Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 15 Recap

Back at where we left off last week, Bong Soon is strapped down with the timed bomb counting down on her, crying out for Min Hyuk to leave to save himself. Our hero resigns to his fate, and tells her he will not leave, but will leave together with her, urges her not to cry.

Bong Soon cries out to the sky/universe to help her save Min Hyuk, That’s when the sky lights up and back at home, the Strengthpedia glows and Bong Soon, sensing her strength, breaks apart the chains, rushes out and just in time to throw the bomb high up to the sky. The bomb explodes like a firework displays and our lovers embrace in relief.

Down at the street, the anxious public cheers at the seemingly beautiful explosion/fireworks with the killer among them, looking stunned that he lose again to Bong Soon.

The night ends well, with Min Hyuk and Bong Soon leaving the building, and him spotting a bandaged hand. It pains Bong Soon to see his injured hand and his ruined shirt, so she promises to buy him new clothes when she gets his paycheck. Min Hyuk lights up at her offer (I think buying clothes is an expression of love in Korea?) then after a silent gaze, wants to suggest something to her. It was cut short by Bong Soon’s growling stomach and he nonchalantly suggests to go for food.

At a noodle house, Min Hyuk stares at her when she’s not looking, seemingly to have something to say to her. It is curtailed by a text from Papa Bong Soon (who seems to have got words about the incident) prompting her to go home ASAP. Min Hyuk agrees until Bong Soon mutters, “Should I not go home tonight?” and he chokes on his noodles.

Bong Soon muses aloud that he must be thinking about something right now, as he unsuccessfully denies, then complains it’s too warm.

They stop to buy something from the street and he dithers to say something, “Today, we should…”. But Papa chose the correct (wrong) timing to call, this time on Min Hyuk’s phone, urges them to come back home NOW. After a long suffering sigh, Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon home.

Bong Soon says goodbye to him, then takes his hand and with a soft voice, “Today is the happiest day in my life since I was born.”

Back at home, Min Hyuk ponders on the incident, when Bong Soon pleaded that he leaves the rooftop and knows that she’s trying to save him. Bong Soon is on her bed, thinking about the same matter, clearly touched by Min Hyuk’s willingness to sacrifice his life with her. All his promises – that he will protect her from the world is true. She hesitates to text him and tries to sleep.

Min Hyuk stands up awake because Bong Soon’s word about ‘not going home tonight’ replays in his mind, with each repetition getting slower and louder. He works off his raging hormone with running and sits up. that seem to work until Bong Soon’s provocative voice hovers in his mind again, “Should I….. not… go home.. tonight..?” It’s hilarious that he explicitly looks down at his feet (but not at his feet) then launches into sit-ups again. HAHA.

Still restless, Bong Soon rushes to Min Hyuk’s home and she explains that she is just missing him. Enough said, as he swiftly swoop in for a long kiss, then lifts her onto the piano to level, before they kiss again.

They meet each other at Ainsoft concourse in the morning and hold hands when Min Hyuk cryptically asks if she slept well the previous night. In the lift, they are deep in their affection – Bong Soon fusses over his injured hand, rearranges his hair as he lightly pinches her cheek, oblivious to Secretary Gong in there. The uncomfortable man announces his existence by coughing out, “Please stop.” The flabbergasted couple wonders when did he gets on the lift and Gong jokingly answers that he has been there since yesterday.

They spend a few seconds to inquire about his head (from killer’s knock on previous night) which is fine, then go right back into their PDA (public display of affection).

Secretary Gong informs that Oh Dol Pyung is at the hospital because he hurt his leg while trying hard to evacuate the building. Oh passes Gwangbok at the hospital corridor and both paused at each other. Oh wails out in terror while Gwangbok drools in disbelief.

A national manhunt is out for the killer as his wanted notice are distributed everywhere, complete with his photo and other possible disguises. Guk Doo’s team members think the ‘fact’ that Min Hyuk threw the bomb so high up in the sky is incredulous and Team Lead is vexed that the killer survived the cliff fall. He correctly deduces that the killer’s target is Bong Soon, not Min Hyuk.

At Ainsoft cafeteria, Guk Doo is getting updates from Bong Soon on yesterday’s incident. Bong Soon tells him that the killer knows about her super strength so he came up with the trap to disarm her power. Guk Doo is alarmed that she has lost her power, but she reassures him that she’s got it back after she prayed so desperately to save Min Hyuk’s life that night. Guk Doo looks dejected as he guesses that Min Hyuk had refused to leave Bong Soon despite the bomb strapped on her. He hugs Bong Soon and takes his leave, witnessed by the gaping Secretary Gong.

In his office, Min Hyuk is staring thoughtfully at killer’s wanted notice and instructs Secretary Gong to add a popup announcement of the killer in their games, even offers reward for anyone who reports seeing him.

