Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 16 (Finale) Recap

Happy ending for Ahn Min Hyuk and Do Bong Soon

With Kim Jang Hyun finally caught, Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon home as he narrates the first time he saw Bong Soon at the police station, how she had reproached him for lying. He turns around just to realise he’s speaking to himself, as Bong Soon is snoring away in her deep sleep. He smiles and touches her head, “Sleep well.”

Down at the police station, Guk Doo sets to interrogate the killer, asks why did he kidnapped the women. Killer : “It was for fun, They begged for their lives and they’re so obedient. They starved when I asked them to starve, they crawled when I asked them to crawl.”

Guk Doo jumps at him in rage and Team Lead sprints in to pull Guk Doo away, citing “No violence.” But once Guk Doo is out of the way, Team Lead starts to kick the killer himself. (Good job!)

Next day, the apprehension of the killer is all over the national news, as everyone cheers. Min Hyuk is back on his hover board, greets everyone happily in his office. He enters his office, as Bong Soon shows her villain character design to Secretary Gong. He is bewildered at the familarity to someone. Min Hyuk grins behind his shoulder and Bong Soon smiles meaningfully at Gong’s remark.

Min Hyuk sings out his “ Do Interrrrrnnn” and sits them down for a Q&A practice for her upcoming game presentation. She answers the questions well, even making Gong impressed. Gong interjects, asks about the ending of the game, to which Bong Soon replies that Super Bong Soonie will save Prince Min Min and live happily ever after. Min Hyuk grins coyly at the answer, clearly projecting himself as Prince Min Min.

Secretary Gong presses further if the characters will get married and have children, and Bong Soon answers that these will happen in version 2.0. Prince Min Min Min Hyuk blushes and eagerly wants the game to be launched ASAP so they could get to release the sequel soon.

Realising himself as the third wheel, Gong offers to leave the room, but Min Hyuk heedlessly tells him to stay, as he is leaving with Bong Soon.

The couple relocates to a training room and discusses about Papa Bong Soon who hasn’t come home for days. Min Hyuk volunteers to help and wheezes out a few (vague) ways to get her father home. Bong Soon smiles and pats his head. This makes Min Hyuk excited again, who grabs her cheeks, then settles for a hug.

Business goes as usual at the walnut shop, with slightly disheveled Mama mending the shop. Her friends hover over her to persuade Papa to come home. She flatly refuses to do that, says that he had left as he wished and he can’t just waltzes back.

Her friends timidly reproach Mama for giving Papa bruised eyes previously. Mama Bong Soon looks scandalised at the accusation, and explains that she had never hit her husband. They had pushed each other during an argument, and he fell and hit a corner of the sewing machine. She claims that she only likes to crush people with words, facts and glares.

At the same time, Min Hyuk launches into his Bring-Papa-Home mission, finds Papa, and as both are enjoying soju, Min Hyuk sweet talks him into going home. Papa refuses as Min Hyuk continues to plea frenziedly. Papa wonders aloud what’s the hurry and Min Hyuk blurts out that he wants to marry Bong Soon.

Papa chokes on his soju as Min Hyuk desperately nags how Papa’s absence will postpone his wedding, how he wishes to marry her ASAP, he can’t live without her and days feel like years especially at night. HAHA. Papa glares and berates him for the ‘especially at night’ words.

Papa asks if Min Hyuk will treat Bong Soon well, and Min Hyuk murmurs that he will be the one to get hit if he did something wrong. Papa glares again, and Min Hyuk promises to treat her well. He thanks Papa for raising her well and beautiful and promises to take up the responsibility for her happiness.

Hee Jin drops by the hospital to inform Bong Ki of her acceptance into an orchestra in Vienna. Bong Ki is not surprised, having heard the news from Guk Doo. Hee Jin looks disappointed at his coolness, as he explains his belief that everyone has someone they are destined to be together. Both accepts the fact that they are not meant to be.

Bong Soon relays the same principle to Gyeongshim as they walk around Dobong-dong, “Do you know the difference when it’s your destined love? You will see yourself in his eyes. I see myself in his eyes and my reflection looks so happy.” Gyeongshim ponders how she envies Bong Soon, then notes that the neighbourhood is getting better and cleaner now.

Later at night, Son-In-Law of The Year Min Hyuk drags the drunk Papa to Bong Soon’s home. Mama refuses to let Min Hyuk leaves without having a tea, and shoos the couple to Bong Soon’s room.

