Exploring Nightmarket in Krabi Town

What’s the best way to sample the life and food when visiting an ASEAN country? Visit its nightmarkets! Despite that I always immerse myself in modern shoppings malls at home, nightmarket are my first choice of haunts when I travel.

Krabi nightmarket
A holiday in Krabi will not be complete until you visit one of its many nightmarkets. The nightmarket we went is located at Chao Fah Pier, easily the busiest one but were later informed by a local there’s an even bigger one on weekend nights.
Goods are abundant here especially clothing, food, food and food, like a food blogger haven. Our visit would have last longer if not for the rain and thinking about the quiet, lamp-less road we have to pass later to get back to Ao Nang.
Krabi nightmarket
It would be abnormal not to drool at this mishmash of luk-luk, yong tau foo and barnbque items, but we manage to control ourselves because there’s still a long way to finish exploring the long nightmarket.
The famous Thai crepe Khanom Bueng makes a very good crispy snacks. The lady skillfully poured the batter onto the hot plate to form round thin crusts. Once they turned brown, a thick layer of coconut paste or cream will be whipped on it followed by grated coconut topping with egg flavors or pandan flavors.
Krabi nightmarket
I love the crispiness of the crust but it’s advisable to eat them while hot and their sweetness takes a little while to get used to.
Our favourite for the night were these grilled squids. Sold only at 5 Bht each, it was a steal for seafood lovers!
Second on my favourite list were these grilled fish paste. Very identical to our otak-otak and sata with main ingredients of fish and curry powder, though they add in extra vegetables and minus the coconut leaves wrapping. Instead, they were put on bamboo sticks to be grilled that made the outer layer crispy while the inner part still screams juicy. 20Bht per piece.
Most people only play guitar and sing at a nightmarket to get tips/payment but this guy actually sang here to promote his wholly own created albums. He even made his own MV!

Krabi nightmarket

Pork, pork, pork! We love how the Thais cook their pork. This stall sells rice and pork (pork floss, pork skin, fried lean pork and fried pork belly) in small packages, not unlike the way we sell nasi lemak in Malaysia. About 15Bht per pack.
Our earlier worries were not excessive. The road leading back to Ao Nang, at some stretch, was really quiet, dark and spooky. CS had to speed at 100km/h while my imagination ran wild – What if, what if… we looked at the side mirror and saw ‘someone’ extra sitting behind me??!! Choi! Choi! Choi! Touchwood! Of course, no such thing happen because none of us look at the side mirrors for the whole journey.

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