprit.

“”Who was it? Your stepmum? Eldest brother? Third brother?” “I know it! It’s your father.”

Min Hyuk laments how the culprit is not someone she would have guessed. Bong Soon gets the meaning and is shocked at the news.

Min Hyuk says dejectedly: “He should have just talked to me. If he was that desperate to get the the position, he should have told me that he wanted it. Who should I trust now?”

Bong Soon looks at him sympathetically, changes the mood by asking him to go with her to somewhere, anywhere.. like crazy aimless people. Min Hyuk shifted uncomfortably at Bong Soon’s light tone, clearly not expecting it. Soon, they are holding candies and she drag-pulls him to an amusement park.

Initially, he doesn’t appreciate being seated in a bumper car but soon retaliates Bong Soon’s enjoys bumping cars with Bong Soon. Next on itinerary is the pirate ship and Min Hyuk is screaming at the top of his lungs. They continue their sweet tooth with ice cream cone, then get on the water splash coaster. Min Hyuk closes his eye looking grudging for getting wet.

Then, he got drag-pulled again into a restaurant for his one-meal-a-day. Bong Soon makes order for a hell lot of food and Min Hyuk looks at her incredilously. He deduces that she must have hang around the area a lot. Bong Soon : “Sometimes my mum gets infuriated with me and kicks me out. I will just wander around.”

Min Hyuk wonders if she was treated that way as she is not as smart as Bong Ki, but she replies that her mum has always treated her differently. Because she is all brawn and no brain.

Food arrived and Bong Soon insists that he tried them out, dipped with the raw doenjang. At first, he refuses, but ding! Since Bong Soon is feeding him, why not? He chomps on it and likes it.

Meanwhile, Mama, her gang and Grandma are playing cards at home and having some conversation about their family background. Grandma and family used to live in Daegu, but moves here when Mama was six. It is revealed that the brainy-genes run in the male members of their family. Mama Bong Soon has a prosecutor brother, a brother who is now in Canada and a teacher brother. Mama doesn’t look comfortable with the revelation to her friends and downplay the fact that she has a prosecutor as brother.

At the killer’s lair, the killer is trimming the new Bride No. 3’s nails as she wriggles in horror. He wipes her limbs and caresses her body, although commenting that her calves are too thick. He locks her up in a cell and leaves. Bride No. 1 hysterically smashes a chair against the bars in vain. She calls out to the other brides to plan their escape soon.

Guk Doo recollects the issue about asphalt when an ahjumma walks into the police station to make a report – her daughter(pharmacist) is missing.

Min Hyuk is having a good time riding a bus together with Bong Soon. He recalls the accident when the bus almost falls off the cliff but was miraculously saved by someone. “I thought it was an angel sent by my mum to protect me.” (That angel, is sitting right beside you now!). They shared a moment until interrupted by a call from Grandma Bong Soon.

Bong Soon launches into her aegyo upon hearing her beloved grandma from the other end, twittering on the phone and Min Hyuk is amused. She hangs up the phone and starts asking Min Hyuk about her transfer to development dept, since the culprit is caught. The answer is no but he promises to transfer her once she has finished training with him, to control her strength and reach her full potential. Bong Soon grudgingly holds out her hand for a pinky swear.

Bong Soon needs to be home, for Grandma is around and Min Hyuk tells her that he will drop by his home to settle the score with his brother. She cheers him up by saying, “When life gives you lemons, you just need to brush it off and laugh it off.” That sends a smile on him. Both make each other promises something; Bong Soon not to walk alone in Dobong-dong, Min Hyuk not to mope by himself. They stamp their promises with pinky swear again.

Mama and Grandma are taking a stroll and spotted the puppy couple. Bong Soon rushes to hug her Grandma while Min Hyuk remains shyly at a distance. Mama points him out to Grandma telling that he is her son-in-law, “he is so handsome that I just want to kidnap him.(nod.. nod… we know the feeling.) Both women admires Min Hyuk like he is an exhibition and Grandma agrees he does look handsome.

Abashed Min Hyuk finally approaches them and introduces himself as Bong Soon’s co-worker to Grandma. Grandma : “Ohhh, you are Ahn-Son-In-Law!” Bong Soon looks like she wants to bury her head in the sand and Min Hyuk is caught unprepared.