Gong timidly blurts out about witnessing Bong Soon-Guk Doo hug, and Min Hyuk immediately jumps up in fury, then asks when, where and how? Hissing fire, he demands Gong to reenact how the jerk hugged his woman and as Min Hyuk poses as Bong Soon, Gong ekes out that he needs to bend more to simulate Bong Soon’s height. (Gosh, I’m dying from laughter.)

As he cradles the fire-glaring Min Hyuk into his arms, Oh Dol Pyung hobbles in. At the sight, he banshee-wails and proceed to attack Gong to the floor, then places his own head onto Min Hyuk’s chest. Min Hyuk reciprocates, stroking his hair gently BUT THIS IS ALL IN OH”S IMAGINATION. Back in reality, Oh throws off his jacket and stomps toward Gong, who grabs him out of the office, while Min Hyuk is left alone with his fuming.

At Baek Tak Development Corp, Jaws is uneasy about the hometown map he saw on the monk, wonders aloud if Baek Tak has ever did a background check. Baek Tak snares at them, cause Nizamuddin had cured him of a knife wound three years ago in Curry-bong-dong.

At the walnut shop, Mama is appalled to receive a run-away note by Papa, claims that he wants to find his own life, urging her not to look for him. Next we see Papa is camping in the woods and eating ramyeon contentedly. (“Hormones in The Room Woods?”)

Bong Soon can’t find Min Hyuk in his room and asks Gong, who sheepishly avoids her questioning. Still bearing grudges on Bong Soon’s chopstick bracelet, Oh screeches out her name in the pantry but cowers away when Bong Soon rushes in on hearing her name.

With light tone, Bong Soon offers to make his coffee, as Oh continues to hiss at her. In response, Bong Soon gives him another gift, in form of spoon bent into bracelet on him. She turns to walk out, just as Oh faints to the floor.

Our missing CEO is on the rooftop and after a short pondering, calls Guk Doo, requesting to meet him. Guk Doo has the same sentiment to meet him, and will text him the place and time. He hangs up his phone causing Min Hyuk to curse at his manners.

Bong Soon finds Min Hyuk, and suggests to lunch together. Instead, grumpy Min Hyuk pulls her to a seminar room, intends to berate her, when she launches into her aegyo, calling him “Min Hyuk shii”. A grin appears at a corner of his mouth, before he collects himself to continue.

Bong Soon tip-toes and plants a kiss on his face, then asks if she can call him “Min Min”. He slumps to the floor and turns into a honey bear, so when Bong Soon presses what is it that he wants to talk about, he chirps that the case is solved, it’s not like he had never hug a staff before.

The cute couple have their lunch in the cafeteria under Gong and Oh’s watchful eyes. Gong mocks Oh for wearing dining utensils bracelet like an African tribes. Oh squeaks out that Gong needs to explain about the hugging scene with Min Hyuk, and Gong explains that it was just a simulation, then pokes fun on him for being jealous, casually pinches Oh’s cheek as he do that.

Bong Soon hand-feeds Min Hyuk with a sandwich, sending a big grin on his face. He tells her that he will be meeting someone with ill manners after work.

Back at Min Hyuk office later, Secretary Gong is going over the list of model candidates to be the ambassador of their game with him. Gong points out to a model which Min Hyuk has always like for her pretty ‘long legs’. Bong Soon shoots dagger from her eyes and Min Hyuk, noticing the impending danger, turns the table around at Gong, citing that he had never like the model and insists on using a male model.

Still oblivious to Bong Soon’s glare, Secretary chimes in that he has never use a male model before, even quoting Min Hyuk’s “male model are expensive for nothing” line. Min Hyuk shuts him up with a knife-on-the-throat hand gesture and shoos him out.

Later, Min Hyuk meets Guk Doo are at a restaurant with both pouring soju for themselves, drinking while glaring at each other. Min Hyuk makes it clear to him that he and Bong Soon are now an item but Guk Doo interjects, offended with his banmal. Min Hyuk rebukes that he can use banmal too but Guk Doo retorts that, unlike Min Hyuk, he has manners.
GD : “Do you like BS?”

Min Hyuk repeats his question with incredulous tone, wonders aloud who he is to ask him that, then warns him to stay away from his girlfriend. Guk Doo grabs him by the collar and Min Hyuk follow suit, both agrees to take up the overdue fight.

Bong Soon arrives and surprised by their stances, and when Guk Doo announces that Bong Soon is there for him, Min Hyuk yells, “Who are you to meet her?”

Bong Soon has to break the fight and shoves them back to the chairs. She announces her intention to catch the killer together but a look at Min Hyuk’s face, decides that this is not the good time to talk about it. The boys (in unison) disallow her to drink, then Min Hyuk takes issue with Guk Doo again, for deciding for her girlfriend. It’s hilarious that they throw swear words at each other, censored by the springy sound effect. Poink! Bong Soon decides to just pour soju for the boys.

As expected, both boys ended intoxicated and Bong Soon has to carry them back to Min Hyuk’s house again. This time, she props Min Hyuk’s legs on Guk Doo instead. (HAHA. Change of status.)

