Hameed Soup @ Jalan Penang, Georgetown

Hameed Soup in Penang is famous for serving tasty ox and lamb soup.

I’ve got to hand it to Hameed Soup, ten years after we had our first bowl of sup kambing (mutton soup) here, it still serves hearty (and oily) soups and remained as the uncontested favourite soup of ours in Penang region. While we had only tried the ox and mutton from the long list of menus, Hameed Soup is actually more notorious for its much whispered about – Torpedo soup. Torpedo.. as in bull penis.  As adventurous as I am in all my gastronomic encounter, I cannot bring myself to chomp on that thing. No, thanks.

Penang Hameed Lamb Soup 1

This indian muslim (mamak) flavourful soup left no doubt they had painstakingly boil the soup with spices for long hours. It’s on the salty side which is why it’s best to enjoy with a loaf of soft Bengali bread. Please note, however, the soup can be an acquired taste with its peppery sharp tang especially for non-local who are not used to spices.

Penang Dinner

Hameed Soup is located opposite of Hotel Malaysia along Penang Road which is supposedly a red light district, which explained the popularity of Torpedo Soup. Sigh..

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