Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 13 Recap

Prepare yourself for a major heartache, cause my heart had been turned inside out gutted my precious memories of our OTP, which had only lasted for one episode last week. This episode we will learn how many things could have been avoided if everyone just take a step back and re-think before they move.

Episode 13 Recap :

Bong Soon tears into Min Hyuk’s mansion and frantically begs him to help her find Gyeongshim as she believes he can find anyone. Min Hyuk is apprehensive about her next move if he manages to find Gyeongshim and the killer. However, Bong Soon didn’t registers his question but continue to gasp out information about killer – Kim Jang Hyun and runs a junkyard.

Both Min Hyuk and Bong Soon seem to be on a different plane of thoughts – Min Hyuk has his priority that Bong Soon do not act alone, while Bong Soon wants to save Gyeongshim no matter what it takes. Min Hyuk can only calms her by stating that Gyeongshim will be safe (for now) as the killer wants to collect brides. Bong Soon crumples into his chest, crying.

At police station, Guk Doo finally has his missing piece of killer’s modus operandi – killer’d gone after skinny tall women but changed his target demographic, once police recognizes his victimology, starting with Gyeongshim. But Gyeongshim kidnapping was twarthed by Bong Soon, the killer holds grudge and obssessed with revenging himself.

Meanwhile, Min Hyuk theorizes – Hee Ji is just a decoy wand the killer’s target had always been Gyeongshim, because she is Bong Soon’s best friend. Bong Soon is still locked in her mental self, Min Hyuk reminds her not to act alone, then fastens the necklace (with tracker) on her while thinking to himself, hoping she will realise how much she meant to him. He promises to handle the matter but he will have to send her home first.

Devastated, Bong Soon can only sit at home in haze, and as Min Hyuk makes his way home, he chants the name Kim Jang Hyun and the junkyard, thoughtfullly.

Morning comes, and the police (finally) have background information of junkyard staff and Kim Jang Hyun. Junkyard staff has been living a solitary life with his aged mother while the killer is on a more colorful rap sheet, killed someone through an arson and was sent to juvenile prison. (Ain’t that a great start for a pyschopath career?). Even the killer’s supposedly business travel to Africa was fabricated, meaning the staff had been covering for his boss all along.

Given the lack of search warrant, Team Lead suggests to stake out at the killer’s home, but Guk Doo still has his hunch on the junkyard. Team Lead agrees to let him re-investigate the junkyard, then continues to delegate tasks to other team members. Before he knows it, Guk Doo has already make his way out. Team Lead: “He’s so fast, no one can beat him in Asia.” (Guk Doo is Chon Song Yi?)

Bong Soon has been kneel-sleeping by the bedside and wakes up by her alarm clock. She prepares for work dejectedly and at the same time, Min Hyuk is awake by his alarm too. He seems to have worked all night, tracking something on his computers.

At the sight of her handphone, Bong Soon is reminded of Gyeongshim again and inadvertently rewatches the killer’s video. With seconds of clearer mind, she catches on the background sound of metal welding and reminds of junkyard staff doing that on the previous night.

Min Hyuk is already in Ainsoft, and still tracking on this computer intently while Secretary Gong is perplexed by Bong Soon’s absence on her game presentation day.

One of the gangster is reading a poem at the hospital ward with Jaws preparing to discharge himself, which Bong Ki gives in when Jaws promises to follow his prescriptions. Gwangbok’s incoherent spluterring about his itchy butt was ignored by Bong Ki. Even the other gangsters brushes him aside and continue with the poem they are reading.

Turns out the poem book was published by none other than Baek Tak himself, as he is launching into writing a new poem at the temple. Disinterested with Baek Tak’s poetic ranting, he wants to borrow Baek Tak’s car to run an errand, complains that Baek Tak had diminished his curry supply.

Bong Soon is on her way to the junkyard and ignores Secretary Gong’s text, about her approaching presentation. She arrives at the junkyard and asks the staff, who now seems to be in delirious state, about Gyeongshim’s whereabout. Getting no answer, she ransacks the place, displaces the heavy cars easily.

Killer is down in the lair, watches Bong Soon’s strength display and he is not prepared that she is THAT powerful. Bong Soon finally notices the container entrance and steps in.

At the same time, Min Hyuk’s hard work pays off as he finally succeed in getting a 3D scan of the junkyard and dungeon. He couldn’t get his call through to Bong Soon and he immediately tracks Bong Soon’s necklace to the junkyard too, and storms out.

The tunnel seems to take forever to its ends, as the killer grabs Gyeongshim and carries her away through the other entrance. Finally found the lair, Bong Soon pulls off the cage doors to release the brides, although her incredible strength momentarily shocks them.

