Paradise Dynasty 樂天皇朝 @ Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya

Pulled noodles in Paradise Restaurant, Paradigm Mall

No. no.. I won’t be telling the story of ‘xiao long bao’ (Shanghai Soup Dumpling). I never care for these tiny dumplings with alarmingly scalding hot soup dripping from it, especially with the extravagant price tags. Paradise Dynasty in Paradigm Mall became my favourite place for lunch when I was working in an adjacent building. I learnt about its noodles ranges, particularly its pork bone broth, and we keep coming back for more. To top it off, the noodles are more value for money, big portion and minimal waiting time.

Here are my favourites :

1. La Mian in Signature Pork Bone Soup (Vege Pork Wanton) :

The creamy white pork bone broth is one of the best I can find in Klang Valley. The deeply savory broth, seasoned with scallion, is perfect to warm up our stomach. On the same palatable level, its dumplings are ambrosial, with plump filling of porks and leek. The hand pulled noodles (La Mian) are, in my humble opinion, much better than Din Tai Fung’s as they are springy and do not clump.

There are other version of noodles in the same broth but different topping. I won’t recommend the one with Braised Pork Belly due to its high amount of fats floating on the broth, practically spoils the taste.

2. Hot and Sour La Mian :

Paradise Restaurant in Paradigm Mall

If you are very accustomed to Szechuan style spicy, then this is a dish for you. Not everyone can withstand the lethal combination of fiery chilies and plenty of oil – not for the weak stomachs. I love this to core but had to go easy with it so as not to end up with gastric. If you have an iron stomach, then congratulations to you. That’s me in my envious tone! Please do challenge yourself with the spiciness for its worthy delectable result.

3. La Mian in Signature Pork Bone Soup (Deep Fried Chicken Chop):

If you do not want to have everything in pork, then I will recommend this – you get the bone broth and crispy big chunk of chicken.

I should specially mention its garnishings – chilies in oil and the ginger in vinegar, readily available on every table. They taste good as individuals but best when mixed together.

Paradise Dynasty
Lot 1 F-15
Paradigm Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya
Contact Number :+6 03-7887 5022

GPS for Paradigm Mall : 3°06’18.5″N 101°35’45.8″E

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