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Ask me what’s to do in Hong Kong and my auto response will be EAT. Or even better, do a food hunt, especially Hong Kong had gotten so expensive that I can barely shop. One big tip before you binge, is to get the geographical aspect of Hong Kong right, to save on transportation and time. Kowloon, Causeway Bay and Sheung Wan (written as Central in above map) are my much frequented areas for food. Here is my Hong Kong food guide :


Australia Dairy Company, Jordan

This is a must-visit cafe for me whenever I am in Hong Kong. It may sound exaggerating but in my opinion – it serves the best scrambled eggs and ham toast in the world. Its breads are perfectly browned and you will not find a scrambled egg as creamy as this, although I suspect they added lard for its addictive aroma.

Australia Dairy Company HK (2)

However, I should also warn you that the good food comes with worst attitude from its staffs. I have always shun eateries with bad services, but if there is one place where I will put my dignity aside, this is it. I love love love their toast and milk tea!

Australia Dairy Company HK (5)

Some cafe’s milk tea might disappoint you but Australia Dairy Co have been consistently serving milk tea that satisfy us.

Australia Dairy Company HK (6)

To add on to its portfolio are the Steamed Egg White Milk. I had tried Yee Shun’s (its competitor) but Aus Dairy wins hands down with softer and smoother texture.

Australia Dairy Company HK menu 2

Australia Dairy Company HK menu 1

It’s best to study the menu (and serving time!) and decide on your meal before you even get into the shop as patience is not their virtue. A little interpretation here for the above set menu:

Breakfast (7am – 12 noon) HKD36– Bread toast, 2 eggs (scrambled or fried), ham spaghetti/macaroni in soup, hot coffee or tea.

Tea Time (12 noon – 11 night) HKD43 – Bread toast, 2 eggs (scrambled or fried) with ham, char siew spaghetti/macaroni in soup, hot coffee or tea.

Fast Meal (whole day) HKD 36 – Bread toast, 2 eggs (scrambled or fried), hot coffee or tea.

It’s not perfect because you will either have to forgo the fried ham with Fast Meal but both Breakfast and Tea Time will include the spaghetti/macaroni in soup which taste as awful as it looks. Cold drinks will require extra HKD2.

Address : Australia Dairy Company, 47 Parkes St, Jordan
Nearest MTR : Jordan station on Tsuen Wan line, exit C2.
Opening hour : 7.30 am – 11 pm.
Best time to go : late afternoon or after dinner peak ~9pm. Forget about breakfast time!
Food rating : Great  |  OK  |  So-so

Claypot Rice @ Hing Kee Temple Street

Hing Kee’s business is so good that it spans 3 shops in Temple Street alone. With its comprehensive menu, we had to ponder for a good 15 minutes to decide what’s to have before settled with Beef Claypot Rice and the norm Chicken Claypot Rice.

Hing Kee Claypot Rice HK (9)

Both meats are juicy and tender although I found the meat a little lesser than I hoped for. The rice were cooked, or more accurately, charred to perfection that all of them can be scooped of the claypot bottom easily.

Hing Kee Claypot Rice HK (10)

I think Four Season’s version taste better because its sauce was already pre-mixed with good ratio of soy sauce, dark soy sauce and sesame oil while Hing Kee only provide dark soy sauce to add to the flavour.

Address : Hing Kee Claypot Rice (興記煲仔飯), 15 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.
Nearest MTR : Yau Ma Tei station on Tsuen Wan line, exit C.
Opening hour : 5.30 pm – 11 pm.
Best time to go : we went there at 8 pm and there were plenty of seats
Better option : Four Season Claypot Rice
Food rating :  Great |  OK  |  So-so


Lan Fong Yuen Cafe @ Chung King Mansion

According to CNN, Lan Fong Yuen serves one of the best Hong Kong Milk Tea in er… Hong Kong and rumour has it; they are the first to invent the celebrated milk tea. As for food, many praised their Pork Chop Bun, Chicken Chop with Instant Noodles and French Toast.

Lai Heung Yuen (5)

All the food taste very ‘local’ so they are rather an acquired taste for non-local like us. The French Toast was a tad too buttery (oily) to taste and the melting butter on top was not helping. Pork Chop Bun came with a sizeable pork and easily the best menu on the table. The Chicken Chop was crispy but the accompanying noodles were too bland. Will the noodles taste better if it’s Ayam Goreng Berempah (chicken fried with spices) on top of it? Just thinking….

