Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 5 Recap

We take a slightly faster pace into the dark plot this week, just slightly. Nonetheless, I can’t say I didn’t hold my breath when the inevitable happens, thing that will make Bong Soon to finally step up/in to stop the evilness happening in the neighbourhood. Best of all, she has two knights in shining armor, who will always by her side, although both taking a different approach from each other. And guess which of the knights is my favourite?

Episode 5 Recap :

Bong Soon is in the subway, thinks back at the moment she turned back upon recognizing the killer’s voice. He was already meters away when she tries to trace him to no avail. Now, her trails of thought is temporary curtailed, witnessing the same pervert (episode 1) molesting woman in the train. Bong Soon reaches her stop and disembarks. Crowd gathers around the perv, who is now wailing in pain on the floor – his finger is twisted backward.

At Ainsoft, Bong Soon stares at the female warrior on RPG Albertine Chronicle’s banderole in the concourse. In her imagination, the sparkling medieval weapon hovers till it reaches her hand and she gapes at it. Min Hyuk appears beside her and disillusions her, “Be careful not to get bugs into your mouth”.

Bong Soon gives him a hangover drink making him happy and buys her breakfast/lunch. At the café, he eyes the wristwatch and asks about it. She transforms into honey bear, sweet about Guk Doo giving it to her. She mentions about running into the killer this morning and Min Hyuk grows concerned, wondering if he needs to get another body guard to protect both of them.

Bong Soon : “Don’t worry, boss, I will protect you, no matter what.” This sends Min Hyuk to cloud nine before he masks it with, “Then why are you saying the threatening words to me last night?” He orders her not to drink ever again. Secretary Gong will be coming back to work and Bong Soon wonders where she could sit, now that he’s back. Apparently, Min Hyuk has arrangement made and boasts about how magnanimous he is.

Ta-da! Min Hyuk (or rather, his staffs) has prepared a workstation for Bong Soon that looks like a doll house equipped with English language books. He mock-asks her to study English especially the word “stock-option” since they will be coming to office every day until the launch of new RPG. This perks her up to ask if she can take part in the development. He smirks and says no, as she needs to catch his stalker first.

Min Hyuk has a busy day overseeing his project and meetings, in a no-nonsense way while Bong Soon seems impressed. She steals a glance at the RPG design but retreats when Min Hyuk eyes her.

Mama Bong Soon and gang are at the walnut shop talking about the kidnapping and homicide, when her waiter is exclaiming at a viral video on her phone – Bong Soon’s drunk night in the club, holding the broken pole. She frantically calls Bong Soon and she slips under the table to answer. Mama scolds her, saying how they can no longer stay in South Korea thanks to her, even forwards the video to her.

Bong Soon is shocked and ashamed. Min Hyuk wraps up his meeting and perplexed that Bong Soon isn’t at her seat. He found her under the desk. (This part is soooo cute!) When he sees the video, he makes fun of her:

Min Hyuk : “Looks like you’ve become famous. Will you sign autograph for me? This video will spread at speed of light to the ends of world until it reaches Uganda, Africa.”

Bong Soon whimpers : “Give me back my phone. I don’t want to hear.”

He sniggers at her reaction and continues mimicking someone who recognizes her on street :

Min Hyuk : “Excuse me, you look familiar. Are you the lady who was swinging the pole in the video?”

Bong Soon hides further under the desk. (HA! Min Hyuk, you are so bad…).

At the same time, the school bullies are watching the video and cry out “Noo-nim!!” Hospital gangster are watching too, and Kwang Bok is angry that she’s having a good time (clubbing) after beating them to pulp. Bong Ki is bandaging Kwang Bok’s head and sees the video too.

Bong Soon still hides under the desk when Secretary Gong comes in. Min Hyuk greets him, unwittingly pats his back giving him pain. Gong, not noticing Bong Soon under the desk, starts bitching about her, “how could a woman as tiny as her be so horribly strong? There are rumours that she may be a North Korean spy or an alien.” Min Hyuk tries to warn him but he continues asking Min Hyuk to keep his distance from her.

Bong Soon emerges from her hiding, looking distraught. Gong looks like he has seen a ghost and throws pleading glance at Min Hyuk (music ‘Lascia Ch’io Pianga’ plays in the background). Not wanting to get himself embroiled, Min Hyuk tells them to have handover done at Gong’s room, sending Gong further into hell. It’s hilarious that Min Hyuk mumbles a ‘sorry’ to Gong and walks away.