Mama is still drooling after him as he is leaving. Bong Soon snaps at Mama for being brusque with the term ‘son-in-law’, when she used to forbid her from dating any guy. Mama : “I was waiting for the right time to free you, and NOW is the right time.” She implores her to give everything she had been ‘saving’ to Min Hyuk.

Back at police station, the ahjumma is crying how her daughter had insisted to go for morning prayers and had not come back since. The policemen look at each other meaningfully – they know the killer strikes again.

Three generations of strong women are in the park, gazing at the sky and talking about how a daughter will eventually become a mother and the mother will become the grandmother. Bong Soon remembers how she used to hate the idea of giving birth to a girl like herself. But now, she thinks it’s alright to have a daughter.

Min Hyuk is seeing childhood memories all over the place at family home, when he used to play with his second brother. His brother even gave him his favourite toy. Back to present, he confronts his brother who admits to his act. He only wants to scare him enough to deter him from taking the chairman seat, and thought it will work because Min Hyuk used to be timid. Min Hyuk decides to let it go but warns him not to do it again. Papa Ahn is on the second floor balcony looking on thoughtfully.

Morning comes and Min Hyuk wakes up looking cheery while Bong Soon is at her home, brushing teeth. She tries out her strength on a shampoo bottle pump but breaks it.

It is fiery storm in the police station as Chief Police berates Team Leader for keeping mum about the serial killing/kidnapping leads. Team Lead gets a few kick on his leg before able to send off the infuriated Chief Police.

Bong Soon, on her way to work, is met by the school bullies who had play truant, insisting to follow her. She orders them to go back to school and they comply reluctantly. Mama’s fatter friend watches the interaction from a distance curiously.

Work starts with Min Hyuk training Bong Soon in his gym. First session is rope climbing but she flies up to the ceiling with ease, he stares wide eyed. Next is punching the sandbag. He tells her to punch it as if she would hit him. The punch bag ruptures at her single punch. Min Hyuk is dumbstruck, probably thinking about his fate if the sandbag is indeed him.

Min Hyuk reaffirms : “It was a light tap, right?”

She tries again with another sandbag and Min Hyuk puts his life on the line, by holding the sandbag, asking her to touch it gently. His eyes shifted nervously. She touches the sandbag and Min Hyuk yells delightfully, only to see she had her fist planted deep into the bag.

The next training is combat and they spar a few moves without incident, until Bong Soon inadvertently knocks him onto the ground. Then, Min Hyuk grabs her hand and has Bong Soon free herself without injuring him. Bong Soon successfully pulls out her hands.

Min Hyuk surprise-grabs her from behind and Bong Soon blushed at their close proximity. He tells her not to think what she’s thinking now and try to free herself without inflicting pain on him. She wriggles left and right, tickling him and then twist his hand around, sending him to kneel.

Min Hyuk does another blitz attack on her, and pins her to the ground. They share a gazing moment and he whispers for her to stay put. Bong Soon weakly agrees and he tells her not to tell anyone about this training, her strength and “us”. He stands back and both evading each other’s eyes.

They relocates to the game dungeon for the final training – Alkkagi ( a traditional board game where players flick their pieces to knock their opponent’s pieces off). Min Hyuk poses like a master and makes his flick, only to have his piece fell off the board feebly. Bong Soon flicks hers and it shoots out like a bullet, missing Min Hyuk by inches and is now etched into the table. Min Hyuk freezes. (This man needs a bullet proof vest).

Min Hyuk tells her to reduce the strength by 30%. He stops her from launching her second piece, as he is sitting right in the path of it. He mocks whether she plans to aim at him, should he die and notes how unthoughtful she is. HAHA.

Bong Soon re-positions herself to face the other side and flicks again, shattering his mega TV screen. At 50% reduction, Bong Soon still sends the piece off the board.

On third try, she manages to control her strength and the piece moves a few inches. Min Hyuk gleefully welcomes her aboard the development team. In her excitement and robust cheering, she splits the chess board into two, causing Min Hyuk to pull back his decision.

It is finally discharge day for Gwang Bok, and Baek Tak arrives at the hospital – 1. to pick up Gwangbok, 2. to visit second batch of injured minions (beaten by Grandma) and 3. to visit Min Hyuk’s attackers aka frying pan victims. He is badly startled by the two attackers who are having OTP moment.

