NU Sentral : BUILT Custom Burgers

Custom Built Burger serves good burger in NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Many years back, and when I mean many years back, it’s when I was still the young good looking girl, commuting and interchanging at KL Sentral, I wished this area was something more than a simple interchange point.

Image courtesy of NU Sentral.

Then, three years ago, NU Sentral opened its door to transumers/transit consumer – people who connect transports, people who are heading to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and anyone who just wants to shop and dine leisurely, or travelers looking for a time-filler before relocating to their destinations.

As the first transumer lifestyle retail mall in Malaysia, the 8-levels shopping centre boasts of leading names in fashion, a Parkson departmental stores, SAM’s Groceria and oodles of F&B outlets.

In celebration of Nu Sentral’s 3rd year anniversary, was one of the media invited to a day of food-filled experience in Nu Sentral – NomNomNom.

BUILT Custom Burgers :

BUILT Custom Burgers, as its namesake, is a simple no-frills burger specialist, giving you a full control how your burger should turn out. It doesn’t have a menu but 6 simple steps to your own creation.

I could be humming “Step by step” by NKOTB now but here are the ordering processes:

Step 1 : Choose your protein : Meaning choose the patty which includes a vege patty. Then name your doneness for the meat.

Step 2 : Choose your cheese, I like Swiss.

Step 3 : Choose a Bun or a Bowl (I got lost at this). For anyone who wish to go wheat/gluten free, you can opt for a bowl and you will get a meat-salad instead of meat-burger.

Step 4 : Choose your sides, I love their tater tots and I will repeat this like a broken record.

Step 5 : Choose your unlimited toppings, that includes vegetables, hard boiled eggs, pineapples, just to name a few. (Cranberries is not listed but it’s there and it taste good with meat.)

Step 6 : Choose your sauce.

Ahem… my pineapple lost in translation.

If you go for Combo deal (RM25 as in Apr17), you will get refillable soft drinks.

The thick beef patty was likeable to my taste, with medium doneness, flavourful from its seasoning. It’s juicy, although I could have make it juicier by order for medium rare instead.

I have never like soft spongy bun (you might know who I meant) so I am going to give Custom BUILT Burger credit for doing well in the bun department.

The tater tots were actually mini hashbrowns, but due to their small size, it has more crunch to bite on. They remained hot and crispy during the whole eating experience.

BUILT Custom Burgers, L4.10, Level 4, Nu Sentral

NU Sentral NomNomNom experience to be continued –> Part 2

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