Hoi Kei (开记) Noodles, Chui Yin Street, Bentong, Pahang

Pekanmin has been really sporting recently. He has been screaming for more outings and trips as long as it’s within the reach of his wallet, so when I suggested taking a detour to food hunt in Bentong before going to Genting Highlands, he was thrilled, something he wouldn’t be so eager about if happened 6 months ago.

The rain was falling as if mocking our badly timed attempt to get to someplace cooler than lowlands, when we could have cuddle under the blankets on that cold morning. I tried hard to remember the way to Bentong town and the location of the eateries that Jac recommended to me. I was told to find a basketball court as a starting point to find the famous foods. Turned out there’s a few basketball courts around and we finally gave up and settled for Chui Yin street in the market area.

We got lucky. The day before, I saw a blog post by Ah Xian who spoke highly of this Hoi Kei wanton noodles, and we just happened to walk into it. Hoi Kei noodles is basically serving breakfast only by operating from 7am to 11am. We reached there at around 10.30 am and the boss had to split his last pile of handmade noodles between CS and Pekanmin and mixed with some Kuey Tiew.

Hoi Kee noodles, Bentong

I ended up with Kuey Tiew soup 🙁 . Where is the justice?!!

The char siew reminded me of the Batu Pahat char siew – barely charred, soft to chew and more on the sweeter side than salty. The kuey tiew were pretty average but with nice soup.

Hoi Kee Noodles, Bentong
Now here’s the lucky duo’s dry wanton noodles mixed with kuey tiew. I managed to mug a few strands of noodles from CS and just kept on wanting more and more. They were springy and delicious.

Eating in a small town is always better than in big cities, where people are always hurrying to take orders, wish you would eat faster and finally make way for other customers. In Bentong, lots of locals will be resting in the coffee shop, taking their sweet time to drink their coffee and catching up with their friends, young and old alike. The auntie was very friendly and helpful to show us the way to T.A.K Ice Cream shop, which to our dismay, was still closed and we opt for Kow Po ice cream which is more famous amongst the outsiders than locals.

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