Fei Fan Hot Pot – All You Can Eat Steamboat

Fei Fan Hot Pot SS15

SS15 Courtyard might not be on your marked map but if you’re looking for dining without too much crowd, this is the building to go. One of the popular restaurants is Fei Fan Hot Pot.

You’ve probably already heard of Fei Fan Hot Pot. Not only is this a long overdue post, but Fei Fan Hotpot is trending now, thanks to eatigo. Hence, do yourself a favor and make a reservation before you go there.

Fei Fan Hot Pot SS15
Pork Bone Broth and Peppery Pig Maw Soup

Fei Fan Hotpot was very much like Bone & Pot. There’s the run-of-the-mill soup base – pork bone broth, peppery pig maw soup, tomato and spicy ma-la to choose. Most of the time, I couldn’t choose tomato nor spicy ma-la because of the damn picky guy I dined with. He is, after all, my mother-in-law’s son. :p

We had pork bone broth on one side and pig’s maw soup on the other. The white semi-transparent soups were adequate with meaty taste. If I must compare, they were better than DHX and Hometown’s, lesser than Bone & Pot.

All You Can Eat steamboat at SS15
Homemade Chives Dumpling
Fei Fan Hot Pot
Homemade Shrimp Dumpling

Meats, meatballs and dumplings were freshly prepared while the buffet line provided the other hot pot ingredients.

I will skip the suspense and introduce our favorites. The star of that day were the dumplings. Both the Homemade Shrimp Dumpling and Chives Dumpling were well made with juicy, solid meat fillings.

Fei Fan Steamboat

The beef slices didn’t fall far behind with its decent marbling. I liked that they’re not too thinly sliced as I like my beef thicker, even for a shabu-shabu.

Fei Fan SS15

In our opinion, Fei Fan Hotpot’s beef ball was a notch tastier than their pork balls. But we could be biased because we don’t usually get beef ball at other hot pot restaurants.

Pork bellies at Fei Fan

Pork bellies were a little too fatty, causing the fats to float all above the soup. Do yourself a favor and skip the tau foo pok with meat fillings. It looked nothing like the menu with the meat filings so sparsely slathered over them.

CS is a soup killer, so inevitably we tend to ask for refill a couple of times. We found it hard to get our soup refilled without reminding the staffs again and again. There was a point when our soups were boiled down to concentrated gravy.

Since Fei Fan Hot Pot actively receive bookings from eatigo, the reservations were mostly back-to-back. Despite it’s a 2-hour dining policy, a staff came to clear our table 10 minutes before our time was up. CS was very pissed because he’s in the midst of making egg drop soup from the broth. Her (the staff)’s excuse was she needs to prepare for the next reservation on our table, like, right NOW! This left a very bad impression on us because Fei Fan’s staffs did not refill our soup promptly in the first place, then we were literally shown to the door before our 2-hour was up?

We were even paying full price as we did not book through eatigo. The food was decent for a Hong Kong style hot pot, but the customer service left much to desire.

This is the first part of our all-you-can-eat reviews. Stay tuned for more of our binging.

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