Hon Kei Food Corner @ Penang 汉记小食店

Hon Kei Food Corner Penang

Back in 2004 when we visited Penang for the first time, a friend brought us for a tomyam mee. It was remarkable! This experience recently came to mind and we wanted to relive it by trying another Penang Tomyam Mee again. Hon Kei Food Corner is one of the places reputed to offer tomyam noodle, in addition to other variety of soup-based food.

Hon Kei Food Corner Penang menu

Hon Kei's menu

In fact, Hon Kei Food Corner is more known for its mixed pork soup with either rice or selection of noodles. Their ‘mixed’ selection is rather extensive including pig’s kidney, heart, intestine and tripe. Our eyes almost popped out when we saw pig’s brain on the menu. Er.. nope.. we told them we wanted our mixed pork soup brain-free.

Hon Kei Pork Soup at Georgetown, Penang

Their pork mixed soup was good, although not really the Teochew style we hoped for. We like the extra bitter gourd pieces that were surprisingly clean taste and less bitter. Pork taste fresh, not gamey, albeit the small portion certainly raised eyebrows.

Tomyam noodles were made at a different shop right behind Hon Kei. Both shops are named Hon Kei and they probably needed more space to cater to the crowd.

Penang Tomyam Mee at Hon Kei

Again, I have an issue with the portion. The five (or six?) small pieces of fried fish were delectable but they’re always not enough. I think there’s only one packet of Vit mee used, as I finished them within a few bites. Seriously? It shouldn’t hurt to put in one more packet in there, it’s a bloody RM12.80 per bowl noodle!

At the time we left Hon Kei, CS and I agreed that we need a second round of dinner. The food at Hon Kei was good, but awfully stingy when it comes to portion.

Penang Hon Kei Food Corner

Address: 45, Lorong Kampung Malabar,George Town, 10200 George Town, Penang
Estimated GPS: 5.419159, 100.332642
Business Hour: 9am – 3pm and 5pm – 12am. Closed on Thursday.

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