Hong Kong Day 3: Four Season Claypot Rice

If Nam Long was the best breakfast we had in Hong Kong, Four Season Claypot Rice is definitely the best dinner we had over there. It was well ‘documentated’ in food blogs and we found out it was right behind our hotel. We had tried to eat here on our first day but it was selling like hot cakes – everything on the menu went out of stocks. This time, we’re lucky. There were still some items from the menu to choose from when we arrived.

Hong Kong Four Season Claypot Rice

Salty Fish and Chicken Claypot Rice.

CS making the excuse that it wasn’t as good as the one in Batu Pahat, reason being the absence of rice-drenching sauce. I, however, beg to differ. The absence of sauce actually allowed us to savor everything in its original form. The rice were cooked to perfection and minimally charred. Technically, they were cooked over big fire but the meat tasted as if it was cooked from the steam instead, retaining the juiciness. What more do we need? Just a dash of soy sauce, of course.

Hong Kong Claypot Rice

Beef with Rice. I thought the chicken was great enough but the beef was even better, being tender and juicier.

Four Season Claypot Rice

It was a torture to come into this shop without being starving hungry, as you will definitely like to order EVERYTHING from the menu they pasted all over the wall. Devils! We can’t help but order an oyster omelet. It was very close to the version we had in Bangkok MBK foodcourt. It was crunchy, but definitely oily. It would be a plus point if they could add in more oysters.

Four Season Claypot Rice 
No46-58, Arthur Street, 
Yau Ma Tei

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