Their make-away is thwarted by the junkyard staff who starts a fire on killer’s instruction, sending devastating explosion into the tunnel. Miraculously, they survived the explosion as Bong Soon leads them out to safety, then begs the worker again to tell her Gyeongshim’s whereabout. The incoherent worker waddles away just as Guk Doo arrives to arrest him.

Seeing no longer possible to catch killer of Gyeongshim there, Bong Soon slips away from the junkyard (now swarmed with police force) and Min Hyuk arrives in his car. No words were exchanged, as Bong Soon gets in his car and they drive away with sombre expressions.

They relocate to a quiet place and Min Hyuk finally lashes out, how he had kept reminding her not to act alone but Bong Soon can only whispers a weak sorry, before she breaks down, realising she’s nowhere nearer to rescuing Gyeongshim.

The police and forensics inspect the lair when they discover the shocking monitor room with victim-photo-frames.
The rescued victims and the crime is now all over the news and the reporters gone wild, chasing after Guk Doo’s team for more headlines. Team Lead is taking statement from the victims and wonders how they could escape from the explosions.

Our puppy couple are at their respective home – Bong Soon staring at Gyeongshim’s mirror in tears and Min Hyuk vents his agony at the punchbag. Not aware that Gyeongshim was kidnapped, Mama Bong Soon reminds Bong Soon to tell Gyeongshim to stay put in Busan, not knowing she had already fall as victim.

Bong Soon meets up with Guk Doo to show the threat video, then both argue about reporting to the police, as Bong Soon do not want to endanger Gyeongshim’s life. Turns out they met in Ainsoft Café and Min Hyuk catches sight of them

Upset about Bong Soon bottling up everything from him, he pulls her to the library and gasps out his frustrations. He knows everything about her and knows he shouldn’t stop her and cannot stop her from walking into a trap. But he is going insane at the thought of her confronting the killer by herself.

Min Hyuk : “I do not know I would love you that much.”

Bong Soon tightens her fist, determined to exclude Min Hyuk from the impending danger and proposes a breakup, tells him to live his live comfortably.

Bong Soon stomps away before pausing to glance at his back, laments how Min Hyuk will be in danger staying by her side. And in Min Hyuk’s mind, he decides that he will not lose his love one, the second time again.

Guk Doo in his best judgement, confesses to his Team Lead of our heroine’s supernatural strength and the killer already knows that. Guk Doo adds that Gyeongshim is a tool for the killer to take revenge on Bong Soon.

Mama Bong Soon is chirping with her friends on the street and catches sight of Mama Guk Doo strolling together, all smily. Mama Bong Soon loses no time to confront them, to which Mama Guk Doo articulate about a community event they had just attended, and wonder why Mama & gang didn’t know about it. All the while, Papa quivers in fear and tries to eke out his explanation as Mama Bong Soon wields her umbrella threateningly.

Mama Guk Doo prances away but sprints back in to defend Papa Bong Soon when Mama Bong Soon hits him with her umbrella. Mama Guk Doo basically calls her a vulgar and saunters away as Papa continues to face Mama Bong Soon’s wrath.

Chief Police is all-over-himself about the 3 rescued brides, even inviting reporters to flock into his station for interview. Disgusted with his blithe, Team Lead squeks at the reporters that this is not the time to celebrate as the killer is still at large, even shooing the Chief Police out.

At walnut shop, Mama Bong Soon is still furious while downing ice water to put off her fire. Her friends are being the good consultants, reason that they wouldn’t be out in the open if they are indeed having an affair. Mama Bong Soon is still skeptical and takes issue on having a good looking man as a husband. The friends beg to differ, mutter carefully that Papa Bong Soon is not ‘that good looking’ and Mama starts to defend his charm, narrates that he looks good in wrestling singlet. HAHA.

Guk Doo interviews Bride No 2, who has not information to offer, except she recalls a faint music box sound whenever killer comes into the lair. Meanwhile at Bride No 1’s ward, the bride asks about the ‘angel’ who saved them but the police is confounded.

Clearly affected by his mood, Min Hyuk rages at Secretary Gong about their press conference for new game launch. Before Gong leaves the room, Min Hyuk asks him to look for Bong Soon, who is missing from her desk.

Gong reports back to Min Hyuk that Bong Soon is in the pantry and Min Hyuks stomps out to find her. He tells her to have her meal, remarks that she won’t have the energy to save Gyeongshim if she starves herself, but she still refuses. Min Hyuk leaves in anger but when he’s alone in the café, he searches for ‘fiery chicken feet’ (Bong Soon’s favourite).

On a totally unconnected storyline, Jaws and Hyun Dong are back at the temple, trying to persuade Baek Tak to return to the ‘material’ world. They found their chairman nodding off but when woken up, he insists that he is meditating, even flips a yoga move. He launches into his speech about life, is like, no surprise, .. poop.

