Guest Post : Backpacking Europe? Here are the 9 Best Souvenirs For Your Asian Friends

Souvenir to buy from Europe for your friends and family.

This guest post is a contribution by Tripovo.

Are you backpacking Europe? Then I’m sure that all your family and friends are asking for a token from wherever you’re going!

Buying souvenirs and shopping for loved ones are one of the best activities to do while abroad, as you get to experience a whole new shopping experience in other countries. The only problem is what you should be getting for them, particularly your Asian friends who may want different kinds of souvenirs from the Western side of the world such as Europe or America. There are loads of souvenirs you are able to get, and we list down 9 of the most unique and memorable ones your friends from Asia will definitely enjoy!

1. Venetian Mask in Italy

Venetian Carnival Mask - Maschera di Carnevale - Venice Italy - Creative Commons by gnuckx

These are perfect for those who like a bit of a fancy display or would love to have a mask for their next costume party! The traditional Venetian mask can be made of glass, leather, or porcelain. Ca’Macana is the best place to get the traditional mask, as they are the oldest and most authentic mask-making workshops in Venice.

2. Leather products from France

France is known for their high-quality leather goods, so purchasing something useful for friends, such as shoes or a wallet made of leather, will have them feel appreciated. Plus, you’re making a good investment, as these products are timeless and durable, lasting for a long time! Feel free to give these items if you have the budget for it or they gave a budget for you to buy it. Teehee!

3. A copper coffee set from Turkey

Istanbul: Turkish coffee at the bar down the street

Turkey is not necessarily Europe, but most backpacking journeys start in Turkey as flights from Kuala Lumpur to Turkey are priced competitively. Turkey is known for their copper and coffee, so why not get a combination of both? Your friends will have a great time brewing authentic Turkish coffee with this set, and there are a variety of these coffee sets found in bazaars around Turkey.

4. Wine from Spain

Your friends will definitely love wine or champagne, but you must choose the best place to get quality bottles of it. And you can get this from Spain. Rioja is one of the best places to get authentic and great-tasting wine.

5. Amber Jewelry from Poland

Curved Quadrilateral Cognac Amber Winebottle Earring

Your partner may be expecting something a bit special, so if you happen to be in Poland, then their jewelry will definitely wow her once you get back from your trip to Europe. Known as the native gemstone in Poland, you will find tons of jewelry made of this that look amazing and will certainly please your partner!

6. Whiskey from Ireland

Wonder why adding whiskey to a drink makes it “Irish”? Well, Ireland is home to one of the best distilleries that produce high-quality whiskey. Bushmills Distillery is one of the best places to visit when purchasing a bottle for friends, as you can see how they are made and even get to smell and taste the authenticity of it!

7. Olive oil from Greece

Purchasing a souvenir for someone who’s a complete health nut? Then olive oil is the way to go. With tons of benefits and the versatility of it, they will appreciate the gift, especially if it comes from Greece, where it’s famous for their production of virgin olive oil!

8. Beer Stein from Germany

Trying out my German beer stein I bought in Cologne. Seems to be leaking..better fill it up again.

When in Germany, these are one of the most common souvenirs to take home, which is much better than the usual key-chains and clothes. These are popular during Oktoberfest and can be made from various materials, such as porcelain, pewter, or even glass! You can also find these in local stores, as they are very popular with tourists and local travel agencies.

9. Macarons from France


For those with a sweet tooth, they will definitely love authentic macarons! They aren’t permanent like material things, but they taste delicious and will be loved by your friends. You can buy macarons everywhere around France, but one of the most popular and delicious ones would be from Pierre Hermé.

Forget about little keychains or plain mugs, because these unique souvenirs will definitely perk your friends up! They can be found everywhere around the world, and you will now be able to purchase them for your Asian friends when you get back home! Look out for these unique items and score a few to impress your friends and strengthen your relationship. You can even take some home to collect them yourself for display and cherish the memories.

Which one is your favourite?

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