Food Truck @ Setia Alam, Shah Alam

Truck food culture in Setia Alam, Shah Alam.

Food truck is in trend these days. After accomplishing many success stories in Petaling Jaya, food truck had arrived in Setia Alam now. We started to pay attention to them, upon seeing how their tables were getting fully occupied these days. We thought, something must be worth trying out, right? One particular truck stands out […]

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Kanna Curry House at Seksyen 17, PJ.

Kanna Curry House

Every time I see a long queue at a banana leaf rice outlet, I always wondered, “what’s up with the overpriced rice on a banana leaf?”. It’s reputation didn’t get any better when the banana leaf rice stall in my office building taste bad. I never thought I will like Kanna Curry House at Seksyen […]

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NU Sentral : Milk Shake Factory, Dolly Dim Sum, B Bap Korean Food, La Juiceria & Sushi Tei

Food to eat in NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Continuing on NU Sentral NomNomNom… Milkshake Factory : Reminiscing your childhood sweet tooth or simply, still harboring the same taste even in your adult years now? Then you will be amazed to find Milkshake Factory had incorporated all your childhood goodies into their creamy smooth milkshakes – Kit Kat, Snicker, M&M’s, Whopers, Cadbury, Oreo, Nutella and […]

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NU Sentral : BUILT Custom Burgers

Custom Built Burger serves good burger in NU Sentral Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Many years back, and when I mean many years back, it’s when I was still the young good looking girl, commuting and interchanging at KL Sentral, I wished this area was something more than a simple interchange point. Then, three years ago, NU Sentral opened its door to transumers/transit consumer – people who connect transports, […]

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Top Halal Food in Batu Pahat, Johor

Top halal food to eat in Batu Pahat

Continuing on previous Batu Pahat food list, here is a list of recommended halal food in Batu Pahat : Roti Canai @ Gerai Makan Hidayah (Breakfast) This stall has been operating since late 1980s and we used to call it Roti Canai Jalan Kluang as its location right by that main road. The old site […]

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Top Best Food in Batu Pahat, Johor

Top best non-halal food to eat in Batu Pahat

Whenever I tell someone that I am from Batu Pahat, the usual reaction will be either they do not know where it is, or they will exclaim, “Ahhhh.. the food.” Yes! The food. Don’t be surprise to see all KL and Singapore plate numbered cars swarming the town, during long weekend, for the local food. […]

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MKP Lam Mee 淋面 @ Uptown Petaling Jaya

MKP Lam Mee in PJ Uptown

I hardly like Lam Mee (淋面). Reason is.. most lam mee out there are cooked with way too much cornstarch covering over yellow noodles that inevitably clumps together, resulting a gooey mess of carbohydrates. My colleague brought me to PJ Uptown recently, and although I am not too enthusiastic to have lam mee, I relent […]

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