Left alone with her spent husband, Mama is fuming at Papa’s drunk satire (he keeps singing her name.. sweettt), then softens upon seeing his dirty nails and wonders where had he been.

Ever gentleman, Min Hyuk pauses at Bong Soon’s room door and asks if Gyeongshim is in there too (he does not want to invade Gyeongshim’s privacy). He enters after Bong Soon says that Gyeongshim is staying at her aunt’s, then looks at her bed and wonders if that’s where she sent the “Goodnight Min Min.”

Spotting a sly look , “Do you think your mum will bring in fruit at a moment like this?” Right on cue, Mama barges in, bearing a fruit platter, as the couple scrambles apart. Mama smiles at them, and she practically invites Min Hyuk to sleepover, before the abashed Bong Soon chases her out.

Min Hyuk seems all too wiling to take up the offer, and inches coyly towards Bong Soon, remarks that Mama won’t comes in anymore. Bong Soon can only stutters a few words, for his palms are already on her face. He aims for a kiss … when Bong Ki barges in. They freeze at the awkward moment and the embarrassed Min Hyuk announces that he is leaving.

Bong Soon walks Min Hyuk out, who sulks at the idea of going home alone. She plants a kiss on his cheek, and he grins, then kisses her lips. Bong Soon consoles him that she will meet him in his dream. Then they launches into you-leave-first pleas without letting each other’s hands go.

Huh! Turns out Jaws suspicion on Nizamuddin is right after all. They found out that he’s, in fact, a Korean con man and his real name is Cho Dal Bong. (Park Hyung Sik’s character in drama What Happens to My Family is called Cha Dal Bong). The said Cho Dal Bong is on the run for scamming 500 million won. His wanted list is everywhere.

Thing is (nicely) going south for Kim Jang Hyun, who was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment with no parole. He drives himself crazy in his cell, writhing on the floor and shouting.

At that moment, Bong Soon is folding her pink hoodie and carefully deposits it into the cabinet, happy that she had caught the killer.

Someone needs to claim credit on Bong Soon’s behalf, and it is none other than Ahn Min Hyuk, who grimaces as he receives the Brave Citizen Award. He slips away from the flashing cameras, as the Chief Police continues to boast to the reporters. Min Hyuk grumbles to Bong Soon how he hates getting chummy with police, but she notes that he will receive a lot more rewards in future, for she will continue to help people. He is appalled.

Guk Doo, seems satisfied at Min Hyuk’s irritation, tells him to ‘continue cooperating with police.” He had been transferred to Gangnam police station and Min Hyuk wonders aloud why can’t they transfer him to a secluded island instead. HAH!

On her game presentation day, Bong Soon introduces herself from Standby Development team and the audience murmurs unaware of such team exists. Encouraged by Min Hyuk’s clapping, she calmly introduces her game and everyone are amused by Gong’s likeliness to the villain. As she presents, Min Hyuk is lost in another thought, reminiscing the time they were together and smiles.

Mama is now tending the shop together with Papa as they chat lovingly about the good fortune reading for Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s compatibility. Mama : “They say it’s always good when they’re the same age.” Papa muses if all the same age couple gets along well, as Papa and Mama are same age too.” Mama scoffs at him.

Mama glares just a little bit when Mama Guk Doo walks in, but did not pick a fight with her. Improvement..

At night, Guk Doo and Bong Soon sits outside her home and chats happily about their school days. He asks if she remembers the time when he mentioned he likes girl who is like cosmos. She remembers, which was why she hid the fact that she was strong, pretended to be a fragile girl.

Guk Doo calls her an idiot, reveals that he deliberately said it in front of her, so she will take the hint he likes her. The cosmos was her, as what he saw her at that time. Bong Soon honestly did not know. Guk Doo: “We will always be friends, right.” She nods and both tell each other to be happy.

Alone in her room and looking at their school photos, Bong Soon thinks back the past when she was swooning over Guk Doo, then changes his contact list from ‘suave Guk Doo’ to ‘suave friend Guk Doo.’

In his car, Guk Doo opens the closet and takes out the necklace he had bought previously, tears in his eyes.

Guk Doo meets up with Bong Ki for a basketball session. Bong Ki apologizes for being with Hee Jin (previously). Guk Doo accepts but pauses to ask why he had never told him about Bong Soon’s liking him. Bong Ki thought Guk Doo would have known, given how obvious Bong Soon was.

