Ipoh Hor Fun at TK Chong, Damansara Perdana

Despite living in close vicinity, I had only explore food in Damansara Perdana twice, something I should remind myself to do more because the last time I checked, there’s some good looking bistros and cafes that I got interested in. A while ago we noticed this TK Chong Ipoh Hor Fun, not exactly the thing I would be rushing in to eat but once CS noticed they served Prawn Wanton Hor Fun too, the rest were history.

So last week we were seating in TK Chong waiting for our hor fun though I noticed the cooking were done by foreigners. The place is clean, business is not the fastest I had seen but there’s enough customers to ensure us that we were in good place.

TK Chong Ipoh Hor Fun
Shredded Chicken Hor Fun. Although it’s chicken hor fun, there’s a bonus of two half pieces of prawns on it. The hor fun is of acceptable smoothness and softness. Since they’re serving the same chicken from their chicken rice, the freshness was definitely better than some ‘ciplak’ hawker stall that I tasted before.
Fresh Prawn Wanton Hor Fun. The soup base is the same as the chicken hor fun except that they added another kind of vegetable instead. CS didn’t reallly like the wanton very much for lacking prawns and meat in the wantons, although I think this was already quite reasonable for the price of RM5 per bowl, so much cheaper than Soo Kee’s hor fun.
Restoran TK Chong
The Chicken Hor Fun and Prawn Hor Fun are both priced at RM5 (small) and RM6 (big) per bowl while the Hainan Chicken Rice is at RM5.

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