Next morning, Bong Soon and Bong Ki are shocked by Mama’s announcement that Papa had ran away and denies Bong Soon’s accusation that she had hit him.

Min Hyuk wakes up, well tucked on his bed with his jacket and socks off, nicely folded by the bedside. He smiles at his clean bare feet and promptly checks on Guk Doo in the living room. He relishes on seeing Guk Doo lying disheveled on his sofa without a blanket, with his socks still on.

Enters Bong Soon and he prances over to greet her. Noticing the somber mood, he asks what’s wrong with his baby and she informs him about Papa. Later she cooks hangover breakfast for them and again, Guk Doo thanks her for the food, ignoring Min Hyuk’s protest that he should thank him for eating HIS FOOD.

Bong Soon repeats her intention to catch the killer and need their help.

Meanwhile, at the safe house, killer rages at his wanted notice and failure to kill Bong Soon.

Back at our trio, they are still ironing out Bong Soon’s suggestion as both are reluctant to work with each other, calling each other jerk, until Bong Soon threatens to do it by herself. They promptly yell out a no, then after a short glaring, agree to help, with the condition that Bong Soon will never act alone.

They theorize that killer will try to attack her again, but Guk Doo makes a point that he can’t roam freely now with his picture all over the place. Guk Doo reasons that he will use cargo boat as his easiest escape route and Min Hyuk calls Baek Tak to roll him in as informant. To corner killer into tighter space, Bong Soon calls her school minions too, requests them to upload killer’s photo onto their popular blog.

Indeed, the killer has difficulty moving around the city without getting recognized. He heads to a shoddy metal workshop (which is actually an underground gun dealer) and buys a sniper rifle. Apparently, Baek Tak has spread the word to report to him if any of underground dealers/brokers comes across the killer. The gun dealer reports him to Baek Tak after the killer leaves.

Baek Tak receives the news that killer will board on a cargo ship and reports back Min Hyuk, even tells him about the rifle purchase.

Killer has problem buying groceries as he flees after a shopkeeper recognizes him. The trio deduces that killer will snipe Bong Soon then immediately get on his boat. Sensing the killer will call Bong Soon, Guk Doo lays out his plan to have her lure him to a chosen place, by hurting his pride, because he will never stand a girl looking down at him.

Mama is having a bad time handling the walnut shop, as a customer demands for a refund on her egg tarts, which she had conveniently eaten most of them. She refuses to refund, and is so ready to fight the customer, until Min Hyuk strides in. She immediately apologizes to the customer and pays the refund.

Mama and gangs sits him down, then drool over him. Min Hyuk annuonces his attention to help bring Papa home but Mama chimes that it’s her way of giving her husband independence, as  distance makes the heart grow fonder. She gathers her courage and and meekly asks for Min Hyuk’s birthdate, and he guesses that this is to check their relationship’s fortune. He agrees to it.

He too, would like to know the result, but chimes in if the result is not good.. he encourages Mama to continue to have fortune told by different shamans until they receive a good result. This sends the ladies to cheer excitedly.

At home, Bong Soon writes on her Strengthpedia, noting how she had saved the brides and Gyeongshim, and now she vows to catch the killer once and for all.

The killer finally takes his action, as he watches Bong Soon walking into Ainsoft from a distance, then calls her to chide her lovely mood.

Bong Soon suggests that they meet but he refuses, until Bong Soon mocks him for being scared of her, then suggests to meet at the construction site and hangs up on him. She discusses with Min Hyuk and he worries about making her the bait, but she manages to convince him that she will be alright.

At night, Bong Soon arrives at the construction site and we see that Min Hyuk and Guk Doo are already staked-out at the place. Bong Soon stops at an open space, awaiting for the killer to take his shot. (Seriously, I hate this idea.)

The killer is already on the rooftop, aims at Bong Soon and takes his shot. Bong Soon falls to the ground as Guk Doo spots him at the rooftop and gives chase. Min Hyuk runs to Bong Soon before he too, tears into the building to search for killer. The killer escapes in his car, so they continue their chase to the cargo port.

Min Hyuk drives up to the port and starts tracing him with his drone, while giving Guk Doo instruction to chase the killer. When they finally get him to the designated corner, Min Hyuk yells out a signal and containers were pushed around, trapping killer enclosed. Bong Soon emerges as the killer shocked that she’s still alive.

Turns out Bong Soon had worn a high-edge bullet proof vest and merely pretended to die (isn’t it lucky that the killer had aimed at her abdomen instead of head?).

Bong Soon takes out walnuts from her pocket and throw-shoots at him, injuring his leg. Killer limps out from a corner as Guk Doo and Min Hyuk are already waiting for him there. They calmly let him pass as Bong Soon follows behind him, then tosses a wooden crate at him, trapping him inside.

As the killer tries in vain to move the crate of him, Bong Soon silently narrates that Kim Jang Hyun finally gets a taste of imprisonment and will be imprisoned for the rest of his lives. The trio marches out triumphly, just as police force arrives.

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