Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 14 Recap

Rollercoaster, random, call it what you want but this is what we get in this episode. Just buckle up and prepare for insane giggles, giddiness, heart-attack, plenty of tears and uncontrollable swooning.. On top of it, enjoy the fashion show brought to us by yours truly – Ahn Min Hyuk CEO-nim.

Episode 14 Recap :

Pick up where we left off, Guk Doo arrives at the fight aftermath and seeing the killer gets into his car, he fires a warning shot. Killer is undettered and they stare at each other for a moment as the killer steps on the gas towards Guk Doo. Guk Doo aims for a shot that hit killer’s shoulder before he rolls out from the car’s path. Guk Doo chases after him in his car, and as they maneuver a corner, the killer narrowly avoids an incoming car and crashes into a river.

Guk Doo is horrified by the outcome, and flashes his light at the river, trying to trace killer but the car has sink so fast, leaving only the roof visible. Police arrives at the scene and Gyeongshim and the injured security guard are loaded into ambulance, while another batch of police fish-out the empty car and scour the river bank for killer’s body. (wait.. they assume he’s dead?). Guk Doo is still disturbed and stares at the water.

Bong Soon and Min Hyuk are nowhere to be seen at the scene, for he has bring the unconscious Bong Soon home, and sends a text to Guk Doo. After all, Bong Soon’s presence at the crime scene will be questionable.

Meanwhile, Papa Bong Soon paces at home, anxiously waiting for Bong Soon to come home. Min Hyuk thought of calling him, to tell him that Bong Soon is safely with him, just that she’s asleep. Papa Bong Soon senses something is wrong and Min Hyuk admits, but assures him that everything is fine now. Papa adds on that he trusts Min Hyuk before they hang up.

Having overheard the conversation, Bong Ki offers a beer to Papa and they have a talk. Papa is relief that Min Hyuk is a good man, Bong Ki interjects that he is more like a savior. Papa laments how he had always worry about Bong Soon, will she gets into trouble or hurt because of her strength.

Bong Ki then admits that the reason he went to medical school, is to help her sister find a ‘cure’ to her strength. Papa wonders aloud if Bong Soon will be able to live a normal, and Bong Ki assures him that she will. Bong Ki claims himself as Bong Soon’s oppa (since they are only a few seconds age gap).

Finally roused from her sleep, Bong Soon finds Min Hyuk’s sleeping face, just inches from her on the sofa. She almost touches his face but decided to get up. Min Hyuk senses her and catches her into his arm. They gaze at each other and in a heartbreaking tone, Min Hyuk: “Please look at me.”

Bong Soon : “I am looking at you.”

Min Hyuk : “Please love me.”

Bong Soon : “I am loving you.”

Min Hyuk : “You are like a tiny peanut, I can keep you in my heart. But I don’t think I am in your heart.”

Bong Soon : “You are. (in my heart)”

Min Hyuk : “I love you.”


Then he pulls her into a long overdue hug.

Next morning, Mama is on cloud nine to find Bong Soon’s not in her room, correctly deduces that she had spent the night with Min Hyuk. Bong Ki confirms her theory but adds on that something seems to have happened. Right on time, Mama’s phone rings and it is Gyeongshim on the other end. Mama chirps how she had not heard from her in a while, and Gyeongshim then weeps profusely.

Min Hyuk wakes up to find Bong Soon gone. She is sitting in the kitchen, pondering about her lost strength, then makes a futile attempt to juice an apple with her bare hands. Min Hyuk sees her and Bong Soon’s effort to hide her sadness did not escape his eyes.

He tells her Gyeongshim is fine and will return to Do residence, as she does not want to stay in the hospital. Min Hyuk wants to console her but decides to change into his nagging self, reprimands her for acting rashly. He understands when Bong Soon wants to go back home to see Gyeongshim, but not before he blends the apple juice for her (is the juicer product placement?). He repeats her philosophy of eating an apple in the morning keeps them healthy.

Down at police station, Guk Doo is having a hard time to type his case report, just as Team Lead walks in and is skeptical that Min Hyuk alone saves Gyeongshim. Guk Doo avoids answering but mutters that he will take care of it.

The Do family are now waiting anxiously for Gyeongshim’s return from the hospital, and Mama bemoans that Bong Soon had kept Gyeongshim’s abduction from them. When Gyeongshim is finally escorted back by the police, and Mama hugs her tightly and cries. Mama fusses about her getting skinnier and insists to cook for her before she leaves for Busan.

Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon home and she’s worry about the injured security guard, but he tells her he will see to it. He tells her to take care of Gyeongshim before adding in, that she should take care of him too.

The girls finally reunite and they hug tightly and sob. Gyeongshim is alarmed to know that she had lost strength. Bong Soon laments how she used to wish that her strength will be gone but now that she had lost it, she feels strange. But she convinces Gyeongshim that she will be alright.

