Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12 Recap :

We got on few minutes back on time machine, and see our puppy couple dating at a noodles shop recommended by Min Hyuk in last episode. Min Hyuks tries a dating tactic –exchanging their bowls of noodles, but Bong Soon is not impressed and takes back her own noodle, wondering how many women had he dated with this tactic. He defends that this is the first time he shares noodles with a woman, but seeing how she is not buying it, he corrected his statement to; he mostly dated non-Asians, globally and they don’t eat noodles. YAYA.

Bong Soon traps him, repeats his claims that he never have the time to date because of his busy work. He concurs only to have Bong Soon backfires at him – Papa Ahn had already spilled the bean about his serial-dating history. Turning the story to his advantage, he yaks that he had to return to South Korea during high school, because the girls are fighting over him in US. (Point taken – he’s too charming.)

Hearing Bong Soon calling him Mr CEO, he sulks and complains how Bong Soon still calls him that, despite their relationship. At the very least, they should have nickname for each other when off-working hour. She denies their ‘relationship’ and they are ‘not even dating’.

Not easily outsmarted, Min Hyuk launches into a loud announcement that they had done everything together and there are only a few things left, while embarrassed Bong Soon tries to silent him. Min Hyuk: “Omo.. your idea of dating must be very different. You must be so open-minded!” and he crosses his arms over his chest, as if protecting his chastity. (Nice play..)

Mama Bong Soon is counting the earnings while Papa Bong Soon gets ready to close the shop for. Papa worries about Bong Soon but Mama is suspicious of the amount of money, turns around, only to notice “Hormone in the Room” (Mama Guk Doo’s novel) on the counter. Needless to say, she glares laser at Papa who claims to empathize with the protagonist in the story. In the end, Papa had to grab the book and defends it from Mama’s destroy-the-book wrath.

At the dark street, a bus stops and Gyeongshim disembarks with her luggage, seemingly to have just arrived from Busan. The bad news is, the killer is already watching her from the opposite road and proceeds to follow her. He navigates very well along the dark lanes, surprises Gyeongshim from a corner and knocks her unconscious.

Meanwhile, Hee Jin is just a subterfuge to throw Guk Doo and team off his trail, as her ‘stalker’ disappears into the night, while the real killer is holding Gyeongshim now, leaving her luggage and wristwatch on the lane.

Min Hyuk escorts Bong Soon home and they have the cutest moment arguing who should walk away first.

A homeless man passes by and picks up Gyeongshim’s luggage and wristwatch, so now no one is aware of her kidnapping.

Down at the police station, the police are perturbed at the failure of their baiting scheme. One of them asks Guk Doo if Hee Jin is/was his girlfriend and when he replies yes, another police wonders how the killer would know that to aim at her. They realize the killer had brought them on a merry-go-round, from Dobong-dong to Hanam-dong.

In the killer’s car, Gyeongshim is crying frantically as the killer turns on his radio and eavesdrops on the police. He shouts at Gyeongshim to shut up.

The policemen are working hard and someone mentions how the killer seems to be always one step ahead of them, Guk Doo’s brain finally churns as he remembers seeing radio parts in the killer’s office.

Team Lead and another detective are watching the junkyard staff and he speculate that the man must know something. He wheezes to the detective to check on killer’s phone location, but it was turned off.

Seems like the killer’s lair has a different entrance, as he loads Gyeongshim into it with alarming ease. He tosses her onto the bed, then unties her hand. As she tries to crawl away from him, he yells out Bong Soon’s name, causing Gyeongshim to pause for a moment. Then he demands that she begs for forgiveness with her untied hands.

Killer is back to above-ground and tosses Gyeongshim’s phone beside him and within minutes, he receives a text from Bong Soon, chirping about Min Hyuk. A sinister idea comes to him, as he texts back how (he) she is jealous about Bong Soon’s super strength. Bong Soon, without suspicion, text back how she had always worry she might hurt someone, even once considered throwing her strength away by deliberately hurting someone innocent. Killer texts back to re-confirm the ‘hurting someone innocent to lose power’ theory and Bong Soon finds it weird but she brushes it off.

Guk Doo rummages around the police station as his team looks on. He explains his suspicion on the killer’s motive to visit the police station as witness. – set up bugging device or hidden camera. They search around as Guk Doo calmly deduces the best spot for a hidden camera, and finds it under the TV.

Turns out, the junkyard staff knows about the killer’s deed, as he traipse into the monitoring room to get his wages and drug supply from the killer. He is in charge of feeding/starving the girls to meet the killer’s perfection. Killer chimes that the game (with the police force) has just begun.

Int the game dungeon, Min Hyuk cheerfully draws Super Girl Bong Soon on Adobe then chants her name thoughtfully.

Bong Soon is having insomnia again and texts Gyeongshim, before she receives text from Min Hyuk asking what she is doing. Satisfied that she’s at home instead of roaming the streets, he sends a video text (with selfie mask), “Sleep well, Bong Bong.”

