Honolulu Cafe (檀島咖啡餅) @ Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya

Honolulu Cafe in Sunway Pyramid

Carrying the hashtag best egg tart in Hong Kong could be burdensome. Naturally, expectations ran high when Honolulu Cafe opened its first branch in Malaysia. Everyone anticipated to taste the same buttery egg tarts, as if what they ate in Hong Kong. I, for one, was one of them, but was I wrong?

One weekend morning, I woke up early just to avoid the queue for delicious egg tarts. Took me a while to drag CS off the bed, but we made it to Honolulu Cafe in Sunway Pyramid by 10 am.

I had hold off my visit since its opening for the crowd’s curiosity to die off but still, it seems that arriving early is still the key to grab their egg tart. We happily got a seat and without hesitation, ordered for their signature egg tarts. Plus-on were other notable Hong Kong breakfast must haves – Ham & Egg Toast and a Polo Bun.

Signature Egg Tarts:

Egg tarts of Honolulu
Signature Egg Tarts, RM2.95 each

The skins were flaky and probably had the thinnest tart skin we ever came across. That meant more egg custard to savour on, but we thought the they could be softer and creamier. The custards were a little ‘heavy’ and ‘solid’. I will put it like this; Honolulu makes better egg tarts than most bakeries, but not as good as Tong Kee and my all-time favourite, Foo Hing’s mini egg tart.

Polo Bun:

Honolulu Cafe's Polo Bun had an obvious uncooked dough layer at its bottom
Polo Bun at RM2.95 each.

I loved the crunchy sugary top crust but I didn’t like the bun which still holds a stack of undercooked flour at its base. It is definitely not a soft fluffy bun I was hoping for.

Ham & Egg Toast

The disappointing Ham & Egg Toast of Honolulu Cafe in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

Came the Ham & Eegg Toast, and we had no doubt that we don’t like them. First, the bread. Bizarrely, they lack the browning, yet the breads were so dry and crumbly, as if they were over-toasted. I can only think the breads were already dried out even before Honolulu puts them in a toaster.

The Ham & Egg Toast at Honolulu Cafe

The eggist, CS took great offense by their scramble eggs. In his own words, they were overcooked, bland and rubbery. “You drag me out for this?”

Hong Kong Milk Tea:

Honolulu Cafe from Hong Kong, opened its first branch in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid

We thought we could wash down the bad toast with a good Hong Kong milk tea. However, Honolulu Café’s milk tea taste nothing more than average, but pricey at RM7.90 per glass.

The verdict was simple. I would love to buy Honolulu Cafe’s egg tart again, provided we do not have to brave a long queue. For takeaway, you might want to take note of the baking timetable which runs four time daily at 10am, 12pm, 4pm and 6pm, subject to change.

For the rest of the menu, there’s really nothing that I found noteworthy.

Honolulu Cafe
Address: Unit LG2.55, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya
Opening Hour : Daily 10am – 10pm

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