Porridge and Yong Tau Foo @ Khong Kee Restaurant, PJ

Khong Kee porridge is my favourite in Klang Valley, and CS’s favourite Yong Tau Foo despite the fact that he don’t usually eat Yong Tau Foo. We decided to find this shop after watching the TV show Ho Jiak about 2 years ago. How on earth I enjoyed the porridge for 2 years and yet I didn’t blog about it, remains a mystery.

Khong Kee porridge, PJ

The HK style porridge (around RM4.50) with century egg, dried oyster, cuttlefish, nuts and mushrooms is their signature menu. The grains were cooked so well into smooth porridge full with flavours from its ingredients.


A glance at its Curry Chee Cheong, you might think that it’s quite spicy but it’s not. The curry gravy is very much alike to the one we would usually get on top of our ‘economic’ mee or mee hoon.

Khong Kee porridge, PJ

Khong Kee’s Yong Tau Foo were mostly around the price of RM1 per piece, slightly more expensive than others but it’s worth it, since they are quite generous with the fish paste on them. I was very happy when I found my favourite type of Yong Tau Foo (quite hard to find this) which is the hard boil egg, cut into half, filled up with the fish paste and finally deep fried till crunchy on the outside.

Direction : It is opposite of Giant in Taman Paramount, a few shops away from Goldview Hakka Restaurant. Detailed map can be seen at Goldview Restaurant post. Khong Khee is only open for morning and noon.

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