Hotel Review : Suria Hot Spring Resort, Bentong

Have you ever came across a place and you said “I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go, it’s got to be this.” I did. In the name of affordability, close proximity to KL, Bentong street food and a Malaysian travel blogger trying to aspire travelers to visit Malaysia.

Weeks back, we went for Bentong food trip (again) and curiosity dictated that we followed the signboard ‘Suria Hot Spring Resort’. We liked what we saw, made our way back to KL and plan for another weekend excursion for it. Coincidently it was on Groupon promotion. Nothing should go wrong with a newly built hotel with hours of dipping in warm mineral-loaded spring water. RIGHT? er.. RIGHT?

Around Suria Hot Spring Bentong
Surrounding Suria Hot Spring Bentong

Since it was the fasting month, check in couldn’t be fast enough. I suspect we were the only few rooms occupied, out of their 80 guest rooms. No sweat as we were looking for tranquility, to eat, sleep, dip and finish reading Murder in Mesopotamia. I love murder on tour.

CS was mumbling why there’s only one card key given while making our way to the room. Slippers flapping and tiny whirlwind of dust formed. Cough cough. CS mumbled even more, when the card key won’t work. Yeah, horror of all travelers.

Room condition
Room condition

The moment we stepped in gave us a feeling of  “Honey, we finally got our new home. When should we start with the spring cleaning?” With the room level with the corridor, there’s no doubt the dust from the corridor will ultimately ended up in the room. Luckily the hotel developer had the half common sense to install wood vinyl flooring up to the bathroom door. Why didn’t they just installed the flooring for the whole room? Half common sense…

swimming pool condition of Suria Hot Spring
Like what you see in the pictures above?

That still didn’t dampen our spirit to change into swim suits and jump into the hot spring. Without looking. Our feet came into contact with something slimy. Algae, moulds or slime, whatever they are, covered the bottom of the dipping pool.

Suria Hot Spring Bentong Organism in Pools
Let’s see the pool In Detail.

If you look at the above pictures you will see the slime covering the greyish bottom of the pool. A little closer, and finally meet the slime stuffs washed up on the pool side. On the bright side, this is a great place for Biology student to get their samples for school projects.

So, did I complained?

Hell yes. There were two maintenance guy cleaning up Hot Pool 2 (we were in Hot Pool 1) so we approached them and inquiry about the dirts. Then came the shock – all pools were supposed to be in maintenance. What? And the hotel let us checked in without telling us this piece of crucial information?

I do not want to sound like a spoilt brat but off we went to the reception to mention our concern. After a few seconds discussion between the reception and the maintenance over walkie talkie, story was changed. Of course, this is Malaysian tourism we were talking about. Pool 2 was not under maintenance and we were free to use them. They missed my point. I did not just want a hot pool. I wanted a clean slime-free pool that won’t give me meningitis.

Suria Hot Spring Bentong 'mermaid'

Okay, we should just let it go and just swim in the normal pool. No?

I am going to dedicate a portion of this post to the little guy in picture above. He was diligently cleaning the pool side using a pressure cleaner, dipping himself in the swimming pool. Yeah, there’s no way to enjoy your work better. Voila, all the dirts and water flowed back into the pool. And when someone swims, into their mouth, nostrils and probably lungs. Can someone pass me a hazmat suit, please?

Suria Hot Spring 19

Now after all the grossness, I am going to concentrate on other aspects. The beds were new, and the German channel on the TV was entertaining (my one semester of German told me it’s German but I could be wrong) albeit Ich spreche kein Deutsch.

Last but not to be left out was the breakfast. Mediocre at its best, and without giving you the option to choose. Wedges made from sweet potato, starchy sausages so the only thing that I touched was the fried eggs.

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