Disappointing Crab Buffet at Gobo Chit Chat

Disappointing Crab Buffet at Gobo Chit Chat

It’s our birthday month again but mine arrived first. CS asked me to pick a good buffet and he’ll give me a treat as long as there are crabs. I found Crab Buffet at Gobo Chit Chat in Traders Hotel. We were busy on that weekend so we went for the Monday (when only Crab Buffet was available). Like the Saturday Seafood buffet, they will serve cooked-to-order crab in claypot style. Sounds good, we thought.

While getting to our seat, I had took a quick look at the buffet line. It was then, I saw a few miserable oyster displayed on ice and I thought THAT’s FOR DISPLAY ONLY. The real thing should be somewhere else, surely looking better than this, right?

Disappointing Crab Buffet at Gobo Chit Chat

How wrong was I! They were indeed the cold seafood line – oysters, mussels and scallop. Oyster was put on the top rack, so I had to crane my neck, tip-toed a little bit to get the oysters. To be specific, the only two oysters that looked slightly fresher than the rest of the haggard looking oysters. I was the only one who took the oysters on that night. The scallops were sandy and I left the mussels untouched.

Disappointing Crab Buffet at Gobo Chit Chat

We ordered for a claypot butter crab (mud crab) and were told we will have to come back and pick up the heavy claypot by ourselves. When we got the dish, I questioned CS,”Did you ordered the wrong crab? It looks and smell like curry”. He confirmed he ordered for butter crab plus there’s no curry crab on the menu anyway.

Anyone who thinks Gobo’s claypot butter crab is nice, you will need to go to Wong Poh Seafood and try the real deal. This pot of crab taste like it was cooked with ready-made paste from a tetrapack, and a very bad one. To add insult to injury, the crabs were not fresh. When a crab is no longer fresh, there will be telltale signs like the ammonia smell (or taste) and hollow shells with very little meat. Gobo’s crab fits all the above criteria.

See the hollow shelf?

For the whole night, we tried to pin the problem on bad recipe. Subsequently, we ordered for the other two menu – marmite crab and chilli crab, both with mud crab and bluecrab. The results were the same – bad cooking + bad crabs + bad sauce. There’s no other combination more lethal than that.

The salmon belly was good, the maguro was passable and the white tuna taste like it was fresh.. out of freezer.

Crab Buffet at Gobo Chit Chat

The poor slipper lobster had to take full force of my wrath. Their fault actually, for being the only palatable food on the line. Unfortunately the second replenishment started to taste awful.

I was surprised that for a buffet that went over RM100 and served in a 5 star hotel, the ice cream can taste so below average, like the kind we can buy cheaply in hypermarkets. Fortunately the cheesecake is quite good and, you may not believe this, the best tasting dessert award went to the Macadamia Chocolate Cookies. Seriously, they were nice but I wouldn’t parted with my RM just to eat the cookies.

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  1. Thx for the post, I was thinking of trying their crab buffet. But after reading your post, I'll find other buffet instead. Btw, nice post!!