Japan Trip – Day 7 Miyajima and Hiroshima

After an uneventful night in Hiroshima, we were eager to venture to Miyajima Island as Charles mentioned, “You can’t go to Hiroshima without spending a day at Miyajima.” Especially when getting to Miyajima is easy as a breeze. All we need to do was to take the tram ride to Hiroden Miyajima Guchi station and board a ferry. Again, please bear with some of the photos which I had took with vivid color setting that didn’t turn out good.

two type of ferry to Miyajima island near Hiroshima

There are two ferry services to Miyajima ; Miyajima Matsudai and JR Ferry. Naturally, we took the latter for free as we have our JR Passes.

Ferry to Miyajima

Took about 20 minutes to wait for the ferry.



It was drizzling but the island looks scenic even from afar.

We were greeted by a deer that were looking at my camera curiously.

Deers in Miyajima

And it decided to check out my pockets.

Walking along the shoreline to get to Itsukushima Shrine.

Miyajima children activity

October sure is full of kid-ful event. This is the second time we came across such occasion but this time, even cuter! Sorry, my camera makes them orange.



I must have took at least 50 photos of the floating Torii Gate! It was all over my camera. By noon all the water will subside and we can walked there.

We were deer-free for a few minutes when someone came to feed them.

Miyajima island
Japan Trip : Miyajima island

delicious grill fresh oyster for sale

You will see many stalls in Miyajima selling grilled fresh oysters. I meant REALLY FRESH.

grilled fresh oyster in Miyajima

We willingly parted with 400 yen to get these and they are the sweetest oysters we had.

We didn’t think it was worth it to get to Itsukushima Shrine so we headed to the town to find come coffee. Afterall, we didn’t have a good sleep because of the bed bugs.

Coffee in Miyajima

Japan Trip : Miyajima old street

I love the town. There’s so much to see and the streets are filled with delighful smell from the food – mainly from grilling of Unagi and oysters.

This man is completely drooling fascinated with the fresh oysters displayed outside of a restaurant. CS joined him soon after.

Grill oysters in Miyajima

The jetty to board ferry to Miyajima island

Instead of taking the tram, we took the JR train to Hiroshima station. We sure made good use of our JR Pass!

famous okonomiyaki in Hiroshima Station

Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake) is big in Hiroshima. So big that there’s a floor full of shops dedicated to it at the shopping mall adjacent to Hiroshima Station. All of them were packed to the brim.

The waiter will take down our orders long before we sit down. By the time we got our seats, our Okonomiyaki were already in the making. However sitting at the cooking line was no fun as my makeup melted.

Hiroshima Station

Despite the fame it have, we did not enjoy the Okonomiyaki. First, it has too much vegetable (dead point for CS) and second it was bland except for the part drenched with the sauce. Third, it was too big and it became our duty instead of pleasure to finish it. Plus, it didn’t come cheap. We could have spend the money on sushi.

The good thing about Hiroshima is everywhere is so easy to reach. We only need to take one ride on the tram to arrive at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

A signature of Hiroshima – A Bomb Dome or Genbaku Dome, what’s left of Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall after the first atomic bomb ‘Little Boy’ was dropped.

Genbaku Dome in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Despite its dark past, the park is serene and beautiful.

Hiroshima Peace Memoral Park
The Peace Bell

Hiroshima Castle

We visited another castle again which is the Hiroshima Castle. Look very much like the Imperial Castle in Tokyo but smaller. There wasn’t much history to it as the original castle were already destroyed during the bombing.

Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine

There is a temple within the castle compound – Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine.

Soon enough we were distracted again by the vending machine.

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