Lai Heung Yuen (6)

Malaysian had gotten so used to plenty of spices and prefer stronger taste food is the reason (I think) we don’t appreciate the food as well as the locals.

Address : Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園 ), Shop 26, WK Square, Basement, Chungking Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Nearest MTR : Tsim Sha Tsui station on Tsuen Wan line, exit E.
Food ratingGreat |  OK  |  So-so



Porridge @ Sang Kee, Sheung Wan

Sang Kee had taken over the position of Nam Long as my favourite porridge in Hong Kong, although I did not have the chance to try its other contender, Mui Kee. Like Hing Kee, its business is good that they have two shops in Sheung Wan alone – Sang Kee Noodle House and Sang Kee Porridge House. Despite the name, both shops sell noodles and porridge.

Sang Kee Porridge (5)

Sang Kee Porridge (2)

The porridge priced from HKD29 for a single ingredient, HKD46 – HKD50 for double and more luxurious option at HKD54.

Sang Kee Porridge (4)

I went there continuously for two days’ breakfast and always ordered for the Sliced Beef Porridge. The reason being the beef slices were so tender and flavourful. The stemming hot porridge was cooked to such a smooth connsistency that I was no longer eating the porridge. I was drinking it! Like it’s not perfect enough, there’s a ginger onion dipping sauce.

Address : Sang Kee (生記清湯牛腩麵) 20-22 Hillier St., Sheung Wan
Nearest MTR : Sheung Wan station on Island Line, exit A2
Opening hour : Monday to Saturday 6.30 am – 9.00 pm.
Food rating : Great! |  OK  |  So-so


Tin Butter Cookies @ Jenny Bakery

What is butter cookies doing in Hong Kong food list, you might think? It started two years ago when a co-worker let me sample a piece of Jenny Bakery’s cookies. It was more buttery than any other cookies I had tasted before. Its melt-the-mouth texture and the aromatic after-taste was the reason I begged CS to go to Jenny Bakery and grab a tin for me.

Jenny Bakery (1)

Jenny Bakery’s popularity is evident, having expanding branches to China and Singapore. I heard that the queue in Singapore is crazy long but lucky for us that there’s no queue in HK. And so famous it is that there are counterfeits (yes, counterfeit cookies!) in the market.


The cookies comes in specially designed cute little tin. There are options of single, two mix or four mix in a tin with a few option on flavors – original, coffee and nut cookies. Here are the selections.

Jenny Bakery (3)
Flower butter and flower coffee biscuit. Can’t help it but chowed down two pieces before I took this picture.

Address : Jenny Baker, 15 Wing Wo Street, Sheung Wan Hong Kong
Nearest MTR : Sheung Wan station on Island Line, exit E2
Opening hour : 10.00 am – 7.00 pm (will close early when sold out)
Food rating : Great! |  OK  |  So-so


Shui Kee Coffee

Despite the name, Shui Kee is actually more renowned for its chilled bottled milk tea and bun sandwiches. Located at Sheung Wan Market’s Cooked Food Centre it has been around for over 60 years and still attracts locals and tourist alike.

Yui Kee (2)
Yui Kee (1)

Shui Kee’s review was actually done by CS who visited the cafe without me 🙁 . He thought the bottled milk tea was rather diluted and lacking the creamy milk taste. Luckily the Egg and Beef Sandwhich was rather redeeming although more browning on the bun will be good.

Address : Shui Kee Coffee (瑞記咖啡) Shop 17, 2/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road.
Nearest MTR : Sheung Wan station on Island Line, exit A2
Opening hour : Monday -Saturday 5:30am – 6:00pm
Food ratingGreat! |  OK  |  So-so



Cantonese Dim Sum @ Fung Shing Restaurant

This might go beyond your usual budget dining, as the cheapest basket of dim sum will set you at HKD48 (RM24!) each. The dim sum is much bigger than Tim Ho Wan’s but like THW, they did not impress me, just came along as a ‘normal’ rated dim sum.

Dim Sum in HK (1)
Preserved Egg and Lean Pork Porridge

On the other hand, I prefer their porridge and the many types of steamed rice roll Chee Cheong Fun.

