Han Kee Bakery @ Batu Pahat

Frequent readers of this blog might have known that CS and I are crazy about Egg and Ham Toast in Hong Kong. I might sound like I am bragging about my hometown again, but if there is any place that we can find the closest thing to these, it will be Han Kee Bakery of Batu Pahat.

Han Kee Bakery does not only has the best pandan sponge cake in town, it boasts of a range of good menu served throughout the day. The most notable are none other than their bread toast with fried eggs accompanied by ham or otak-otak.

Han Kee Bakery Batu Pahat

Instead of the usual sandwich bread, buns are used here. They are thinnier than the usual buns to ensure crispier edge from toasting. While there are no scramble eggs, the fried egg is very satisfying. I had tried both versions with ham and otak-otak, and my favorite is the latter.

Han Kee Bakery Batu Pahat

While I scoffs at the coffee (all coffees in Batu Pahat are sourish!), the milk tea are rather good, winning many kopitiam’s milk tea hands down in aromatic sector.

Han Kee Bakery Batu Pahat

Not up for bread toasts? Han Kee has packet nasi lemak within reach, which is pale in comparison to the toast but nothing too bad.

For those with sweet tooth, you will be amazed by the selection of cakes and jelly available. I can’t say I love all the cakes. For instance, the cheese cake in the photo above, taste very much like cooking cheese than a cake. The best bet on the sweet stuffs will always be the marble cakes and pandan sponge cake which Han Kee made its name on. Take note though, the pandan sponge cake can be sold out rather fast.

Han Kee Bakery Batu Pahat

The humble establishment of 30 years (or older) ain’t the prettiest bakery around but it is always full to the brim on weekends to have breakfast or tea in an old fashion way.

Han Kee opens from morning till 5pm.

Address : No., 48, Jalan Jelawat, Taman Banang, 83000 Batu Pahat.
GPS : °52’00.7″N 102°56’20.5″E

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