Now Min Hyuk is alone, he calls someone on the phone to delete the viral video. Next call is to Guk Doo, telling him about Bong Soon’s encounter with the killer, and elaborates how Bong Soon will need more than a wristwatch to stay safe.

Bong Soon and Secretary Gong are in his room, and she apologizes humbly for hurting him. Then she flips on her evil side and derides it’s petty to talk bad behind someone’s back. She even indirectly mocks that, since Min Hyuk doesn’t do much work, his secretary is easily the least-busy person in the world. (This girl knows sarcasm well.) Min Hyuk’s paging disrupts them and he calls Bong Soon to head back to his office, noting she must be bad-mouthing him right now. She is flustered and wonders if he had planted bugs in the room or worst, on her.

Bong Soon is jailed at her workstation and nods off. Min Hyuk watches her and recollects last night, when she was drunk and sobbed about being unwantedly strong. He reaches to touch her and with an impeccable timing, Guk Doo barges in. Ignoring Min Hyuk’s motion for him to stay shush, he barks at Bong Soon, waking her. He hollers, clearly upset that she told Min Hyuk about the killer rather than him.

Guk Doo informs that he will be in charge of her safety from now on, and this includes escorting her home later. Min Hyuk isn’t having it and protests that he will be ‘dropping’ her off instead. They step closer and closer, as each defense their stand.

Bong Soon, happy with the attentions showered, says coyly that she’s sorry they have to fight over her. This trips them into pushing the responsibility of escorting her, to each other instead. Min Hyuk: “You should drop her off, as a police!” Guk Doo: “No, it’s your responsibility to send her home, as her boss!” (lol! Girl should have keep quiet.)

In the end, it’s Min Hyuk who HAS TO send her home, disgruntled that he is becoming her bodyguard now. Bong Soon is not happier either, and banters that he is the one who forced her into his car with the excuse wanting to buy walnut pies. Min Hyuk grumbles whether he should make a u-turn.

At the police station, Guk Doo finally spotted Bride No. 2’s car in the video and they head out to the location. They spot a junkyard in the area and interrogate a man who works there. The man tells them he hasn’t seen the victim’s car and the owner is hardly around. They left but still glance suspiciously at him.

Min Hyuk seems to be emptying the shelves at walnut shop,when Mama and gang come in. Of course, Mama is super delighted to see him and refuses to take his money because he is part of their ‘family’. “Bong Soon is our family, and she is part of your company family.” (Great theory!). As if he is not uncomfortable enough, Mama tells him not to eat too much walnut at once, or he will get diarrhea. Bong Soon couldn’t push him out fast enough!

The snake Hee Jin is at the hospital again for follow up, but keeps asking a nurse about Bong Ki. The gangsters are reading some sort of poetry (shudders…) and Kwang Bok is irritated – why can’t Bong Ki send a nurse to bandage his head instead of him. The gang talk about settling the score with Bong Soon and it was rumoured that she has a brother who works in the hospital. Bong Ki is alarmed and starts bandaging Kwang Bok’s full head, citing hepatitis infection.

Bong Ki met Hee Jin in the walkway and she makes it a point to meet tomorrow. She starts hinting that her hand is recovering too fast, yet she wishes to keep coming to the hospital. Bong Ki kind of gets what she meant and seems to agree although a bit flustered. (Bong Ki yahhhh, don’t go to the snake.) Hee Jin receives a message from Guk Doo, but she ignores it.

Back at home, Bong Soon is searching for her video with the terms ‘crazy pole dancing girl’ but they were all deleted. She wonders who could have deleted the video when Gyeongshim the Wise points out to Min Hyuk. Bong Soon disagrees, as she thinks Min Hyuk will enjoy making the video viral instead. They banter to and fro, Gyeongshim thinks Min Hyuk is not gay and Bong Soon is 100% sure he is gay.

Gyeongshim suggests to have delicious stew for dinner and volunteers to buy tofu. She’s on her way back from minimart when the killer follows her. At home, Bong Soon starts to worry about Gyeongshim, taking so long to buy a tofu.

Gyeongshim, sensed being followed, starts to run but the killer appears in front of her and beats her with a pipe. She is struggling on the floor and when he’s about to deliver a final blow, Bong Soon grabs his pipe. She twists the pipe around his hand and kicks him hard but he managed to run away. Bong Soon checks on Gyeongshim, crying while hugging her.

At the hospital, Bong Soon is crying uncontrollably. Bong Ki assures her that Gyeongshim is alright, although with some broken ribs.

Mama and neighbours are in walnut shop discussing about patrolling the area when Baek Tak strides in with his minions. He proposes collaboration with them as he do not want the crime rate to hinder his re-development plan. The neighbours are intimidated by Baek Tak and no one dares to object.

