Japan Trip – Day 6 in Hiroshima

After spending 5 days in Tokyo, we were leaving for the west part of Japan, Hiroshima, but not before visiting the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Two points that got us here :

1. This ‘the biggest wholesale fish market in the world’ will be demolished (pending date) soon to make way for 2020 Olympic Games.

2. It is also famous for having many sushi shops that serves the freshest catch from the market. We can have the best sushi with one condition, getting here early in the morning.

We missed the point 2 and most of the sushi shops were already closed as we got there around 10am but we soon find solace in another food.

Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

One of the shops selling Tamago and with the biggest crowd. Can you spot CS, The Curious One?

Tamago or Japanese omelete can be found throughout Tsukiji Market and since the sushi shops were closed, needless to say, the crowd moved to these Tamago specialty shops.

Tamago in Tsukiji Market

Not cheap, right? But they did a good marketing plan by giving food samplings, and we’re not saints.

delicious tamago sold in fresh fish market

Our Tamago with the ginger sauce on top.

I think the ginger sauce spoil the taste. The omelet is already perfect on its own.

Japan Trip : Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

Besides Tamago, we can have grilled seafood too, at one of these shops.

The smell of grilled oysters can attract you from blocks away. We did not buy one of these as we were heading to the land of oyster, Hiroshima soon.

Oh, did I mentioned? Tokyo heat wave was finally over but it was too late as we were leaving soon.

Getting to Hiroshima from Tokyo :

Again, facing the daunting crowd in train station. I forgot whether this is Tokyo station or Shin-Osaka station (we need to change shinkansen at Shin-Osaka to get to Hiroshima).

Busy, busy, busy.

As Suica card is not useable in other cities, we swiped all the balances for our favourite pre-packed coffee – Mt Rainier latte. There’s no other best way to ride a Shinkansen than having the latte while enjoying the scenery.

Japan Shinkansen : washrooms

There are western style washrooms and asian style washrooms on Shinkansen. I guess I don’t need to elaborate the difference. All the washrooms are unisex washrooms but there will be one or two cubicle just for men with only enough space for standing. Interesting part is.. there’s a glass pane on these cubicle door and you will see the guy standing back towards you, taking his leak. Luckily the glass pane did not go all the way down.

Japan Shinkansen are very fast bullet trains

Changing from Shinkansen Hikari to Shinkansen Sakura at Shin-Osaka as JR Pass is not valid for Shinkansen Nozomi which is faster.

There are many Shinkansen trains sharing one platform, so we need to take note of our coach/car number and stand at the designated area on the platform to make sure we don’t board the wrong train!

Layout plan of station washroom. For easier evacuation?

Hiroshima :

After 5 hours of travelling, we finally reached Hiroshima station, got ourselves Icoca card (prepaid traveling card) and took the electric tram to Park Side Hotel . The hotel location is excellent being metres away from Hondori shopping street but with horrible room. The quilt was infested with bed bugs and the aircon became a suffocating heater at night.

Hiroshima street

The shopping street of Hondori.

Hanamaru Udon in Hiroshima

Like Tokyo, there are very few shops that open past 8 pm except for a few eateries. We had a delicious Udon at Hanamaru for dinner. If you don’t like noodles, you can go for Gyudon (rice with beef) at Sukiya that operates 24 hours.

Hanamaru udon shop opens till late night while Sukiya operates for 24 hours.

It’s hard to imagine this bakery looked like ….

… this during WWII during Hiroshima Bombing.

boring night | short opening hour | close early

The departmental store closed at 8 pm too. Seriously? A security guard stopped me from taking anymore pictures, Why?

Completely deserted at night and we have nothing to do. I was starting to miss the shopping malls and mamak stalls back home.

P/S : it was a right decision to leave Tokyo on that day as it was hit with Typhoon Wipha soon after we left. Flights and trains were suspended and 41 fatalities were reported.

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