Jalan Pengkai, Batu Pahat : Claypot Chicken Rice

When someone says, “eat claypot chicken rice” in Batu Pahat and unless otherwise stated, that usually means the claypot chicken rice at glutton street or Jalan Pengkai Batu Pahat. There’s barely any other claypot chicken rice left and I do not know of any new ones.

Instead of calling it claypot chicken rice, I love to call it ‘Claypot Rice Chicken’ instead that for no reason, seemed to irritate CS a lot. Apparently its ingredients, which is of course the chicken, salted fish and lap cheong, seemed to be a lot more than anywhere else. However, they had tone down on that recently, probably because of the current recession?

Claypot chicken at Jalan Pengkai Batu Pahat

The rice are cooked over high heat and they became a mix of harder and crunchier crust at the bottom of the claypot while soft and fluffy for the rest. Chicken and lap cheong, as I mention, were abundance topped with nice smelling thick gravy and minced salted fish.

Claypot chicken at Jalan Pengkai Batu Pahat
Business seems to have grow for them and from the stall that was once easily handled by the couple and an uncle, it now needs another 2 extra workers. Hmm.. do I still need to elaborate on their popularity in Batu Pahat. I guess not! 🙂

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