Hotel Review : Mini Hotel Causeway Bay @ Hong Kong

Having been to Hong Kong on numerous occasions, I know the navigation of the metropolis like the back of my hand and no problem in locating my usual food haunts. What always troubled me, was finding an adequate accommodation that will leave me with more provision aka my ‘food money’. I do not mind space constraint but my dignity will never allow me to stay in dilapidated state (say, Chung King Mansion?). So, enter Mini Hotel Causeway Bay.

I jumped on the chance to stay at Mini Hotel knowing its close vicinity to city action where food is aplenty. Looking at the photos in their official website, it bodes well.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (10)

Hotel Interiors:

Although the reception is at the basement, it was surprisingly spacious, probably contributed from the clever use of multiple mirrors. The chic lobby was bursting with tasteful blend of Andy Warhol-ish pop art and oriental wood works. I love the fact that it has all the bright, dark and base colors thrown in together yet still evoke an image of serenity and tranquil calm.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (2)

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (12)

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (11)

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (26)

Whether you are seeking for a solitude for reading or to gather for a nice talk with friends, there are plenty of couches and seats where we can park ourselves.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (27)

There’s even a coffee machine where we can pop in the capsule and immediately served with aromatic coffee. The capsules can be bought from a vending machine in the lobby.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (13)

As a budgetly affordable hotel, there is no complimentary bottled water in the room but guests can opt to buy refreshments and simple toiletries from the vending machine. I frequently recharge my ‘mana’ with Starbucks canned coffee from the machine during my stay.

Looking for quick supper? – It has cup noodles.

Time of the month? – it has sanitary pad

Sored legs? – it has food patch

Call of worldly desire? – it has Durex. 🙂

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (15)

All for a few coins or a tap of your Octopus card.

The Rooms in Mini Hotel:

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (6)

I have a double mattress and twin beds in my room albeit staying alone so I used part of them to lay my cosmetics and smaller bags. The bottom of the bed is hollow and my 24 inch luggage can be easily slid in.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (8)

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (7)

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (22)

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (5)

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (4)

While the rest of the room was cozy, beyond a frosted glass door is a bathroom. Compared to the last hotel I stayed in Hong Kong, this is so much proper. I can shower without getting the water splashed all over the place, properly wash my face and properly take a d… forget I said it.

Other Room Layout:

CS checked into the hotel on next day and had a room with different layout.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (1)

First he met the sink upon entering the room with the amenities in a rack below it.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (16)

Like mine, his single bed is firm but has a strip of wood, in place of a table where he can put his wallets, handphone and smaller things. There’s a window but being on the 6th floor, there’s not much view to offer. The sockets are on the right side and no adaptor is needed if you are coming from Malaysia, as they are using three pin power plugs too.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay HK (17)

The bathroom is also equipped with a top-to-toe shower cream dispenser, eliminating to bring shower cream and shampoo if you are not picky.

Causeway Bay

Around the hotel:

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay is a mere 5 minutes (depends on how fast you walk) from Causeway MTR station. If you are not interested to venture far, Causeway Bay is perfect for upscale shopping at Lane Crawfod, Lee Garden and Hysan Place, or night market shopping at Jardine Crescent while many eateries in the area offer a variety of palate for food hunters like me.

Find out more about Mini Hotels on their website:

My stay at Mini Hotel Causeway Bay was complimentary, all opinions are my own.

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