Hua Hin + Bangkok Hua Hin Day 2 : Swiss Sheep Farm and Plad Thong Mookata

It must be the good oil massage we got yesterday. I woke up at 5 am, feeling refreshed and can’t wait to start the day. Beyond everything, we need to depart for Bangkok by afternoon and I realized it was impossible to cram Swiss Sheep Farm and Marukhathaiyawan Palace into one day. My heart was on the palace but I remembered that the very reason we wanted to rent a car was to get to Swiss Sheep Farm in Cha Am for CS to see his little Alcapas.

Swiss Sheep Farm (8)

Swiss Sheep Farm (17)

Swiss Sheep Farm (11)

Swiss Sheep Farm (10)

Swiss Sheep Farm (4)

The journey took us almost an hour including the traffic jam in Hua Hin town.  Along the highway, there were a few places I would have like to stop, including the Hua Hin Premium Outlet, Factory Outlet et cetera.

Swiss Sheep Farm (13)
For your shoes’ protection from Alcapas’ droppings.
Swiss Sheep Farm
Alcapas’ main feature was their always ‘smiling’ face.

The Alpacas room required another 100Bht extra per person and we were required to wear a plastic bag on our feet. I think it’s for us not to bring dirts into the room and secondly to protect our shoes. I am certainly not happy that the alpacas were crammed into such a small room and it was scary to have them flocked to us, even with that cute face. The smell of feaces and urines were overpowering.

Hua Hin Trip (4)

On the way back to Hua Hin town, we stopped at Index Living Mall and  bought some home decoration. Even after 3 years, we are still constantly decorating our home.

Hua Hin Trip (7)

Hua Hin Trip (5)

Khao Takiab Beach near our condo with a Buddha temple overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

Hua Hin Trip (9)

And an alien we found on the beach. I’ve never seen a washed up jelly fish this big.

Hua Hin Trip (10)

By 1 pm, we checked out from and went to Village Market for lunch.

Hua Hin Trip (12)

Our lunch at Tesco Lotus food court only cost us 110 Baht. Catfish tomyum + ommelette + plain rice (55 Bht) and Pad Thai (55 Bht). I must say, the catfish slices taste really good and my 55 Bht was very well spent.

CS went to return the car and took the green Songtheaw (20 Bht) back to the Tourist Information Booth where I was waiting, before taking the minivan back to Bangkok. This time the minivan ride was much appalling than the previous day. The driver kept making stops along the way to fetch more passangers and we only arrived in Victory Monument, Bangkok after 4.5 hours.

Mookata (4)

Mookata (5)

Dinner at Pla Thong Mookata (Thai barbeque and steamboat), nearby Victory Monument, Bangkok.

Arcadia (3)

Arcadia (10)
Finally checked into our hotel at Arcadia Suites Ploen Chit.

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