Bong Soon scoffs but happily texts back a video of herself, asking ‘Min Min’ to sleep well too. The said Min Min now squeals and rolls on his bed like a giddy girl.

In his nightmare, someone attacks Bong Soon as Min Hyuk’s voice hovers to use her strength, but she can only gasps out that she had lost her strength. Min Hyuk wakes up in cold sweat.

Morning at Ainsoft, Bong Soon is pleased with Min Hyuk’s Super Girl design, who claims that it looks exactly like the real-life her, which Secretary Gong disagrees meekly. In her attempt to be modest, Bong Soon mentions the eyes are too big, but Min Hyuk casually declares that her eyes are indeed that big and pretty.

When she utters that the legs should be shorten a bit, Secretary Gong interjects, that they should be cut down a lot more, causing Bong Soon to glare daggers at him. Min Hyuk agrees and leaves for his other responsibility in the library.

Camera pans to Baek Tak, who is now on a crowded bus in white hanbok. Jaws pesters him through text, informs him on a bunch of students coming after him. Right on time, school bullies’ leader calls and talks down on him, demanding to have a fight. Baek Tak hangs up on him and at a certain bus stop, most of the passengers disembark the bus.

Comically, the school bullies are actually on the same bus, as Baek Tak recognizes his beloved poop wine in the leader’s hand. Realizes he is outnumbered, Baek Tak pretends not knowing them and nervously calls the bus driver to stop, so he can go to the washroom. The bullies had their suspicion but Baek Tak disembarks the bus safely.

Bong Soon is back on her desk, finalizing her presentation, when Manager Oh creepily jumps on her. He berates Bong Soon’s new game, rants that it will never succeed, then proceed to compare his looks and wealth over Bong Soon’s. He demands that she makes coffee for him but she refuses, then chirps, that they should continue with their conversation in the board room (again) if he wants.

Enters Secretary Gong who leads Manager Oh out to save Bong Soon. Bong Soon asks if Oh has a twin brother and has a meaningful look on her face when being told that he was born in 1980 (omo!).

Chief Police is informed of the hidden camera, and he weights heavily on the humiliation if other department finds out. Therefore, he is adamant that they should let the case go, much to the chagrin of Team Lead. Team Lead gives an ultimatum to work the case on his own way, but the Chief Police leaves without thinking much of his threat.

Baek Tak arrives at a temple (safely) and murmurs ‘Namaste’ to a monk sitting high up on a tree. Coincidentally or what, Jaws and Hyun Dong arrive at the temple too, and surprised to find their chairman there, just as the school bullies are about to make their way in.

Spotting a calm expression, Baek Tak is curious how did his minions get out of hospital in their bruised state, to which Jaws replies they are not the type to follow rules. Baek Tak advises them not to live that way, then Hyun Dong retorts that it is impossible to follow the rules, as in dog who can’t stop pooping. The word ‘poops’ riles up Baek Tak again before he controls himself, “Let’s not talk about poop again.”

They ask about the temple and Baek Tak narrates that this is a secret temple, and the master monk had fled here from Indian government and religion oppression. As he narrates, they glance at the sketchy monk who conveniently practices ‘kungfu’ in their view.

When they questioned, how he could be from India when he looks Korean from head to toe, Baek Tak reproaches them for being blasphemous and declaim the monk name as Nizamuddin. As they bow to each other in respect, school bullies arrive to puncture the serenity.

At Ainsoft, Bong Soon finally finished her presentation, and as she’s eager to show it to Min Hyuk, the said team leader is still missing from his room. And the best place to ask about Min Hyuk’s whereabout, is none other than Secretary Gong, who dishes out that Min Hyuk must be going around the company building. This is his habit to keep his employees on their toes.

Back to the temple where Baek Tak & Co are having face-off with the school bullies. School bullies leader barks at Beak Tak for touching their noonim. Baek Tak wonders how old they are, to use banmal on him and they indignantly reply – they are in the sixth years of repeating high school!

Jaws showcases his barehanded fighting techniques and war breaks out. The High Monk yells at them to stop while cursing them ‘jerks’.

Bong Soon is still searching for Min Hyuk, when he ambushed her at a seminar hall. (Give me a moment to swoon at his ‘ambush’ face’). He drags her into the hall and cryptically mutters that no one will be using the dark-pitched hall for the day. He laughs out that Bong Soon must be expecting something with these words, and steps closer and closer till he traps her against the wall.

They share a charged moment and Min Hyuk declares that he will protect her, before asks for confirmation of her feeling. She shyly looks at him but it is enough to tell him the answer he wants. He momentarily steps away to nurse his racing heart, then pulls her back. His inches closer and gently plants a kiss on her forehead. It’s sweettt but our heroine seems to expect more. (we know.. we know..).