Mama and gang are at the shaman again, asking for a way to defeat the head of the re-development organization. He starts chanting cryptically, hinting for more payment, to which Mama slips some cash bitterly. Suddenly the shaman channels Mama’s ancestor from the siege of Haengju, and starts throwing imaginary boulders around. Purple flames in his eyes, he glares at Mama and says, “No matter how strong you are, it is impossible to defeat someone with a knife. Get the knife back!!”

On their way back to Dobong-dong, only Mama knows who was the channeled spirit but stays mum, looking worried. That’s when her fatter friend tells her about seeing Bong Soon in the morning, theorizes that she keeps school bullies as underlings.

Bong Soon arrives home and sees money left on her desk with a letter from Grandma. Mama reaches home, fuming about the school bullies matter and smacks her. Ruefully wrong, Bong Soon snaps and cries out how Mama has always been treating her and Bong Ki differently. Bong Ki the gem, and her, the black sheep.

“I did not choose to be born this way.”

Mama has her back facing Bong Soon but she is clearly having regret over her harshness.

Guk Doo and colleague are following the killer’s shoe design lead. They continue to interview men who had bought the same design of shoes.

We finally see Mama cooking in the kitchen (Bong Soon on cooking strike?) when Bong Soon comes in and fills two  flasks with porridge. Despite the outburst, she is taking food to Gyeongshim and her beloved twin brother.

Coincidentally, Hee Jin is brazenly confessing to Bong Ki at the hospital, to which he replies this is not right, as Guk Doo is his friend. She further reasons that, feeling is beyond her control. Bong Ki tells her that his sister has liked Guk Doo for a long time. Their exchange is witnessed by Bong Soon who makes her presence known.

Hee Jin tries to brush pass her but Bong Soon launches into her sensible speech about how Hee Jin shouldn’t allow her emotions to hurt other people and Bong Ki shouldn’t keep meeting a taken person. All the while, Hee Jin is fidgeting impatiently but she can’t be rude in front of Bong Ki. (Take that, girl!)

The shoe clue leads Guk Doo and colleague to a play theater which the male lead had supposedly bought one of them. The play is named “Bluebeard and His Seven Wives.” They take on the audience seats, and the play unfolds, eerily echos the real kidnappings. Guk Doo did not notice that a man (killer) is sitting among the audience too, getting high from watching the play.

When the performance ended, they interview the male actor and he tells them his shoes were stolen. He agrees to stop by police station to give statement on another day.

At the hospital, the stand guard policemen were distracted by a ruse – minor explosion and fire in a garbage bin. In the chaos, the killer saunters into Gyeongshim’s ward, disguised as doctor and about to inject her with drugs.

Fortunately, Bong Soon walks in and starts asking suspiciously. Their eyes meet, confirming Bong Soon’s suspicioun and the killer makes a run for it. She alerts the busy police and all chase after him. He manages to slip away posing as a cleaner. (Is he “Catch me if you can”?)

Guk Doo arrives later and starts yelling at Bong Soon for chasing after the killer. She is not in good mood either with Guk Doo’s attitude. When he knows that Bong Soon has returned home instead of staying at the safe house (Min Hyuk manor), he bellows even more, “Do you know how difficult it was for me to let you stay there?” She leaves the hospital angrily, refusing Guk Doo’s offer to take her home.

At the same time, Min Hyuk, either got addicted to walnut or wish to meet Papa Bong Soon, steps into walnut shop with the excuse to buy some pastries. All were sold out and Papa Bong Soon offers him their best-seller walnut cookies. He refuses to take Min Hyuk’s money and instead bequeaths him to take care of his “most precious child”.
All seriousness, Min Hyuk assures Papa that he cares a lot for Bong Soon and Papa can trust him on that. Papa Bong Soon is touched and adds more free snacks to Min Hyuk.

Meanwhile, Bong Soon is walking the lone street when Baek Tak, Jaws and Gwangbok spy on her from a car. Gwangbok alights, intending to avenge himself, holding a walking stick in his hand. He calls out to her and Bong Soon turns, barely recognises him under the dim light. Min Hyuk is not far away and catches sight of them. As Gwangbok slowly raises his stick, Guk Doo jumps out of nowhere and starts beating him!

Guk Doo’s violence outburst alarms Bong Soon and she has to shoves him aside to stop the beating. Guk Doo landed hard on ground and looks on, stunned.

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