Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 2 Recap

I LOVE THIS EPISODE. While episode 1 had been hilarious, but it was more like an introduction to main characters in the drama. If like me, you had seen almost all the previews, interviews and BTS, then episode 1 offered no surprise. Episode 2 however, is surprisingly ‘dark’ to my taste, like a cup of strong coffee that keeps me awake and thrilled. Still, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon managed to lighten the mood with funny moments from our main leads.

Episode 2 Recap :

Episode 2 starts with Guk Doo’s colleagues and Team Lead Yook eating jajangmyeon while engrossed with a ‘classic’ Korean detective drama. Guk Doo is not impressed and stated that CSI, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds are better dramas. (You have same taste as me, Guk Doo.) Their team are assigned to assist in Do Bong-dong homicide case.

Min Hyuk and Bong Soon walk into the cafeteria and he is imploring her to join him for breakfast. Bong Soon said no, having eaten breakfast at home. He is telling her that he is being stalked and threatened and asks her to help in catching the culprit.

Bong Soon : Have you done a lot of bad things that led you to have many enemies?
Min Hyuk  : Does a character get stronger by doing a lot of bad things?
Good metaphor you’ve got there, Min Hyuk.

When she still refuse to eat the breakfast, he adds on that he only eats one meal a day (which means she will be too), she immediately tucks in.

Min Hyuk became moody upon receiving the threat call and decided to play truant from work by… going shopping. He asks Bong Soon to sit in driver seat and start the car, for fear of bomb. Lol! She was appalled but did what she was told anyway. Min Hyuk looks amused – playing her?

Back at Papa Bongsoon walnut shop, Mama Bong Soon is with her friends, when Mama Guk Doo walks in. Mama BS eyes Mama GD sharply for laughing charmingly with Papa BS. She interrupts their conversation by asking Mama GD to join in petition to oppose redevelopment plan, since she’s a famous author. However, Mama GD is in for the development to proceed. A girl friend of Bong Soon comes in and exchange earnest greetings with Mama Bong Soon.

Meanwhile, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are having the cutest “date” in a shopping district. He tries to hold her hand on pretense to keep it “natural” in case his stalker is watching. Knowing Bong Soon, she pulls back and he looks annoyed. Ha! Later, he shops enthusiatically and Bong Soon ended up carrying his many shopping bags. Bong Soon sighs at how all her money spent on his RPG game ended up paying for his clothes.

Min Hyuk expresses guilty for only buying his stuffs and offers to buy her something. Bong Soon blushed and although saying no, seems to have expectation. Only that…. he bought an ice cream for her! She was irritated to max, lol!

Next on their schedule is playing drone in a park. A stalker is watching them and flees the scene at the hint of being noticed, but not before Min Hyuk uses his drone to take a picture of his bike.

Min Hyuk drives Bong Soon home and when she thought he’s going to buy her food, he asks him to eat at home but adds on that she must not go on diet. Sweettt… When asked if there is any good bakery in the area, and of course, Bong Soon brought him to her father’s walnut shop.

Mama Bong Soon and friends are there too, when she’s wondering if there is any crazy rich guy will take Bong Soon. As if answer to her prayers, Min Hyuk strides in like a prince charming with Bong Soon. Bong Soon winks at papa and they instantly put on customer-seller act. Mama and friends laser-scan Min Hyuk, impressed while he is totally abashed when his eyes meet theirs. Once they are out of the shop, everyone rush to the window to peek (and drool) – his outfit, his good looks, his imported car.

Bong Soon is happy seeing her best friend, Gyeong Shim from Busan. Both jumps excitedly, sending tremors over the house. Upon knowing her new job, Gyeong Shim searches for Min Hyuk’s details and concludes that he is a gay from the comments.

It is dinner time and the family are having great time feasting on fish cakes that Gyeong Shim brought from Busan. Mama takes the opportunity to ask Bong Soon about Min Hyuk, then pops the decree – “you should marry him”. Bong Soon retorts that he is gay, sending cold wind over everyone. Mama knows nothing than being realistic, saying it’s alright, it’s alright, nobody’s perfect. MUAHAHAH.

Guk Doo revisited the crime scene, unaware that the killer is on a patio above him. A woman got off a bus and gets nervous when a man seemingly follows her. It was a false alarm as he walks to another direction but the real killer appears soon after, and attacks her.

The police station is thrown into chaos. Turns out the woman is gravely injured but alive due to a passerby. Bong Soon and Gyeong Shim are in PC café, when they are told about the incident. Min Hyuk is in training room when he sees the news on TV.

The victim is unconscious in hospital while Guk Doo is at the scene, blaming himself for missing the killer by minutes. The witness is having his statement taken in the police station. Apparently, he saw the killer beating the woman viciously until he saw him and fled. The witness specially mentions that the culprit’s feet were pretty big. Hmmm..

Bong Soon is walking home with Gyeong Shim when they saw a group of high schooler bullying another student. She tries to talk them into just going home. When they answered ruefully she sweetly ties up the leader’s shoestring but sends him into agonizing pain. Bong Soon tears up his shoes, then proceeds to another, scaring the bejesus out of them. She gives her number to the bullied boy and asks to contact her if they harass him again. Her warning did not stop there, but adds on – next, she will hurt their legs and continuing upppp. (What is the organ than sits between thighs and belly?)

Came next morning and CCTVs are being installed in the area and patrols are strengthened. Min Hyuk has processed the picture from his drone and calls someone to check on the number.

