Hoi Kei Wanton Noodles (Yuen Kei kopitiam), Bentong

We never fail to stop at Bentong whenever there’s a chance, so on our way to Kuantan two weeks ago, we stopped again at Bentong for its famous wanton noodles – Hoi Kei. It was a weird day to begin with. As Hoi Kei is at the day market area and seeing the amount of cars, we were worried about finding a car park. Suddenly, we saw a vacant lot and parked into it, thinking how lucky we could get a parking lot on a day like this until we saw where we were.

With all due respect, we are not the pantang type and after checking that it’s not a rezab lot, we crossed the street to Hoi Kei. The business is bustling like usual and the only table available for us is ……..

this! I vaguely remember an english with lyrics not to walk or sit under the stairs. I guess Bentong folks probably hold the same belief, which explained this vacant table. Again we went against the taboo.

The owner and assistants were working non stop so we could be served with the noodles within minutes.

No changes since the last visit, as the noodles are still springy and delicious as before. We love the soft and lean char siew which were barely charred, a good change from the very-charred char siew in Klang Valley.

The wantons may not be the biggest we had eaten, but the freshness of its fillings is rather obvious.

Halfway into our meal, a funeral group was sending a beloved one to his or her final resting place, passing right in front of us. CS turned to me and asked, “Don’t you think it’s a weird day for us?” to which I replied a definite “Yes, it sure is.”

Yuen Kee Kopitiam 57
Jalan Chui Yin
Bentong, Pahang

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