Hong Kong Day 1 : Casa Hotel & Tsui Wah Char Chan Teng

This is a late post on a trip we took to Hong Kong last July, 2012 :
We were on a double decker bus aka the airport shuttle that’s going to take us to our hotel in Yau Ma Tei. We kept on looking up to monitor board. We didn’t want to miss Man Ming Lane, which is the nearest stop to Casa Hotel. Finally the word Man Ming Lane came up and we confirmed again with the driver. We got a solemn nod from him and off we went.
Casa Hotel in Hong Kong
Casa Hotel has quite a big and green-y signboard on above, but we passed it by three times before we came to realize that is it. We got into the glass door and faced the security guard (with the exact solemn face like the shuttle driver) to whom we asked, “Casa?” Luckily, this one speaks, but in mono tone “Upstairs”
Casa Hotel in Hong Kong

Our room can be easily mistaken as single room, just slightly bigger than Tune Hotel. The question “how to bath in the toilet with the shower above the basin” might intrigue the rocket scientists. I looked out from the heavily tinted window, but no view. Somehow, the view was obstructed by a big pillar. Walls were paper thin, and worse, we had noisy neighbours – a couple with two children. How the heck they can fit into room like this, I had no idea.

“Wash up now! Let’s go and find Tsui Wah,” said CS.

Tsui Wah Char Chan Teng served our first meal in Hong Kong back in 2009 and CS was very impressed with their wanton noodles. As we were in Yau Ma Tei, we looked for its branch in Portland Street not far from Langham. As expected, the front door looks like a 50’s dance house full with customers.

Our noodles were served within minutes when I noticed the portion was significantly smaller compared to last time. What we weren’t ready was the taste. It was nowhere near to the flavorful wanton noodles we had in 2009, with the amount of wanton being cut half.

As for the Milk Tea, was just about the standard we could find everyday in Malaysia. We left Tsui Wah, still hungry, disgruntled and HKD83 poorer. Maybe next time (if next time) we should go back to its branch near Lan Kwai Fong.

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