Cancel AirAsia Flight Due to Illness

How to handle flight cancellation due to illness

Cancelling a flight, with expectation on a refund, is a sticky business.We were supposed to be on our trip to Melbourne last month via AirAsia. One week before our departure, the unforeseen circumstances strike – a family member (A) became very ill.

I knew we had to cancel the trip right away. Cancelling flight and trip seemed should be the last thing on my mind, but this trip was planned since last year. Thousands will be lost if I didn’t try to salvage.  Accommodations and tours were easily cancelled. I happened to opt for free-cancellation option when I booked. Pheww.. What was  left, were our flights.

Then, I found this page from AirAsia: (For unknown reason, this page is no longer available)

Airasia flight cancellation

There was a part mentioned – If it is due to the illness of an immediate family member, please submit proof of relationship e.g. Birth/Marriage Certificate.”

I contacted both Live Chat and re-tweeted my question to AirAsia. By that time, A was already slated for a major surgery in the following week.

Finally, I got the answers: I need to provide a medical letter and documents to prove our relationship. I tried to ask for more info, but ‘medical letter’ was merely what they said. So, I submitted my cancellation with all the documents via AirAsia eForm under Enquiry/Request. Done.

A few days later, came the reply from AirAsia. My request was rejected because my medical letter is incomplete – doctor need to verify that we were taking care of the A at the hospital, at the time of the supposed trip! WHAT??!

I guess the staffs at customer service were trained to say NO. Was that why they gave me such a vague instructions earlier? So that I will give up?

AirAsia Customer Service line is super expensive.

I called AirAsia X hotline which goes by the crazy rate MYR1.95 per minute for more explanations. They were adamant that doctor’s acknowledgement is a must. Listless, we decided to put this cancellation aside and focus on A’s impending surgery.

Soon, A had her surgery. Doctor was very busy, and we can hardly catch him, so we talked to his nurse. The kind nurse asked for a copy of our flight booking slip (itinerary) and the next day, we got our letter!

To protect A and hospital’s privacy, I won’t share the complete letter here. It’s a formal letter addressed to Airasia and here was how it went:

Sample letter for flight cancellation and refund

I submitted the letter via another eForm again and received another email from AirAsia. My cancellation was approved, but I was warned about additional charges. In my case, it was the cancellation fee per passenger per way. Also, my refund is in form of credit shell that I must use to book for another flight within 90 days.

How much did I get back?

My cancellation fee was RM140 per passenger per way plus the earlier non-refundable credit card processing fee of RM24 X 2 = RM48. Hence, we lost RM588.

Was it worth the trouble?

Not really. As we all know, all airport taxes for flights we did not board, were already refundable by default.

Here’s a comparison between:

A) Refund of taxes only, without having to provide documents or fussy letters.

B) Request for cancellation of flight, subjected to cancellation fee and charges. Need to provide documents and fussy letters.

Is flight cancellation worth to fight for?
To sum it up, it depends on individual if they think it’s worth it to go through the trouble. Of course, everyone’s flight fare is different. In addition to that, fees and charges differs by destination. As a rule of thumb, always check the AirAsia fees and charges, then compare with your flight fare (exclude taxes). I think there might be a scenario where the cancellation fee is actually higher than the fare itself, especially promo fares.

Here’s to summarize how did I apply for Airasia flight cancellation due to family member illness:

Collect the documents needed – medical letter and proof of relationship.

Scan the documents. Protect your privacy by scraping off irrelevant info by adding a watermark on your document. You can do this by any image editing program with text feature.

Submit via eForm under Enquiry/Request. Do not use Refund/Flight Cancellation as it is applicable ONLY if the flight was cancelled by AirAsia itself.

As there’s only one column for flight number, insert the returning flight number in comment section instead. There’s no need to submit another eForm for return flight.

You will receive an email, stating your case was received by AirAsia and your reference number which starts with alphabet CAS.

Wait a few days for reply.

After one week with no reply, follow-up via Twitter or Facebook. Don’t bother with the exorbitantly expensive service line.

How to handle flight cancellation due to illness

When AirAsia refunded the flight fare to me, they made it a point that it’s a gesture of goodwill. But I argued that, since they published a page about how passenger can apply for flight cancellation, they should have honor it! Airasia had since taken down the page, I foresee it will be more difficult to get cancellation and refund from the airline.

Perhaps, getting a travel insurance is a better way to cope with such situation. I always buy travel insurance, but had the habit of buying it in the last minute. Hence, we were caught up in this sticky situation. Note to myself; always buy travel insurance ASAP!

Disclaimer: This is just a post to share how I submitted and received my refund for Airasia flight cancellation, but regrettably, it might not be a fool-proof guidance.

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