With the hoodlum war put to a stop, High Monk gives them a cleansing ritual, starting with Baek Tak. He sprinkles water on him, while chants-funny about ‘garbage in their heart’, ‘being a jerk’ and ‘rudeness’. He grows ruder and aggressive as he goes down the queue, until he has no ‘holy water’ left for Hyun Dong. When Hyun Dong rages that he could have get more water from the pail, High Monk refuses and whacks him with his bucket.

Using a Game Design Workshop as excuse, Min Hyuk lures Bong Soon out on a date, but she knowingly aware it will be only two of them.

Baek Tak & company are given free lunch by the High Monk – Indian curry and naan bread. Amusingly, Jaws points to the naan bread and asks what it is. (Naan sounds like ‘me’ in Korean, so his answers can have two meanings.)

Jaws : What is this?
Monk : Do you know naan? / Do you know me?
Monk : In India, they eat naan / In India, they eat me.

Our puppy-couple arrive at their ‘workshop’ location which turns out to be a honeymoon chalet and Min Hyuk excitedly (Michael Jackson style again) swag-opens the curtain to reveal the sea view. Whatever he’s expecting from Bong Soon’s response, he didn’t get it, as she immediately turns on her laptop for their discussion.

Min Hyuk isn’t in the mood for meeting, gazes at her as she rants out improvements for her game character. She snags him back to her question, and he replies heedlessly. He loses his nerves when Bong Soon stares at him, then mumbles that the room is getting too hot to hold him. (It’s hormones, boy, hormones.) He wonders aloud how could Bong Soon work in this situtation, gives out a long suffering sigh, and insists they go for a walk.

Finally outside, Min Hyuk is still grumpy until Bong Soon’s smile softens him. They play water splashing on the beach, and he takes up a stick to draw a half love sign on the sands.

Min Hyuk : “Bong Soon ah… I am standing here. Will you come to me?”

(If anyone needs me, I am rolling on the floor, okay?)

Bong Soon walks over and draw-complete the love sign before she stands in front of him. Palms on her cheeks, he drew in for a kiss on her lips.

Mama Bong Soon and her gang are at a chinese restaurant, as they twitter about Bong Soon dating Min Hyuk. Mama is going for 100 days prayer at a temple. When her friends think she should cook for her husband before heading to the temple, she dismisses it. She scoffs that she won’t cook for Papa, as promised before their marriage. When they yaks that he may have affair, Mama confidently says that she will break all his bones if that happens.

Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon home but couldn’t bear to let her go, levels his head for a long gaze at her face. Min Hyuk : “There are times I can’t recall your face when I close my eyes. When that happens, I get sad. Let me look at you for longer. Thank you for coming into my life.” He finally sends her in but as soon as she is out of sight, he laments that he is already missing her.

In her room, Bong Soon is on cloud nine when Bong Ki knocks and asks for food. Bong Soon’s enthusiastic offer to cook him a meal, makes him cowers and decides to just cook ramyeon by himself. He wonders when will Gyeongshim arrive.

Bong Soon texts Gyeongshim, saying hi. The reply, “Anyeong Bong Soon” alarms her as Gyeongshim usually calls her “Bong Bong”. When her call is not picked up, she nervously calls Guk Doo to trace Gyeongshim’s wristwatch.

At the junkyard, killer scans through their text history and realises his mistake, so he top up with another text, calling her Bong Bong. Meanwhile, Bong Soon gets more and more nervous, as she scrolls through their text history – Gyeongshim always calls her Bong Bong.

Bong Soon texts again, requesting that Gyeongshim to call her right away, only to receive a text, claiming that she’s busy. Bong Soon switches to another tactic, asking about ‘Dol Kong’ and when the killer replies that Dol Kong is well, this confirms her worst fear. (Dol Kong was Gyeongshim’s dog which died the previous year)

Guk Doo springs to action and the wristwatch’s GPS leads them to a homeless guy, clutching onto Gyeongshim’s luggage. Back at police station, Team Lead is determined to search the junkyard without warrant. The team heads out, ignoring the Chief Police yelling warning after them.

Min Hyuk is watching the milky way on his ceiling and texts Bong Soon asking if she is asleep.

Guk Doo and team are searching the junkyard as the staff casually carries on his usual work. Bong Soon arrives (Guk Doo had told her of their location) and threatens to kill Kim Jang Hyun if he touches her. Bong Soon spots the container/entrance from a distance but Guk Doo untimely distracts her, and escorts her home.

At home, Bong Soon sees Min Hyuk’s text but is not in the mood to reply, as he gets uneasy at home. He proceeds to work on a necklace, planting a tracking device on it.

Knowing the cat is out, killer declares war on Bong Soon, sends a video of bruised Gyeongshim as Bong Soon can only watches helplessly, her friend being beaten. The killer demands that Bong Soon apologize for hurting him and laughs menacingly. Bong Soon breaks down and runs to Min Hyuk’s home to ask for his help.

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