Morning in the hospital, Gyeongshim is conscious and is worrying more about her ‘broken’ nose. She tells Bong Soon how scared she was yesterday and couldn’t imagine what other victims had gone through. Mama arrives and fusses about her, reprimanding Bong Soon for sending her on errand last night.

It’s White Day and Min Hyuk bought Royce chocolate for Bong Soon but as she is absent for the day, his effort is wasted. He calls Secretary Gong, requests that he sits at Bong Soon’s seat cause he is feeling lonely. Gong seems to get the wrong message when Min Hyuk gives him the chocolate.

Guk Doo is taking Gyeongshim’s statement when she almost let slip that Bong Soon beats the killer. She changes to the killer ran away upon hearing Bong Soon’s scream.

At the creepy lair, the killer is bandaging his wound. Both brides are crying, horrified and this angers the killer to throw the pipe at them.

Back in hospital, Guk Doo bellows (can he do that in hospital?) at Bong Soon again for not carrying the wristwatch. He softens and asks if she was hurt. Then he proposes that she moves to Min Hyuk’s place as safe house. She tries to tell him about her strength but was silenced by Guk Doo.

At Ainsoft, Guk Doo requests at Min Hyuk to let Bong Soon stay at his place. Min Hyuk chaffs that Guk Doo knows nothing about Bong Soon. Guk Doo didn’t catch the meaning. Min Hyuk asks if he is worrying about a ‘friend’ or more than that, to which he refuses to answer.

They have a slight argument about Min Hyuk using banmal on him when they are same-age. Min Hyuk tells him to keep his age from Bong Soon and Guk Doo banters, he will if Min Hyuk use formal speech with him. Instead, Min Hyuk lets him use banmal on him too, but Guk Doo is uncomfortable and continues to use formals. He left and Min Hyuk ponders that Bong Soon’s love is not actually one-sided.

Guk Doo calls Bong Soon at night and tells her his agreement with Min Hyuk. Next morning, Bong Soon takes extra effort to groom herself because… Guk Doo is fetching her to work. The moment he sees her, he complains about the short skirt and excessive makeup before blurted out “stop going around looking too pretty.” This makes Bong Soon giddy.

Guk Doo drops her off at Ainsoft and they keep telling each other to go/leave first. Min Hyuk watches from a distance, clearly irritated. He follows her behind, imitating her prancing and opens the sensors barriers with an aggressive motion of hands.

Bong Soon is in super good mood and keeps smiling to herself while Min Hyuk is fuming over her excessive happiness. Secretary Gong was appalled when Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon to sleepover at his place, thanks to her crush who requested it. She is seething honey about how Guk Doo is overly-protective about her while Min Hyuk and Gong looks on, astonished.

She lets her imagination runs wild with Guk Doo marches into the office repeating the word “Don’t go around looking too pretty.”

At Bong Soon residence, Mama is happily packing (T-back undies??) for Bong Soon’s sleepover while Papa retorts that she should worry about sending their daughter to a man’s house. Secretary Gong is here to take the luggage, can’t help but asks about a blanket she packed. Mama : “They must sleep together with this blanket.”, hinting ‘consummation night’ tradition for newly weds. . HAHAHA.

At Min Hyuk’s mansion, both stare at the pair of mandarin duck doll that comes together with her luggage. (Mandarin ducks signifies love, and usually are gifted to newly weds). She shifts the attention to arranging her clothes just to accidentally flings out her (lacy) undergarments. Min Hyuk looks away embarrassed but unwittingly commented that Bong Soon’s mother has luxurious taste. Lol!

Min Hyuk is tossing and turning on his bed, then wonders if Bong Soon is asleep. She is on the phone with Gyeongshim talking about her sleepover. Mama is beside Gyeongshim trying to pass some tips over to Bong Soon. Bong Soon’s pajamas is cute and lacyyyy.. packed by Mama?

Bong Soon couldn’t sleep and keeps thinking about the killer and victims. She gets back to Dobong-dong, trying to trace the killer’s step. She senses someone following her.

At the station, Guk Doo is pacing nervously, then asks to leave early.

Bong Soon gets a tap on her shoulder. It was Min Hyuk who had been following her, anxious that she might be sleep-walking. She tells him that she wants to use her strength to catch the killer, looking determined. “I kept my super strength a secret all my life. Now I want to use this strength for good cause.”

They’re back in Min Hyuk’s mansion. Guk Doo arrives shortly after, announces that he will stay there too!

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