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Sham Shui Po is an area that I have only heard in TVB dramas but had never thought to venture. This time around, I got a little bored with Tsim Sa Tsui,  Mongkok et cetera and visited the area. If you are a fan of Hong Kong Drama, you will probably be delighted to find yourself in Apliu Street Market, one of the most-featured street market in their drama.

Dragon Center (4)

Walking through the market, we blended in very well with the locals. Probably because it reminded us of Petaling Street, just broader walkways and more to be offered by the locals. Walk a little further and right opposite of Apple Dorm, there is the Dragon Center, a large shopping mall very well liked by the locals.

Dragon Center (6)

When it first open in 1994, it was the biggest mall in West Kowloon until it was overtook by the Elements.

Dragon Center (7)
Natural light that reaches way down to ground floor from the skylight.

And the once largest shopping mall, of course, will boasts of nine merchant floors and a roller coaster track which, unfortunately had been closed since the mid 2000s, despite its accident-free history.

Dragon Center (26)

I did a little snooping-turned-shopping and being someone who is looking for souvenirs (in forms of food), Aji Ichiban is a good find. It offers a variety of dried fruits, vacuum packed meat and if you are adventurous enough, do try the duck gizzards and duck beak.

Dragon Center (23)

And for those who are fortunate to own a few bling blings, there are shops who are willing to exchange cash for them.

Dragon Center (22)

To top on the ‘local experience’, one can opt to have a Chinese style massage session for tension release.

Dragon Center (21)

Shopping on the 5 – 6 floor of Dragon Center is like going through a maze with, again, very localized merchandise thrown together with interest for a tattoo or two.

Dragon Center (9)

I was at first intrigued upon seeing the number of youngster flocking to this mall and now I can see the reason – a skating rink.

Dragon Center (10)

For those who inspired to be the next Kim Yuna or Mao Asada, there are skating class available.

Dragon Center (11)

To avoid getting myself embarrassed in front of the young-and-furious, I took on a more docile activity, shopping in a house interior outlet.

Dragon Center (13)

Dragon City is also a hot spot for parents to bring their children, for having a children entertainment center – Sky Fantasia on 9th floor. I was given some token and decided to try my luck with … er … a machine that are able to give some gambling kick.

Dragon Center (14)

And I won enough of the coupons …

Dragon Center (16)

to exchange for three packets of Ultraman fish sticks. Talk about reminiscing our childhood.

Dragon Center (1)

Food wise, there is a sizeable food court to cater for any hunger head’s palate. And in case (I doubt it!) nothing is up to your appetite, there are always many cafes for better dining ambience.

For more information, visit www.dragoncentre.com.hk.

Or visit and experience Dragon Centre at:

37K Yen Chow St, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Sham Shui Po MTR station, exit C1.

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