Guk Doo : “I didn’t know. I liked her too, I couldn’t see her feeling as I was too overwhelmed with my own feeling.”

They brush it aside and continue with their friendly match.

Next day, Bong Soon, Secretary Gong and Min Hyuk are waiting for Oh Dol Pyung’s result on the game presentation. He waltzes in and announces that Bong Soon will be accepted into his team and her game will be developed under his supervision, even throws in a few compliments at her. The trio celebrates.

On the other hand, Gwangbok is creating a scene at a dental clinic for having to wait for his appointment. A lovely dentist (with a name tag : Lee Bong Soon) comes out and Gwangbok drizzles at her beauty.

Min Hyuk is driving when he almost runs over the school minions, when they dash out in the car park. They have come to meet their Noonim’s boyfriend, and chimes that he is indeed good looking. Min Hyuk pauses at the mention ‘Noonim’ and looks at them thoughtfully.

They relocates to a restaurant as the minions buzz that Min Hyuk must have won Bong Soon over with his money. HAHA. Then, the leader warns him not to play her and break her heart. Min Hyuk is not interested to answer him but advises them to just study rather than poke their nose into Bong Soon’s matter. He chides them for making all mothers hating him, just because they play games a lot.

The leader yells, insists that Min Hyuk promises not to hurt Bong Soon. Irritated, Min Hyuk squeaks out, “She’s not someone I can hurt. You don’t know anything!” Then he just ask them to eat, speechless.

Min Hyuk arrives at office to find that Bong Soon had moved to the Development team. He lightens up at Bong Soon’s thank you note attentioned to ‘Team Leader’ and signs by ‘Do Intern.” Next, we see him peeping at the Development Team, watches Bong Soon receiving instructions from Oh Dol Pyung. He scowls a bit at Oh’s bullying behaviour but is happy, as long as Bong Soon is happy.

Guk Doo texts Min Hyuk for a meet up and when the annoyed CEO shows up, Guk Doo grabs him by the collar, warns that he will kill Min Hyuk if he hurts Bong Soon. He reasserts his dislike for Min Hyuk, then blurts out the list of Bong Soon’s favourite things.

Before Guk Doo stomps away he yells that if Bong Soon has difficulty falling asleep, make her read a book, it works every time. Min Hyuk loses it and announces to himself that he will never like Guk Doo, then says that he will put Bong Soon to sleep. (In his own way, I guess…. )

Super Bong Soonie game is finally launched and Bong Soon is happy to see a grandpa playing it with his grandson on a bus. She narrates silently that it was her dream to create a game based on herself, as she had to hide her strength before. But now, she won’t live as Bong Soonie in the game, but helps people in real life.

She comes across an accident with a man pinned under a car. Calling out to the crowd to help her to move the car, she’s able to move the car without rousing suspicion to her strength.

A good deed is not always returned in another, as later she is caught by Oh for being late to work. She cowers in fear at Oh’s high pitched shrieks.

Some time later, Do family and their future son-in-law are camping and Bong Soon shyly hand-feeds Min Hyuk with a vege-meat wrap. Her parents catches on the mood, as Papa Bong Soon looks at Mama expectantly, so she rewards him with a vege wrap too. Bong Ki casually slips a vege wrap to Gyeongshim who looks surprised. (another ship sailing?)

Bong Soon and Min Hyuk take a stroll and she expresses her wish to protect the people she loves. She understands when Min Hyuk says she can’t save everyone, but she will use her power for good. He wonders how he ends up with such a great woman, to which she replies because she is femme motel. She promises she will protect him too, just like the girl-in-pink-hoodie.

Life goes on, as Bong Soon continues to help people, but get caught for being late every time by Oh Dol Pyung. She slips out from work when seeing the news of escaped elephant roaming the city. The school minions even act as her agents to take up cases.

Oh has enough and finally confronts Min Hyuk on Bong Soon’s tardiness. Min Hyuk can only nods silently, but glowers when Oh says Bong Soon eats like a monkfish. Oh gives an ultimatum – to have Bong Soon bumped out of his department. He puts an end to negotiation with a dramatic torero pose.

Informed of her re-transfer, Bong Soon walks meekly into Min Hyuk’s room. Secretary Gong looks sympathetic while Min Hyuk chides her if she’s happy being demoted back as intern. Half concerned and angry, Min Hyuk wonders if he should welcome or comfort her, when she twitters that she’s more comfortable here and requests for a welcome party.

