Food at Jalan Peng Kai (Glutton Street) Batu Pahat

Nestled nearby the old The Store Supermarket in Batu Pahat is this hawker street Jalan Peng Kai, or better known as ‘Tam Ciak Guey’ among locals, which literally means Glutton Street in English. I had blogged about the claypot chicken rice at here, so I thought I might as well move on to other notable food in this area. Like Hai Kee, I do not know when did this hawker street started but it’s been there like…. forever.

Pork and Fish Soup :

Pork and fish soup with rice is one of the favorite here. Here, you can choose whether to have plain rice or yam rice to go with the sweet appetizing soup. The only problem I have with it is the amount of ingredients that are so much inferior compared to Soon Kee.

Seremban Siew Pao :

Glutton street, Jalan Peng Kai Batu Pahat

Seremban Siew Pao in Batu Pahat. In comparison to the siew pao we had in Klang Valley, the siew pao here is smaller with thinner crust. The char siew fillings are more juicy.

Laksa :

Laksa is pretty much like curry mee but the gravy is not that thick, but with extra ingredients like the cuttlefish, fishcakes, fried tauhu and cockles.

Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodles :

Glutton street, Jalan Peng Kai Batu Pahat

Fried Noodles with Prawn (Chao Hae Mee) is another long standing food at here, although I never like the yellow noodles (not the stall’s fault) in Batu Pahat for having too much boric acid.

Fried Rice Cake :

Right across the street from siew pao is the place where we can get fried nien gao (prosperity gold cake) all year round without having to wait for Chinese New Year. The nien gao were sandwiched between a piece of yam and sweet potato , and finally dipped into thick batter before frying. Other specialty includes banana fritters, beh hueh chee and the new addition – fried jackfruits (I hate jackfruits!) which seemed to be enjoyed by locals as much as the nien gao.

Shaved Ice :

After all the fried, baked and hot stuffs, the best way to chill down is this Xue Hua Fei which is shaved ice topped with orange and lime juice. Beneath the ice, hides a layer of clear jelly.

Sorry for the absence of price tag but no need to worry as eating in Batu Pahat is generally cheap.

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