NU Sentral : Milk Shake Factory, Dolly Dim Sum, B Bap Korean Food, La Juiceria & Sushi Tei

Food to eat in NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Milkshake Factory :

Milkshake Factory in NU Sentral

Reminiscing your childhood sweet tooth or simply, still harboring the same taste even in your adult years now? Then you will be amazed to find Milkshake Factory had incorporated all your childhood goodies into their creamy smooth milkshakes – Kit Kat, Snicker, M&M’s, Whopers, Cadbury, Oreo, Nutella and the list goes on.

With 30 different flavors, inevitably, we spent long minutes before we decided on coconut shake, as Milkshake Factory offers a range of fruit-based milkshakes too. We are out of luck, as coconuts were out of stock, so we settled for Oreo and “O” Mint. Both menus were identical except for the mint syrup in the latter.

I was worried that the sweetness was going to put a dent on my diet (ok, I am trying ot eat healthy and please don’t laugh at meeeee), but I needn’t have worried, as the milkshakes were just nicely sweet. They were drinkable upon received, needing no time to meltdown and they hit the right note on creaminess and thickness.

Milkshake Factory, L5.13, Level 5, NU Sentral.

Dolly Dim Sum :

Dolly Dim Sum at NU Sentral

Dim sum is no longer a cuisine limited to the consumption of chinese, with the halal range of dim sum now available. Dolly Dim Sum is not only serving an array of halal dim sum, it takes a step further to upgrade the usual plain dimsum venue to a cheerful vibrant-colored contemporary setting.

Dolly Dim Sum sticks to the classics, includes everything from assorted dumplings, fried morsels, rice rolls (cheong fun), steamed buns, rolls to desserts.. everything you can find in your usual dim sum haunts.

For me, the real winner was its siew mai, that has moist chicken meat infused with dried mushroom bits.

Dolly Dim Sum, LG.43, LG Floor, NU Sentral.

B.Bap Korean Food :

B.Bap Korean Food is one shop that might have escape our eyes if we weren’t looking for it, as it nestled at a quieter corner facing KL Sentral. We were amazed by its spare and clean aesthetic, with small tables, stools and a tiny payment counter tucked at a corner.

It seemed to be popular among the younger crowd, probably due to its menu focusing on per-person-set and every diner gets his or her own tray of banchan (side dish).

Its sundubu jjigae (tofu stew) is on the saltier tone, it probably has the highest amount of kimchi in all the sundubu jjigae I had tasted elsewhere. The egg was added after the stew was cooked, another difference from others that will boiled the eggs cooked all the way.

B Bap Korean food at NU Sentral

Haemul Pajeon or seafood pajeon is another popular Korean dish made from combination of wheat flour, rice flour with garnishings – scallions and seafood. In the case of B.Bap, their seafood pajeon includes crab sticks and bits of octopus. They made it right with the texture – soft for the inside, toasty at the edges.

B.bap Korean Food, GF.08, Ground Floor, NU Sentral.

Sushi Tei :

The selection at Sushi Tei is neat, with everyone’s run-of-the-mill choices offered. Choose from the train/belt selection of sushi, or if you’re an impatient eater, have your order deliver straight to your table.

Sushi Tei at NU Sentral

One of the best way to sample each of their many offers of sushi is by ordering for their sushi platter, consisting the best 18 pieces from their menu.

Sushi Tei, CC06, Concourse Floor, NU Sentral.

La Juiceria :

La Juiceria at NU Sentral

Fresh cold-pressed fruit juice in bottles became a hit a few years back and juice-drinking has never been the same since. La Juiceria was one of the pioneer in this category. What I didn’t realise earlier, is that, La Juiceria offers premium handcrafted fruit smoothies too, in addition to their specially formulated juices.

NU Sentral

With multiple fruit servings, it’s no surprise that the smoothies requires some meltdown time. It only takes a few minutes, and then we were rewarded with their creamy (thanks to the healthy dose of yogurts) and smooth consistency.

I had Passionista Mango which is said to promote healthy digestion (the actual word used was ‘bowel movement’) and CS has an immunity booster and high antioxidant-o, in form of Royal Matcha smoothies.

La Juiceria, LG.44, LG Floor, NU Sentral. 



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