Good Steaks at Las Vacas, Kelana Jaya

I was first introduced to the concept of no-frills meal when a friend on facebook tried to sell me the idea of having no frills steak at Las Vacas. That was a few months ago and last Sunday, I finally remembered to check out the place for dinner. I was indecisive whether to use the word ‘restaurant’ on it but then, the answer was no. This is because its main business (and function) is actually as a butcher shop but stop right here. If you’re imagining butcher shops where our mothers used to take us to – poor dead animals hanging by the hooks, wet floor and the stench that made you wrinkled your nose in disgust, then you’re wrong. Las Vacas is the modern type of its kind. Armed with few simple tables and chairs, they decided not to just provide their customers with raw meats but serves affordable meals too.

Las Vacas
For starters, we had the beef wraps (RM18) – carrots and french beans, sinfully wrapped by melting cheese followed by lightly seared beef. They look remarkable in the picture but the taste… is even better.
We are by no means, experts in steaks. The only thing I knew is Wagyu = delicious and outrageously expensive, while sirloin, tenderloin, rib eyes and Angus meant nothing to me. After a long hesitation, we ordered the grass-fed tenderloin, priced at RM20 per 100g. I figured that since I like the taste of local beef which are mostly grass fed, I should be right in ordering this.
Las Vacas
Grass-fed tenderloin, medium rare at a commendable thickness. All meals come with salad and a slice of garlic bread but no sauce. You might frown at this, but with steaks that good, that’s really unnecessary although chili, mustard and HP sauce are easily within our reach.
Drinks selection were not much, because one can’t really expect a butcher shop to stock up that much of varieties although I can’t help but grimaced at the price of carbonated drinks at RM5. In the end, we ordered the Apple with Blackcurrant juice (RM6.50).
Direction: On LDP from the direction of PJ towards Puchong, keep left once you pass by the immigration office. There’s a flyover in front of Western Digital, do not drive onto the flyover. Instead, keep left and turn left at the traffic light. There’s will be a field and the FAM (Football Association Malaysia) building on your left. Turn left again and you’ll see some shoplots. Las Vacas is at the second row of the shoplot (corner lot).

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