Famous Pandan Sponge Cake from Han Kee Bakery, Batu Pahat

You may have heard a lot of melt-in-the-mouth meat (mostly steak or char siew), but have you heard of pandan sponge cake that melt in the mouth? Or have you ever seen a cake that is as light and soft like a sponge?

Han Kee Bakery in Batu Pahat, Johor

Dear all, meet the pandan sponge cake from Han Kee Bakery. Han Kee Bakery is a traditional bakery that also served the purpose of a traditional chinamen kopitiam. It’s been around for a very long time ever since my babyhood (I have pics to proof that but that will means digging my store rooms).

Though forgotten by the younger generations, a lot of elders love this place for a cup of coffee, a piece of its marble cake (which I haven’t try), smoking together with friends and if I’m not mistaken, for their kaya toast too. Yes, Han Kee is just that kind of unpretentious kopitiam like a scene from 70’s movie.

Pandan sponge cake from Han Kee Bakery

Pandan sponge cake is the main magnet for me to keep returning to Han Kee but I prefer to takeaway thanks to the uncles that smoke like chimneys and because I will usually buy them in bulk, due to the high demand from friends and colleagues.

Spongy soft and almost weightless, I can push it down with my finger without breaking it. The taste is always full of coconut milk flavour while its pandan fragrant is always that overwhelming. The good news, it’s so fluffy that I hardly felt guilty for eating so much of it.

Our new tryout is their egg sponge cake, which is (no surprise) fluffy, soft and full of egg-y tastiness, prompting me to take its picture on the car before they were gone! CS, hands off!!

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