Min Hyuk threatens to fire her from internship too, and she cutely asks if she should go back to being his bodyguard. He is no match for her cuteness and soon grins like a fool, ignoring Gong’s exit from the room.

Leaving from work, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon pulls a serious front at the lobby, bading goodbye to each other. They walk opposite directions, then run right back to each other again. Secretary Gong and Oh watches their PDA amusely and Oh admits that he’s jealous. He tells Gong not to be interested in him and Gong defensively retorts that he is straight. Oh gets angry, then shouts out “Secretary Gong and Manager Oh are dating!!” in the lobby. (I loveeee this pair.)

At home, Bong Soon writes on her strengpedia when Papa walks in to tell her that he likes Min Hyuk, formally gives approval to their relationship. Bong Soon cries as she hugs her father.

Next day, she arrives at work and Min Hyuk is not around, but left a rabbit doll on her desk with a note, “Let’s go out for a date. From Prince Min Min.” She kisses the doll then meet him at a park full of cherry blossoms.

Bong Soon asks when did he start falling for her and he answers it was from the moment he saw her the first time (wwwiiiiiiii). She wonders how he could have waited for her that long. He answers that he had waited happily for her heart to turn to him, since he is confident they are meant for each other.

Bong Soon remembers that he had something to tell her during the bomb ordeal and asks about it. Min Hyuk tells her, “I can’t live a moment without you. Let’s stay together forever.” He pulls out a ring and slides it onto her finger, then leans in for a long kiss.

Fast forward to their wedding day, Min Hyuk barges into the room and stunned at the sight of his beautiful bride. Papa Bong Soon cries when seeing his daughter in her wedding dress. Mama drools over her handsome son-in-law.
Oh and Gong arrives too. Oh punches Gong when he squeezes himself into Oh and Min Hyuk’s selfie. Muahahahah

Baek Tak and gang are invited too. Sporting sunglasses, they try to give angpow to the couple, citing it’s ‘clean money.’ Guk Doo’s arrival wipes out Min Hyuk’s smiley face as Min Hyuk begrudgingly taps his congratulatory hand.

At the altar, Papa passes Bong Soon’s hand to Min Hyuk as both looks like they are going to cry. Group picture sessions is hilarious with :

1. Mama slaps Oh Dol Pyung’s handsy hands away from Min Hyuk.
2. Baek Tak and minions recognize Bong Ki as their doctor.
3. Baek Tak and minions have photo taken with the couple, looking more like gang triad photo.
4. Oh Dol Pyung yells in protest when Min Hyuk kisses Bong Soon, throwing a flower decoration at them.
5. Bong Soon scoops up Min Hyuk into a bridal carry, as everyone gasp. Mama looks like she’s worry her son-in-law might get hurt.

It looks like months later, when Mama prays at a temple for Bong Soon to get a son, so that her precious son-in-law can sleep in peace. The buddha statue is the same as the one Bong Soon spun around years ago. Mama didn’t notice that the buddha statue smile? Revenge?

Next, the family are waiting anxiously at hospital as Bong Soon is in delivery room. Gyeongshim asks Mama if she’s sure it will be a boy, and Mama is confident it will be. Then the sound of baby crying rings and everyone celebrates.

Camera pans to Min Hyuk, now in his office, looking stunned as Secretary Gong wheezes how great it is to be a father of twin daughters. Min Hyuk mutters that he’s happy, then ponders about finding nannies for the girls.

Min Hyuk gives Baek Tak a call, who bellows in surprise that Bong Soon has daughters, plural. Turns out Min Hyuk has asks for Baek Tak’s minions to be nannies (only gangsters can stand the abuse). Sporting bruises, Jaws and Hyun Dong tries to feed the babies, only to get punched again.

Min Hyuk rushes in at their crying, as they tender resignations, citing they will rather fight a whole gang than to babysit the super girls. Left alone with his girls, he tries to feed them. He only lasted for seconds when he got a punched in his eye.

Meanwhile, Bong Soon is busy helping a man who is pinned under a tank at construction site. With bruised eyes, Min Hyuk calls Bong Soon who is irritated that he calls her when she’s working. He tells her the nannies had ran away and in a pitiful voice, What about me.. what should I do?”

In her pink hoodie, Bong Soon is on a rooftop and narrates, “I want to make the world better for our children.” The news billboard reports of terrorists taking hostages at COEX mall, and she jumps off the building to action.

“I am coming. I am Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

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