The autopsy report of the first (dead) victim is out and Team Lead Yook notes that she was tall and slim. Guk Doo disagrees with him on the wounds, motive and culprit’s supposedly unskilled with knives. Later, he is on victim-protection duty in hospital when he notices the wounds on her, indicating the killer wants her alive.

Bong Soon is visiting Secretary Kong in the hospital as well, when she accidently bumps into the killer, dressed in doctor robe and masked. Secretary Kong trembles upon hearing her. It’s hilarious how he tries not to move his broken tailbone while being agitated at Bong Soon – she even offers to make feces wine which will help him recovers!!

Bong Soon can’t believe her eyes on seeing Guk Doo there. The killer-in-doctor-disguise walks into victim’s room without raising suspicion and administers a drug into the victim. Guk Doo asks for Bong Soon to guard his station while he goes to washroom. Soon, the machine beeps loudly and the killer comes back with a stretchers, claiming to take the victim to emergency surgery.

When Guk Doo comes back and realises the victim was kidnapped, he searches the hospital frantically but the killer is smart, moving from stretchers to wheelchair and changing his disguise. Guk Doo fails in apprehending the killer and the victim was gone. Bong Soon tells him that she heard the killer’s voice. He is concerned for her safety and insists to get a taxi for her. He’s quite sweet consoling her that this isn’t her fault.

The killer is back at his lair with his prize. The creepy place is full of manequins, cages and some hospital equipments that scream psycho. The victim was changed into a bridal gown and he continues to put syringe into her arm.

Team lead is furious at Guk Doo’s mistake and shouts at him. Guk Doo apologizes but requests for witness protection on Bong Soon.

Next morning Bong Soon is at Ainsoft and Min Hyuk asks her about the second incident. When told about the kidnapping, he finds it interesting and doubts that the police will ever catch the clever culprit. His detailed analysis of the case makes her staring at him wide eyes. He says, “My dream was to be a culprit when I was young.” Holy.

Bong Soon’s phone rang and it was Guk Doo who is sending a police to protect her. After she hangs up, Min Hyuk sarcastically points out how her personality changes when she speaks to Guk Doo. To his irritation, she draws the line that Guk Doo is her friend and Min Hyuk is JUST her boss. She is surprised that he know she’s in love with Guk Doo. Just when she’s about to agree with him, that Guk Doo is good looking…. Min Hyuk utters “He’s totally my style”.

Police Choi Siwon finally arrives at Ainsoft and Min Hyuk is not happy. He has to drive them around while keep throwing glares at his rear mirror. After an RPG conference, Police Choi and Min Hyuk go to washroom while Bong Soon waits outside. Bong Soon slips away to follow a dubious guy and another man enters the washroom. Min Hyuk came out from the washroom and calls for Bong Soon who runs over quickly. Soon, he notices that Police Choi hasn’t come out yet and runs back in just as a man flees out. Police Choi was stabbed.

At hospital, they are waiting for Police Choi’s surgery when Min Hyuk asks Bong Soon to resign – things are getting dangerous. She refuses and promises to protect him. She asks for any possible suspects, he then tells her about his messy family with half brothers fighting over his father’s fortune. Min Hyuk has left his family but his success with Ainsoft convinces his father to pass the empire to him. Doctor arrives and informs them that Police Choi is alright.

A young woman is playing her cello and she is Guk Doo’s girlfriend – Jo Hee Ji. Guk Doo is late for their date but she seems understanding. Their date was interrupted by a call regarding Policeman Choi being stabbed, and he left.

Bong Soon is in Min Hyuk’s car when he blurts out, “Let’s stay together today. I will protect you and you will protect me”. AWWW. He is flustered when she stares at him blankly and turns around by saying she must be feeling hopeful about staying at his place. Bong Soon scoffs.

Min Hyuk : Don’t you want to flirt with me?
Bong Soon : I totally do not have the intention to flirt with you.

They bicker like a couple and Min Hyuk tries to beg in aegyo voice that he’s scared. Still being refused, he pulls out his last card – Bong Soon’s one-sided love for Guk Doo. He asks her to use him as a tool to make him jealous. This works and she agrees, but not before asking for overtime pay!

At his home, he cooks noodles for her. She casually asks if the pastries from walnut shop is good, he replies yes and wants to go there again. She then tells him that the shop belongs to her father and the man is her father. His face is like “Did I just met THE father?”.

Min Hyuk mockingly asks her is she has ever dated. She pretends to be full of experience in that department, even claiming herself as “femme motel”, which he corrects it as “femme fatale”.

Their dinner was interrupted by Guk Doo’s arrival who reproaches Bong Soon for staying at a man’s house. He grabs her hand but Min Hyuk grabs her other hand and demands that he leaves her here. Hostile words exchanges – “I am taking her.”, “You are not taking her.”. They step closer until Min Hyuk gives a firm “No”.

Afterthoughts :

Just 2 episodes and this drama already had me micro analyze (and re-watching) the drama, seeking for every details that can give me answer to How did Min Hyuk’s mother died? Who is the killer? and Is he the same as Min Hyuk’s stalker? Is it just me or there’s something fishy about the witness, who conveniently points out the killer’s features as though he’s painting Min Hyuk? And he’s wearing rather fine clothes.

Just some trivia for fun : When Gyeong Shim scrolled down on her phone for comments about Min Hyuk, the second commenter is named Park Bo Young! Her comment : A perfect man’s secret hidden secret.

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