Dim Sum in HK
Left : Shrimp Cheong Fun, top-right : Char Siew Cheong Fun, bottom-right: Yau Char Kway (chinese cruller) Cheong Fun

Dim Sum in HK (7)

Address : Fung Shing Restaurant (鳳城酒家), G/F., No. 30 Leighton Road,, Causeway Bay
Nearest MTR : Causeway Bay station on Island Line, exit B.
Opening hour : Monday to Sunday 7.00 am – 11.00 pm.
Food ratingGreat! |  OK  |  So-so


Wanton Noodles @ Ho Hung Kee

The place may looks posh, being in the hyped Hysan Place shopping mall but trust me, it’s nothing embarrassing to come and just ordered a bowl of noodles. A lot of people did it here. After all, Ho Hung Kee built their fame and got their one star Michelin for its wanton noodle.

Ho Hung Kee (2)

Ho Hung Kee (6)

I love Ho Hung Kee’s noodles for its al dente texture, strongly flavoured soup with tiny shrimp roe in it. Best of all, it did not detect a strong alkaline water taste like some noodle shop (hint: Tsim Chai Kee’s noodle).

Address : Ho Hung Kee (何洪記), Shop 1204-1205, 12/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Nearest MTR : Causeway Bay station on Island Line, Exit F2
Food rating : Great! |  OK  |  So-so


Kam Kee Cafe

If you are looking for a cafe serving a menu like it was expanded from  Australia Dairy Company, do visit Kam Kee which seemed to have all the usual Hong Kong breakfast under one roof.

It used to be a dai pai dong (street stall) until they moved into a shop in 1967 Sheu Kee Wan. 48 years had since passed and it was repackaged and reopened in its current location at Causeway Bay.

Kam Kee Cafe other pic

Kam Kee Cafe (12)

Kam Kee Cafe (6)

Waiting for our food was no hassle as the cafe itself is very insta worthy, exhibiting the retro Hong Kong.

Kam Kee Cafe (2)

Their menu was designed like a table tennis racket with interesting graphics by local cartoonist 卓田鳥.

Address : Kam Kee Cafe (金記冰室), Shop D-E, G/F, Diamond Building, 6-18 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai
Nearest MTR : Causeway Bay station on Island Line, exit A.
Opening hour : Monday to Sunday: 7:00 am -12:00 midnight
Food ratingGreat! |  OK |  So-so


Cart Noodles @ Wing Kee Noodles

Cart Noodles is also known as Filthy Noodles as early version were made with unwanted or discarded parts of meat and sold in push carts by road side. It is the cultural icon of Hong Kong when it comes to food category.

Wing Kee Noodles HK (2)

CS and I rarely disagree on food rating, but this time we did. While I hate this supposedly famous Che Zai Min (cart noodles), CS enjoyed this very much. We get to customize our own noodles with a variety toppings, which easily won CS’s heart with its fat juicy octopus and flavourful soup.

Wing Kee Noodles HK (3)

So, what makes me hate this? I think it boils down to the soup that was neither here nor there. I cannot really point out what overly-salty soup is that – a confusing mix of seafood briny smell and poultry taste that makes my stomach churned. Bleh! Wing Kee cart noodles only makes it to this list because CS voted for it.

Address : Wing Kee Noodles (榮記粉麵 ), G/F 43 Jardine Street, Causeway Bay
Nearest MTR : Causeway Bay station on Island Line, exit F1.
Opening hour : Monday to Sunday: 11:30 am -10:00 pm
Food ratingGreat! |  OK |  So-so


Taiwanese Green Tea @ Cha For Tea

Amazing right? Talking about Taiwanese tea in Hong Kong. Move over Gong Cha, for I have fallen in love with green tea from Cha for Tea by Ten Ren Tea Company (notice how many time ‘tea’ was repeated here?). The fragrance that emits from this small counter in Eslite Bookstore is remarkable and attracts a long queue of orders.

Ten Ren Tea (2)

Ten Ren Tea (4)

We simply pointed to one of the menu which was the Green Tea Latte with Pearls. It was as refreshing as the aroma that fills the bookstore and the tapioca pearls are so easy chewy. Tea or no tea-lovers, this is not something to be missed.

Address : Cha for Tea, Eslite Bookstore, 10/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Nearest MTR : Causeway Bay station on Island Line, exit F1.
Food rating : Great! |  OK |  So-so

Disclaimer : Food rating is a personal preference and based on food quality and taste only, regardless of services rendered.

For easier reference, I have share my google map here:

Eatophilia Hong Kong Food Map

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