The family are at the dining table as Mama chastises Bong Soon for keeping the matter secret, and hit her hard on the back. She cries out that it hurts and walks away. They are bewildered until Gyeongshim explains that Bong Soon’s strength has gone.

After Gyeongshim left with police escort to Busan, Mama sits Bong Soon down and consoles her like a mother should do, narrates her past experience of losing strength. She says she will feel empty for some time but she will adjusts soon, implores her to continue on with her life like normal. Mama : “From now on, I will look after you, Bong Soon”. She explains that she always looked after Bong Ki, because the daughters in their family took all the power, leaving all the men weak. As with all Bong Soon’s uncles, Bong Ki was a sickly child and she felt bad for him.

Both mother and daughter have a heartfelt moment until Mama starts to badger her about her sleepover at Min Hyuk’s. (Mama’s got her priority, right?)

Next day, Bong Soon is on her way to work when a man accidentally knocks her down. She thinks back the time when she had her strength – she walked the dark lane at night, protected herself and helped an old lady pushed her carts. She arrives at Ainsoft lobby and stares at Chronicles of Albertine’s female warrior and salutes a goodbye to her.

Min Hyuk is not in his office to greet her and she sits down dejectedly, her mother’s advice rings in her ears – to continue with what she had been doing. Bong Soon sets to work on her Super Girl Bong Soon, and and decides to draw a key on the super girl. She sighs a relief upon seeing Min Hyuk’s text, that he’s in the hospital and the innocent guard is alright.

At the hospital, Bong Ki un-bandages Gwangbok and finds the cause of his itchy butt – one of the bandage got stuck in there.

Ever petty, Oh Dol Pyung instructs Bong Soon to move ten boxes of paper, and as she sets out to move the papers, he pulls the just-arrived Min Hyuk and Secretary Gong to witness her super strength. However, when they peek into the utility room, Bong Soon is painstakingly moving the boxes, one by one. Secretary Gong berates Oh for bullying Bong Soon, as the concerned Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon’s hand to leave.

They relocate to the rooftop. He tenderly asks her if she is okay, she truthfully says no, but is happy that now she has Mama’s support. In his light tone, Min Hyuk wishes to date like normal couples, now that Gyeongshim is safe and the killer is dead (hold on to that, man). Min Hyuk: “No matter you are special or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I only want you to be happy.” Then, he chirps that she can trust ‘this Oppa’ to do all the heavy lifting and even offers to open all the jam jars she wants.

Bong Soon raises her eyebrows at the mention of ‘Oppa’, and wheezes that she knows they are of same age. Min Hyuk is dumbfounded for a moment, then explodes that Guk Doo must had told her. “This is why we can never trust police!

Turns out, it was a trap by Bong Soon, who had suspicion on his age, but Min Hyuk insists that she calls him oppa anyway, citing his more mature nature. Bong Soon doesn’t care but requests to speak banmal with him, as they are same-age friends. Between annoyed and amused, he asks her to go ahead, then turns to leave until she calls out, “Min Hyuk-ahhh”, sending a big grin over his face.

Baek Tak is officiating his redevelopment plan and chant-happy about his 20% profit that it is going to bring. Jaws receives a call from high monk, inviting them for a bathhouse session.

Mama discusses with her friends at walnut shop, grumbling about the redevelopment plan, even regretting healing Baek Tak with her poop wine. Mama Guk Doo strides in and orders some walnut to make porridge for Guk Doo. That’s when Mama Bong Soon casually tells her that she refuse to sell to her, but Papa jumps to her defense. He declares that he is the owner and even berates Mama Bong Soon for always hanging around. Mama Bong Soon is stunned by his outburst and if looks could kill, Papa will be dead many times over. He cowers away in fear when she stands up.

As Min Hyuk is mentoring Bong Soon over her villain character design, gives it a harsher eyebrows, then both wonders why is the character looks familiar. With an impeccable timing, enters Secretary Gong and they both gasp at his face (which looks exactly like the character.). HAHA.

Bong Soon and Min Hyuk are dating on the street and buy some Royce chocolate. She teases him with a chocolate, offers one to him only to put it into her mouth instead. She offers another one to him, but he has his payback – a kiss on her lips then bite on the chocolate.

At the bathhouse date, Baek Tak asks for latest gossip about Bong Soon and Jaws reports that Bong Soon is currently dating Min Hyuk. Baek Tak is shocked, then smile deviously that Min Hyuk will have ‘difficult’ time. Nizamuddin wakes up from his nap and demands Jaws to scratch his back, citing his worsening atopic skin diseases. Baek Tak makes a meaningful glance at Jaws, prompting him to comply. As he lifts up the monk’s shirt, he sees a tattoo (ok, it actually looks like a child’s scribble with pen), of a map with caption “My hometown” which looks like Jeju island, instead of India.

Police are still scouring the river bank and find killer’s jacket. At station, Team Lead and team believes that he is dead, judging from the height he fell, but Guk Doo is apprehensive.

