Hoi Yin Curry Mee, Pantai Chempedak, Kuantan

Wake up, dear..Let’s have Hoi Yin curry mee for breakfast!”

In my dreamy state, all I could remember was I was stuffing myself with ikan bakar and satay the night before. So who’s the owner of the desperate voice?

Of course, it’s the unrelenting king of gluttony, CS.

chempedak Kuantan

I silently grateful that CS woke me up early as I saw the amount of customers that Hoi Yin can attract on rainy day like this. It was surprising that a curry mee served in a very Chinese styled kopitiam is halal and there were quite a handful of muslims who joined us for breakfast here.


Although not as creamy as KL’s curry mee, it taste better. I assume it all boils down to the spices and ingredients used. Foremost, it comes with a big piece of steamed chicken which taste very fresh. Also, they have something that I have always insist in a good bowl of curry mee – fishcakes and fishballs. Finally it was the still-bloody cockles as the finishing touch.

Out of 10, I will rate it as 8 because it reminds me of a good bowl of Batu Pahat laksa (in Johor, we called curry mee as laksa).

After the breakfast, we took a stroll around Pantai Chempedak and soon got ‘lured’ into Tutti Fruitti nearby.

One of the best McDonald I have seen in Malaysia in warung style.

Teluk Chempedak is no longer the simple beach it used to be. Now it housed a dozen of food outlets and fast food chain so hunting for food is easy as peanut nowadays.

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