Right at the moment, Jaws receive a call with good news – the redevelopment plan has came through and Baek Tak squeaks about their earnings in millions, swiftly rushes out and instructs them to pack his belongings.

The school bullies squander their youth away again in the PC café, then decided to open the jar of poop wine, believing it is some kind of wonderous drug. It filled the café with immense stink, causing uproar from the every one in there.

Jaws and Hyun Dong are left with the task to pack Baek Tak’s belonging, when high monk walks in and spiels that they should visit the sauna together. He gives them his sauna discount coupons then insists to have Jaws’ business card, in case they back out.

Somewhere on a busy street, an elderly man pickpockets a handphone from a man and passes it to the killer in exchange for cash.

At Ainsoft, Bong Soon agonizes about Gyeongshim when she receives call from an unknown number. It is the killer and he snides about her immense strength, noting that Bong Soon had detered his marriage(s) (by saving his 3 brides), then taunts Bong Soon to meet him.

The junkyard worker is still being interrogated but his mind had deteriorated with the long term use of drugs. On the other side of the interrogation room, Guk Doo feels uneasy when Team Lead notes his hunch that killer will take action tonight.

Min Hyuk misses Bong Soon in his office and he left a bag of fiery chicken feet on her desk. A little later, Bong Soon walks in and misses Min Hyuk too, decides to take leave from work by leaving a note for Min Hyuk. She sees the pack of chicken feet and holds back her tears.

Killer is hiding at a countryside home with Gyeongshim locked up in a storage. Min Hyuk walks into his office and notices that Bong Soon had taken the food and the notes she left on his table.

At home, Bong Soon prepares herself and awaits for the killer’s intruction. She found a note in the pack of food from Min Hyuk : “Whatever you say or think, my feeling is still the same.”

Bong Soon finally receives the location text from killer and rushes out. Guk Doo is alone at the empty police station and is vexed at unable to reach Bong Soon’s phone. Min Hyuk’s phone beeps and he immediately knows Bong Soon has headed out, and he storms out while calling Guk Doo, urging him to come along.

Bong Soon arrives at an empty construction site and killer’s voice suddenly hovers over the site, chuckling about how pretty she looks. She spots Gyeongshim tied right below an elevator path and an incoming elevator, as the killer’s voice continue to chuckles, “Here I come.”

Bong Soon swoops in and blocks the elevator from crushing onto Gyeongshim who screams frantically in her other arm. Bong Soon manages to toss the elevator away and the supposed killer is flung out along with it. Gyeongshim gasps out that the man is not the killer and Bong Soon rushes over to inspect the man and turns out, he is an innocent security guard who was tied up by the killer.

Killer steps out from darkness and beats Gyeongshim senseless, Bong Soon stands up but collapsed to the ground with dizziness. Black smokes dissipates from her body and at her home, the collection of Strength-pedia lights out.
With her strength gone, Bong Soon can barely stand up and staggers toward the killer who is now holding a gun.

Killer is confirm that her strength is gone and raises his gun towards her, as she tries to wrestle it off from him, in vain. He laughs and mocks that it is no fun and he had even prepared a gun to fight her, then chokes her by her neck.

Min Hyuk arrives, hollers at the killer to let Bong Soon go and fight him. Killer flungs Bong Soon away and as he is about to point his gun at Min Hyuk, Min Hyuk knocks it away and they engage in barehanded fight. Min Hyuk overpowers him but killer manages to rush to his car, as he senses his impending lose.

Guk Doo arrives at the entrance and fires a warning shot as killer gets into his car and aims to run over Guk Doo. Guk Doo fires a shot at him, injuring his shoulder but it is not enough to thwart his escape.

Min Hyuk rushes to half-conscious Bong Soon and desperately calls for her, and she passes out soon after, her hand falls away from him. Min Hyuk cries out in agony.


Bong Soon ahhh… at this moment unni just want to grab your shoulders and shake you to your senses. You had barely gave Min Hyuk half a day to help you, and you rushes out without telling him? Do you know you are bringing Gyeongshim closer to her death. Seriously… girl.. think before you act!

And the noble idiocy that you pulled on Min Hyuk? Why did it at all when you know he won’t change his heart. At one point I truly believe that Min Hyuk loves her more than she loves him. 1000% more.

I had totally forgot about the idiocy of the police force here, until they finally brought up information about Kim Jang-Hyun. I am horrendously perplexed at how they had never thought to pull out the data on junkyard owner, who had evaded their questioning many times. If the rap sheet was known earlier, they will have easily pinpoint him as the killer, won’t they? IF ONLY…

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