At home, Mama Bong Soon confronts Papa and wants a divorce, even tells him to just go and live with Mama Guk Doo. Papa chides that she will regret, but she retorts that she can’t live with a lewd man like him. Bong Soon tries to stop them from fighting, and is pushed to the floor, they check on her for a second, then continue their quarrel again.

Now alone in her room room, she is back to her solemn self and takes out a Strengthpedia, which is blank. Min Hyuk’s text arrives to save her mood, reminds her about their picnic on tomorrow.

The next morning, she’s busy-happy in her kitchen, preparing a lunchbox, then takes great care to pick her outfit, blushing and chanting the name “Min Min”.

Min Hyuk awaits her outside, and is totally smitten by her in a purple dress. At the park, Min Hyuk lay his head on her lap as she gazes at his face, then lifts up her hand to block the sunlight from his face. (Am I seeing Hwarang here?). She opens the lunchbox and cries out that her love shape (made from green peas) are ruined, but Min Hyuk immediately fixes it for her (which is still a loopsided love). He chomps on the food while complimenting her cooking.

All is not that good for the killer, as he staggers to his safe house. Next we finds him reading the latest news on Min Hyuk with an ominous look, then gives himself a new haircut.

Guk Doo calls Bong Soon to check on her, then requests to meet up. Bad omen or what, Bong Soon’s cup falls onto the floor.

Killer did an alarmingly good job at hairstyling and poses as a reporter, who wrote the article about Min Hyuk. The reception guy informs him that Min Hyuk is not available to meet him but killer manages to manipulate his way, citing a follow up interview.

He passes Guk Doo at the lifts, who is there to meet Bong Soon and Guk Doo recognizes him, calls out his name. They fight but the killer grabs a woman as hostage and retreats into a lift. Guk Doo immediately calls Min Hyuk to tell him the killer is making his way up. Min Hyuk orders for a lockdown of the building and promptly heads back to his office to check on Bong Soon, telling her of the impending danger.

Killer’s voice hovers over the intercom system, challenging Min Hyuk to a game – catch him in 15 minutes or he will blow up the building. Min Hyuk entrusts Secretary Gong to watch over Bong Soon and heads out. Both he and Guk Doo reaches the broadcast room and release the tied-up staffs. Min Hyuk makes an emergency announcement on the intercom to evacuate everyone in the building.

Hearing the evacuation warning, Secretary Gong escorts Bong Soon but was knocked out by the killer, who chloroforms Bong Soon and shoulder-carries her away.

Min Hyuk orders to shut down the power but killer had made his way to the rooftop and chains Bong Soon to a big pipe. Guk Doo finds the unconscious Secretary Gong and calls Min Hyuk to inform him. Min Hyuk turns on his tracker and traces it to the rooftop, where killer tapes a timed bomb on Bong Soon.

Min Hyuk reaches the rooftop and calls out for Bong Soon, as the killer chained the entrance to Bong Soon’s captive space and slips away.

Guk Doo catches sight of killer but he is distracted by a musical box with beeping sound in it. Min Hyuk notices the chained doors and tries to break them down. Bong Soon wakes up to his calling, and begs Min Hyuk to leave, as the timed bomb counts down on her.

Guk Doo’s bomb explodes first, but it’s a dummy bomb.

After exhausting all his energy and bleeding, Min Hyuk collapses to the ground, still refuses to leave. In his fading voice, he tries to comfort her by calling her name.

Min Hyuk : “Where would I go?

Bong Soon : “Please go… please go…”

Min Hyuk : “I’m not going to leave you alone. Let’s go together. Bong Soon ahhh.. don’t cry.”

Bong Soon : “Please go, there’s not much time left.”

Min Hyuk : “You really don’t listen to me. I am not going to leave you alone. I will stay next to you. Don’t be afraid.”

At that moment, Bong Soon wails out prayers to help her save that person.

As if the universe heard her, a light shines in the sky and her Strength-pedia lights up in her cabinet at home. Finally, she feels her strength back and breaks the chains, bursts through the door and throws the bomb high up into the sky.

It explodes (like fireworks?) and Min Hyuk embraces her.

Afterthoughts :

I sometimes wonder if the drama is written by two different writers instead. At certain point she was so detailed as to follow up with the injured security guard and the fact that Gyeongshim is finally escorted in a police car to Busan for safety purpose. Then, she throws us randomness with explosives turns romantic fireworks?

I could continue to list the randomness but maybe her strength is in romance department, cause she really writes swoon-worthy dialogues.  The heartfelt exchange between Min Hyuk and Bong Soon on the sofa scene, and the heart-wrenching (almost turned goodbye notes) pleas on the roof top? We screamed, we wailed, we felt and we smiled along with Bong Soon and Min Hyuk. This is the first time in watching k-drama, that I wish for more OTP instead of plot. So… less killer, more OTP, please…..

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