Galchi Jorim Street in Namdaemun Market, Seoul

Let me introduce you to my double personality, Yoda-po who tends to ‘surface’ whenever I lost my already-not so-good writing inspirations. I’ll step aside and let her reign for this post for Galchi Jorim street.

Out of word.
Can’t think good.
So forgive me.
But it’s good food, I promise you.

7th April, 4 degrees celcius, shivering.
Hot and spicy, is all I want.
Galchi Jorim, I thought.

What is that? You wonder.
Spicy Fish Soup, it is.
To Namdaemun, we went.

“Galchi Jorim!” ahjuma shouted.
Chose one shop, we went in.
In claypot, it was served.
7,000 Won, it had cost.

Sweet and fresh, it had taste.
Extremely hot, it was.
A bit salty, but I mind not.
A lot of bones. Please choke not!
Love it? We do.


“Kimchi again?”, I had said.
What’s to do?
In Korea, we were.

Gyeram Jim (Poached eggs), for 4,000 Won.
Neutral the spice, it’s good for.

My camera, I took out.
Ahjumas, excited, they got.
Take pictures here and there, they asked me to.
Kiss me, they nearly did.
Bye bye, we bade them.
Hotel, we went back.


Location : Galchi Jorim Street in Namdaemun Market. If you see loads of bronze color pot on top of blazing stoves, you’re at the right lane.

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