Japan Trip – Kamakura Day Trip

Day 4, we decided to get out of Tokyo and took a Kamakura day trip, just about 50 km away from the megapolis and famously noted for its ‘old streets’ and temples. We activated our JR Pass at Tokyo Station before taking the JR Yokosuka Line to Kita-Kamakura Station.

Kita-Kamakura station

From the station, we followed the crowd and walked along the path parallel to the railway. Please don’t mind the pictures as I somehow set my camera to Poster and Vivid color effect. I should really just stick to Auto setting.

The Engaku-ji Temple.

For anyone who appreciates wood architecture, Engaku-ji is the place to go.The wood works are exquisite.

Engakuji Temple during Kamakura day trip

Engaku-ji Temple was holding some sort of family day of a nursery on that day and one will be amazed at the level of participation from their parents. The kids were soooo kawaii doing the performances that they cannot apprehend. We looked like a pair of psychopath for taking dozens of picture of them.

Kamakura Day Trip

CS, who had just shaved his head, blended into this backdrop very well.

Kamakura has so many temples that eventually, we got bored and the heat wave was not helping either. The one thing the interest us… were the vending machines with plenty of drinks selection. We discovered a very nice pomelo drink and kept on buying it to quench our thirst.

Kamakura Day Trip

The street in the center of Kamakura.

The busiest junction in Kamakura. I can’t take a picture without having someone passing by.

I don’t remember what they sell here, but it’s some kind of pastries which were so expensive that we did not buy any at all.

Streets in Kamakura

Emptying our rubbish, before getting back to Tokyo. It’s extremely hard to find a garbage bin in Japan as the Japanese took their rubbish to dispose at home. No, I am not kidding. CS was so happy to find a garbage bin in front of the Kamakura Station!

How to get to Kamakura from Tokyo :

The easiest and the most systematic way is to take the JR line to Kita-Kamakura station and start walking along the path, where you will come across the famous temples of Kamakura, all the way to the town area. In town, the nearest station will be Kamakura station where you can take JR line back to Tokyo Station. Sure, you can do the reverse by stopping at Kamakura station, then walk all the way to Kita-Kamakura, but I think it’s best to explore the temples in the morning before the weather becomes unbearable.

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