Japan Trip – Asakusa, Senso-ji and University of Tokyo

I know. I’ve been a lazy. In a life changing year of 2014 with extra dose of workload (a lot!), i fall asleep on my sofa right after dinner, EVERY night. So it’s no wonder that procrastination got the better of me and this Japan trip post took me over one year, on and off, to write. Good thing about Japan is tourism aspect rarely changes in Japan and at the very least, these posts won’t look so outdated, I hope.

Asakusa :

Going to Japan without planning ahead is no fun. After roaming Tokyo aimlessly for 2 days, we finally have help from our friend, who’s been living in Tokyo for the last 4 years. The very first must-see place he brought us to is Asakusa.

Japan trip : Asakusa in Tokyo

The road leading to Senso-ji of Asakusa is filled with “turmoil”. We need to walk pass a street market with so many temptation that touches our purses.

Rice cakes that are better version of Wang Wang with many flavors to select from.

And suddenly, we heard a commotion because there was a filming going on in the area. Our friend told us that he is a famous actor and I thought he looks really familiar.

Colorful mask we found at Asakusa, Tokyo during our Japan trip

Mask for home decoration? Not for me. I bet they will be scary at night and the big white head reminds me of a monster from Inuyasha anime.

We gave way to Agemanju, a deep fried cake wth red bean fillings. I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t love it.

It was hot sunny day but we finally arrived at Senso-ji. Unfortunately the bigger lantern was taken down for maintenance and we can only get to take picture with this lantern.

When the omikuji prediction is bad, it is a custom to tie it to a wire rack to transfer the bad luck away.

The little hut that houses the stone statues worshiped by Japanese. I don’t know what were they called in Japanese but I’ll usually call them “Di Zzang”.

All of them were “scarfed” to protect them from the cold.

The funny building is none other than Asahi Beer’s headquarter. The golden tall building represents beer with white froth on top of it and most people like to call the building with the cloud shape on top as Asahi “poo-building”. We can understand why.

From Asakusa, we got a good view of Tokyo Tree, which we skipped going due to mixed reviews.

Ueno :

Charles brought us to Ameyoko, meaning America Street, which was a black market for American product after WWII. You’ll see many American military-like costume sold in this area.

Eccentric sex toy shop in Ueno, Tokyo

And among many other things, there are a few sex toy shops around.

Vibrating eggs, not for pan frying.

Outside of kinky sex toy shop. A first glance, I thought it was a Halloween costume shop.

Roaming around this area, we ultimately came to Ueno Market, which became our favourite place in Tokyo. As the picture above, says it all.

Takoyaki that are bigger than golf balls selling so cheaply. 8 for 350 yen (~MYR10 only!), 6 for 280 yen, 4 for 200 yen.

Not only that, we could help ourselves to unlimited supply of Bonito fish flakes!

Added on some chopped vege, again, unlimited.

Plus unlimited sauce and Kewpie mayonaise. We are in happy place…

Took a walk in Ueno park to shed off the sleepiness after Takoyaki The Great.

University of Tokyo:

Then, we visited University of Tokyo, ermn.. the hospital first.

And the place where Charles’ research lab is situated.

Akamon, the Red Gate of University of Tokyo.

Clock Tower. Right in front of it is a green grassy patch that will be so nice to have a picnic.

Charles and CS had a little chat under the “Whomping Willow” while I was busy with my camera.

This building is so beautiful when the sunset glow shines on it.

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