Japan Trip Day 2 in Tokyo : Tokyo Imperial Garden and Ginza

Travelling in Japan involved a lot of hard work, particularly walking. We found ourselves walking excessively, thanks to the maze-like train stations in Japan. Our second day in Tokyo was unfortunately, a rather dull one. We started by getting to Tokyo Station, and took a leisurely walk to the Tokyo Imperial Garden.

Travel Japan : Tokyo Station

Outside of Tokyo Station : I just notice this Ojiisan appeared in all the photos I took here.

Outside of Imperial Palace Tokyo
Tokyo Imperial Garden and moot

The beautiful moot surrounding the wall of the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Imperial Garden entrance chip

The ‘chip’ as entrance to Imperial Palace.

The entrance to the Tokyo Imperial Garden is free and we’re given entrance chips which we need to return on our way back.

It could have been breathtaking if not for the unbearable hot wave happening. The walk in the garden itself, is no joke – beautiful landscape but it took a lot of hard work (and a pair of good walking shoes) to finish the walk.

Tokyo Imperial Garden, Japan

CS walking while I can barely follow him on my weak feet.

Walking, walking and more walking!

Tokyo Imperial Garden

Finally, we found a resting shack.

which was comfortably air conditioned (god-send!)

Zen styled garden.

We spent the evening taking another unbearable long walk in Ginza and a visit to the largest Uniqlo flagship store was inevitable. The 12th storey was a massive shopping slump and no one will come out empty handed.

Ginza shopping street
Uniqlo in Ginza

Ginza Tokyo, Japan

The best rest time : sitting at the sofa in Uniqlo gazing out of their window.

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